Prepare To Abandon Everything You Know

UPDATE: Our Undoing Radio is now available in iTunes, Spotify and Player.FM.


Last night, like a reverse thief in the night, like Santa Claus, I quietly launched a new podcast that I will now stop being quiet about. It is called Our Undoing Radio. It will soon be available in iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and wherever else one attains podcasts, but you can listen to the intro episode below and subscribe right now through Podbean.

And actually, you don’t even have to wait for this to unfold through the weeks. If you become a member at you can binge the entire first season right now!

If you’re not a member of Our Undoing and don’t plan on being one anytime soon, the podcast will unfold weekly, with new episodes every Tuesday. It is absolutely free and always commercial free, except for the occasional plug for

So what is it? Seems like I should have led with that. Our Undoing Radio is a seasonal show (first season is 10 episodes) and will evolve into different styles of show as necessary. This first season is called Angry In The Timeline. It consists of me sharing tales of woe from my life that I then deconstruct, so that I am no longer comprised of those feelings, and there is one less angry person walking amongst us. I must warn you that this is stark and honest. It can be brutal at times. But it’s not for you to feel badly about or think how brave I am for sharing this–whatever the reaction. It’s for you to relate to, however you can, in your own life. It is for you to see what deconstructing the self takes and means, and to do it as you’re listening. It’s time to stop looking out there at the crazy, angry world, and realize our role. It’s time to understand ourselves so thoroughly that a spontaneous transformation takes place within-and-as us.

Human nature as we currently define it means we can only ever be the least neurotic amongst us. We are told we are always partial people on our best, most self-actualized day. But what happens when instead of self-actualizing we self-negate? What happens when we see ourselves so clearly that we become see-through?

What happens when we are so honest with ourselves, the self comes undone?

Won’t Be Talking Politics Again Until Tuesday’s Good Parade.


Aloha, fellow travelers or what have you. This not-so-super Tuesday, Tim Binnall and I reunite for a special live Election Night Edition of The Good Parade. In honor of that–and to the great relief of everyone on Facebook–I will not be posting anything of a political nature until then. But then the gloves come off. If you’re an international listener or just someone who doesn’t follow American politics, I will explain to you how this happened. Trump. Hillary. The history of everything according to me. It only seems confusing now because we’re a nation of selfish dummies and cowards. (Yes, you too, liberals.)

So that, plus comedy. In fact, mostly comedy because what’s the end of society as we know it without laughter?

Oh, it’s a call-in show, too. Trump voters, please: Do us a favor and shoot yourselves–I mean call in. Won’t you please call in? Thank you.

Here comes the link that will go live at 8:30pm (EST) on said date. Hope to see you there, hurt your feelings, and sever our ties for good. Nay… for The Good Parade.






This Week In Jeremedia (See What I Did There?)

jer-earth-thumb.jpgAloha, my hordes of followers. Or friends. Or whatever. This week is a great one if you’re as big a fan of me as I am. For listeners of The Experience, we’ll be wrapping up our 4-part odyssey with the enigma known as “Ian.” For the much-neglected/never-forgotten Paratopia Oculus listeners, episode ten is on its way. Aaaaand for lovers of basic cable, I’ll be on The Chris Gethard Show Wednesday at 10pm (EST) on the Fusion Network.

No, he doesn’t pronounce it as it’s spelled. Yes, I’m probably on the cutting room floor. I kinda… you know… trashed the first guest. And didn’t really want to talk about my experiences, which is what they were looking for. And I think my Skype feed ate it a couple of times. I’m just warning you in case you tune in and I’m not there. It wasn’t the Men In Black. It was my self-righteousness coupled with Aloha Broadband. That admitted, there have been no indications that I won’t be on–okay, really? I’m mentally preparing myself so that I don’t have to cry myself to sleep Wednesday. Again. Barring that, I will have a youtube feed of the segment to share with you all later this week.


–The Jer

PS: Expect a huge announcement really, really soon right here. All I’ll say now is, save your pennies. You’re going to want to be on a certain live volcano on a certain big island in certain early November.