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Into The End (front cover)

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For more information, check out the Into The End page here at JayVay.

Excerpt from Into The End

The tree house lay secluded behind an abandoned mansion on a gated estate that had its own haunted lore. No one went near it except these boys. Not to break in. Not to throw rocks at the windows. Not on a dare. Not for anything.

It earned the nickname Spooky Mansion by the sheer creepiness of its existence. Townsfolk referred to it this way if they referred to it at all. In truth, barely anyone in Taunton thought about it let alone talked about it. Even the boys only mentioned it by way of territorial marker. Let’s meet up at Spooky Mansion, they’d say. It was interchangeable with tree house.

The boys thought there was something cool in the idea of keeping a treetop shack camouflaged by a sprawling mansion as their getaway. They called it the Reverse Batman because Batman had that unassuming cave exterior camouflaging his palace of high-tech gadgets. James liked to joke, “If only people knew that behind the façade of this filthy rich mansion was our dirt poor bird house, they’d be completely jealous!” That line in all its permutations was always good for a cheap yuck from the boys.

But the people inside the condemned mansion were not laughing. No, they were not laughing at all.

Into The End, Paratopia, and The Good Parade

Into The End (front cover)

My new novel Into The End is now available! Five boys go searching for the mythical Puckwudgie in Hocomock Swamp. Only one comes back. And he doesn’t remember a thing. That is the jumping-off point for an epic mystery that is at turns poignant, comical, and horrifying.

You can order Into The End in paperback on Amazon right now! Simply follow the magic link: LINK O’ MAGIC. Or if you’re a Kindle fan, click here. (It will be available on theNook by mid-day Sept. 3rd.)

Puckwudgie. Hmm… that sounds familiar. Right, Paratopians? Yeah, there’s a lot of “Easter Egg” figures and concepts worked in from the podcast and from my own life. Every few chapters I introduce something new that could be the plot to its own book. You may often find yourself thinking,  ‘Wait–that’s not what this is about?’ Add in a few HOLY SHIT! moments for good measure and the satisfying conclusion that ties it all up and you’ve got yourself a book!

If that’s not enough enticement to purchase it, Sept. 3rd is my birthday. And that’s what I want for my birthday. Now you’ll feel guilty if you don’t. You’re welcome.

Not coincidentally, also on September 3rd at 9:00pm (EST), Tim Binnall and I will reunite for a special live Good Parade. It promises to be a great parade, for Tim has a “paranormal” concept he wants to run by me on the show. And I have an experience or two I’ve been keeping quiet about that I will reveal… you know, should I remember. Someone in the chat room remind me if I forget.Follow The Buzzards

Which brings me back to Paratopia. I have no good reason why The Jeff and I haven’t launched the archive stick. But we still haven’t recorded our intro for it. I always forget to bring it up when we talk and he never mentions it either. Funny thing is someone asks us about it at least once every two weeks, so you’d think we’d have cranked it out by now. Is that odd? Anyway, getting that done is one of my immediate goals. The other is to write up my part of the Project Core study. I think we’re almost set to go public with that, maybe in October or November.

Now that I think about it, none of that is what “brings me back” to Paratopia from the Good Parade paragraph. What brings me back is  the launch of Paratopia Presents: Talk Story – an internet TV show idea detailed at www.paratopia.net. I could launch this at any moment… or not at all. I’m still not feeling it enough to do as a weekly show–and I  know I’d want to do it weekly if at all. My lack of enthusiasm loosely has to do with the experience I’ll share on the Good Parade. It’s truer to say that the experience is a reminder to me of how the place we need to go to keep exploring the deep stuff isn’t a place one can take an audience in any meaningful way. So a new interview show might be pointless. But we’ll see. Still debating it.

Anyway, check out the book and support an author on the fringe. It is a work of fiction, so you wouldn’t be embarassed giving it to your favorite Stephen King fan. Into The End (dragon)