Our Undoing Website – FREE

Let’s start over. From the beginning. For free. That’s my thinking about Our Undoing. It’s been a pay-only site since its inception almost three years ago. Now, I’ve scrapped the old pay model, with monthly membership gone, so that there are only lifetime members who continue to get new material and exclusive content for a one-time fee, and a free version of the site that starts off at square one and updates weekly with material previously unreleased to the public from the last two and a half-ish years.

So, if you’re trapped at home waiting for the virus apocalypse to hit, maybe you’ll consider engaging with a multimedia experience that is geared toward waking you out of psychological time and into wholeness. But not as dry or New Agey as that may sound. Because… yuck.


As Spinal Tap once sang with Cher: ” Just begin again.”

O.U.R. – Winding Down Season One

Tomorrow (or Tuesday, Jan. 15th, for those of you reading this deep in the future), Our Undoing Radio wraps up its first season. Thank you all who have listened; triple thanks to those who took a moment to review it in iTunes. Please, keep the reviews coming!

If you haven’t heard the show yet, tomorrow’s is a great place to start. Why start at the beginning when you can start at the end?

The episode is called Anger Is All The Rage, and it encapsulates what this season has been about: ridding the world of anger in all its forms, one person at a time. Is it possible? It is if you’re one of the people willing to let go. One of the forms understanding the dire need to be formless.

Next season will be similar to the first, except instead of deconstructing some of our personal issues, we’ll be deconstructing societal issues. Societal issues are like archetypal monsters that come alive when peoples’ personal self centers are struggling to be the center of reality. When we cluster and organize our unhealthy thoughts, we institutionalize them and they seem to have a life of their own. Then these monsters crash back down on us and infect our personal self sense with their pressures to conform.

Season two will come in a few weeks. Sooner for OurUndoing.com subscribers. Subscribers get to binge listen to every episode before they are released one at a time to the public, so if you like what you’re hearing, please consider becoming a member. I think you will be shocked at the amount of material amassed there with the sole purpose of waking us from brain to heart to wholeness.

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The Great 2019 Shakeup

Aloha, Readers of Blog:

There is no such thing as time and yet a new year is upon us. Figure that one out. While you’re figuring, please allow me to tell you what I’ve figured out I must do for 2019: more undoing. Our Undoing, to be exact. No, this isn’t going to be another clever advertisement blog post for my website, www.ourundoing.com. It’s going to be a clever advertisement for my website www.ourundoing.com and its accompanying podcast, Our Undoing Radio.

But it’s also something else. Something more. And we all know that less is more, so let me also announce that I will be cutting back The Experience podcast to a 2-hour monthly extravaganza. I am accepting proposals for a new weekly show on Whitley Strieber’s behalf. If you are a podcaster, are familiar with UnknownCountry.com, and interested, please contact me: jeremy@unknowncountry.com to pitch your idea. It must be original, not whatever show you are currently doing, if you’re doing one now. (For detailed info, please read this post.)

What will I be doing with my more time that doesn’t exist, you ask? Glad you did. I’ll be producing live events here in Hawaii for OurUndoing.com. Some of these will be for the ever-evolving Our Undoing Radio show and some will be exclusively for members. So, if you’ve been hedging on becoming a member, now is the time. And if you’ve been hedging on giving Our Undoing Radio a shot–or gave it a listen and thought it wasn’t for you–well, I’ll be writing another post soon explaining why you may want to subscribe now, regardless. (Hint: After season 2, it will become something else you might be interested in. But also, if you listen attentively to the first 2 seasons? YOU might become someone else you might be interested in. I’m just sayin’.)

Whelp, time’s up. Time to go. Go timelessly into the night that doesn’t exist, because… reasons. See you soon with another cleverly disguised OurUndoing.com membership drive. And when that doesn’t work, I’ll lower the price. Just kidding.

Pay up.