UFOs: You’re Being Confused On Purpose Through Equivalence Training

The Information Age is in full swing, baby. We live in a time of confusion as commodity. May the best organized and well-funded liar win. What do ya win? The public’s confidence. What can you gain from that? Only everything.

Ufology has long been the playground of Pentagon psyops. Whether it’s spinning QAnon-like fantasies on message boards (think “Project SERPO”) or promoting and endorsing fraudulent crash cases, fraudulent military whistleblowers, fraudulent leaked documents, the Pentagon’s got something to hook you on UFOs.

Or they used to. Back when the term “UFO” and its automatic association with alien spaceships was useful to them. They actually wanted our Cold War enemies to think we had crashed alien tech so they would send their spies a’snooping and we could capture them. Also, one may assume, to follow the information trail to see how and to where it was disseminated.

But now the game has changed and with it, the name. “UAP” instead of “UFO.” Phenomena, not objects. And, I suspect, they’ve turned their psyop away from foreign enemies and onto us all. They at least want funding for military projects. At most… something more disturbing, probably. I shan’t speculate.

I make a point of this in my last book, Aliens: The First and Final Disclosure. I argue that the reason they’re doing this is to replace the “War on Terror” (a meaningless war on a concept that nevertheless requires actual nations to invade and occupy and people to kill) with the “War on Phenomena” (even more meaningless and completely nonsensical, save for its attachment to the pre-made alien mythos already baked in. Here, the Pentagon may ask for funding to fight phenomena. Could be foreign… could be alien… who’s to say? Just give us the money and nobody gets hurt. Nobody gets invaded or occupied, unless you count all of our minds and wallets with this garbage.)

So, listen, folks. If you want to retain your sanity and not play along, here are 4 rules of disengagement moving forward:

1.) Stop playing the disclosure game. Don’t ask for it. Don’t demand it. Don’t believe it when Congress holds a hearing or whichever military spokesperson tantalizes you with forthcoming revelations. They never give you what you thirst for because they are meant to keep you thirsty.

2.) Anyone who is or was a career military/FBI/CIA person must immediately be disregarded no matter how much of a rockstar you have made them. Their career paths disqualify them from being trustworthy whether they are on the level or not. That’s just the way it’s got to be. I know it’s hard putting down the Luis Elizondo crack pipe and walking away from your addiction to perpetual promises of bigger things coming sometime in the near future by a guy who looks and speaks like just some dude–you know: like you and me. But this is what you must do if you’re at all serious about the subject. Just some dude like you and me wouldn’t be in the know about anything. But he would be handy as a spokesperson for just about anything, especially if he thought he was in on it, an important player in the game.

3.) Realize that it’s okay not to know what motivates someone to drop them. Whether they’re useful idiots being duped or con artists or willful disinformation agents for the Pentagon, the outcome is the same: they are being used to play you. Jeremy Corbell is a fine example of this. Just think a moment. Jeremy Corbell rides onto the scene via Bob Lazar’s coattails. If you’re the Navy and you’re on the up and up, do you leak UAP footage to the Bob Lazar pro wrestling manager as opposed to, say, a legit news organization?

4.) As with not trusting official people, stop trusting official footage. Again, it does not matter if it’s truly mysterious or not. Based on the pilot testimony alone, which I trust, by the way, I can make a case for the Tic Tac UAP being an actual high strangeness event. But I cannot trust the context in which this event was given an official spotlight, so it’s not worth pursuing. Pursuing it becomes their game of psyop rabbit holes, not my fact-finding mission.

I don’t know all of what the game being played is, beyond a massive funding grift. I just know that we are being purposely confused, purposely gaslit. We are being told over and over to associate unknown foreign technology with aliens. Someone in the Pentagon wants those two nebulous things to be one thing in our minds. Yes, the Tic Tac incident could be construed as high strangeness. But it’s absolutely intertwined with a push for funding for submersible drones, as I noted in my book. And the idea that we currently have nothing that can maneuver like the Tic Tac is a lie. here’s a footnote from my book you will find revealing:

Check out what we already have against the claim that something that behaves like the Tic Tac is lightyears ahead of anything we’ve got: Liszewski, Andrew. “Ingenious Underwater Drone Can Transition to Flight in Less Than a Second.” Gizmodo, 05/19/2022, https://gizmodo.com/flying-swimming-drone-suction-cup-1848931890?.

Aliens: The First and Final Disclosure

The latest use of this tactic is happening right now. A little over a month ago, we were shooting down Chinese spy balloons over America that we were told we didn’t know were there because the Pentagon was not looking for them until they widened their surveillance net. Allegedly, the Chinese government was considering using balloons as a mothership for drone deployment over our country. The media referred to these balloons as UAP over and over again until we figured out (or were told) what they actually were.

Cut to a week ago, when Sean Kirkpatrick, the head of the Pentagon’s unidentified aerial phenomena research office, said in a report draft titled, “Physical Constraints on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”:

“[A]n artificial interstellar object could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth, an operational construct not too dissimilar from NASA missions…. With proper design, these tiny probes would reach the Earth or other solar system planets for exploration, as the parent craft passes by within a fraction of the Earth-Sun separation…. Astronomers would not be able to notice the spray of mini-probes because they do not reflect enough sunlight for existing survey telescopes to notice them.”


We may not yet know all of why we are now being trained to conflate UFOs with UAP and aliens with foreign technology, but we are. The only way out is to stop giving it life. Stop paying any more than passing attention. Stop thinking and arguing from within the official contexts provided. And don’t replace that with some other crap from somewhere else because that’s just as likely to be part of the controlled dialogue, too.

Get off the crazy ride. If you have to ask, “Is this alien or military,” it’s military. That’s your answer.

Now stop. This is equivalence training. The Tic Tac tactic.

Tutu Pele Dancing

Aloha, Gang!

This one’s for the ufological crowd. You know how you always hear about strange lights zipping around volcanic eruptions? And you’re supposed to be impressed with this UFO activity because to someone out there, a lot of someones out there, it means aliens are hanging out in lava or something. But then it’s probably fireballs and plasmas. Earth lights or earthquake lights. No, it’s people living in the center Earth. No, it’s aliens again.

And the beat goes on.

Whelp, when you actually live on an erupting volcano in Hawaii, a funny thing happens. When fireballs pop out, they may or may not do so meaningfully–but everyone knows they’re fireballs. There are no UFOs here, but there is the goddess Pele dancing in her fire. Incontrovertibly. I’ve see photo after photo on local facebook groups and they are impressive. It’s not like you have to squint to see her. She’s there. She’s obvious.

And the thing is, everyone knows that her image is composed of smoke and light and/or lava and distance. The optical illusion is real. So is Pele. She is here.

It’s not like we’re randomly seeing what we want to see. There are no other illusions going on in these photos like you find in clouds–or in photos of unidentified lights, for that matter. Pele’s form is an illusion and she is not.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, here’s one that has not made the rounds. It was taken by a friend of a friend living in Puna. The photographer gave me permission to post this. My friend, who sent it to me, did so with no commentary because he knew I’d see her, How could I not? She’s dancing right here, right above us, on the miracle that is Mauna Loa….

Ready For Jerocktober? (Pre-sorry….)

Aloha, Gang!

As you can’t help but know by now, my new book is out over at Amazon, waiting for you to read it. Another season of Our Undoing Radio has come and gone. And ye olde Paratopia keeps coming. I don’t listen to many of them as I put them out but when I do I appreciate them in new ways. Last week’s was the infamous Scott Lilienfeld episode. This is the show wherein we ask an extremely famous doctor in his field all about hypnosis and even pose some questions about the David Jacobs/Emma Woods hypnosis session clip where he tries to convince her that she has multiple personality disorder because aliens are starting to catch on to who he is and what he does, and he wants to throw them off his scent as an abduction researcher by throwing her under the bus. Because… you know… that’s how advanced telepathic aliens work. They only read the subject’s mind and only her hypnosis sessions. Or something.

As I listen to that episode now, I hear something else pretty amazing. I remember how proud Jeff was to have gotten Lilienfeld to do the show. It took some convincing. Ultimately, this convincing was built on the premise that Jeff was sane and honest and could be trusted not to screw this guy over with a lame true believer conversation that would waste his time. So, what I hear now is the best expert we could hope to talk to about hypnosis, memory, and human psychology–a man who, unbeknownst to me, at least, was also a ‘professional” skeptic–being kind of forced to listen to and reconcile with Jeff’s consciously-recalled experiences after Jeff had earned his trust and after both of us had shown we were rational enough to do away with hypnosis and terribly abusive pseudo-research. Think about how rare that is. As in, I don’t think it has happened since. It wasn’t a gotcha interview between two experiencers and a skeptic. it was a human conversation between three people.

There is not a show in existence where the host is willing to be that vulnerable. And it wasn’t premeditated. That’s just who Jeff was. He was like a little kid who couldn’t wait to finally have adult conversations with adults no matter if they ended up burning him or not. Fear of how negatively a person might react never stopped him from having the conversation. And to his great credit, Lilienfeld didn’t burn him. He couldn’t. He knew what we all know: Jeff was telling the truth and was sane.

As I continue to slog on from the periphery of ufology, I sometimes have to remind myself that even my experiences exist. Not that they’re real–I know they are real, whatever “real” means. But I sometimes get so caught up in calling out nonsense and con artists and even trying to teach an audience what it means to have the type of deeply inquisitive mind these subjects demand that I forget, Oh, right. This isn’t all garbage cases and shallow thinking. These phenomena exist. An intelligence reaches out to us, and, as Jeff used to say, “What you give is what you get.” If you want honest and deep you have to give honestly and deeply.

In other news, next month you will be hearing a lot more from me. I’ll be Whitley Strieber’s guest on Dreamland the 3rd week of October, I believe it is. Remember the big announcement I said I was going to make a few posts back? You’ll hear that announcement in the beginning of the interview, so do tune it!

Furthermore, I’m thinking about maaaaaybe doing another new Paratopia special. I have a long story to share and explore with you, I just don’t know where I want to do that yet. I’m leaning toward Paratopia because I also want to share a couple of the “Shroudman” revelations Jeff was told we could talk about publicly but never did. He would tell people one on one but never to an audience. I think it’s time to talk about those.

Furthermost, if you can’t get enough of my glorious voice and want to hear me make it babble for 2 hours, forty-five minutes, you don’t have to wait until October. You can listen to a man named Vuk question-bomb me into submission on the Tracing Owls podcast, which I have hyperlinked for your convenience. At some point in there I say that I am done talking about hypnosis and also my own experiences.

I mean it. I’m done. Sort of.

I will only talk about them in the future if there is something new and relevant to say about hypnosis or, in the case of my experiences, if whomever is interviewing me wants to use them as a springboard for some type of deeper discussion, perhaps to test a theory or make a point. Just rehashing what happened to me is not fruitful anymore. We have to move this conversation on. It’s stale. It’s dying. I either quit or help breathe new life into it. Let’s go with life, since… you know… we’re alive.

Also, because a week after my announcement I will be completely taking over ufology when I… Oh, you’ll just have to listen to Dreamland to find out!

Alright. That’s all I’ve got. ‘Til next time… adieu.