Aliens: A Chapter Breakdown

Someone on a message board asked me for a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of my new book. Instead of whining about how I self-publish so I don’t have to put in the work of breakdowns and outlines and all that crap, I figured I could do a brief fun version here… and then cut and paste it there. Because I’m lazy as aaaaall of that.

Also, and more importantly, I cannot break down all of the chapters without spoiling them because they are greater than the sum of their explanations. There is A LOT more going on in each chapter, from chapter 3 onward, at least, than I can rightly summarize. Still, something is better than nothing.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is something….

Table of Contents

P. 001 – Introduction
This is the portion of the program where I explain who I am, who I am not, set up the book, and thank the fifty of you who ever read my work. Thanks again!

P. 006 – Chapter 01: Debunking Debunkers
Easing you into my critiques of ufology, I decide to viciously attack the stupid questions of vicious attackers first. But with… you know, love and kindness.

P. 029 – Chapter 02: Abductees: Don’t Bunk Yourself!
Some helpful hints for alien abductees on how not to behave at family gatherings, why that thing you think is brilliant evidence is hot garbage, and why you should never approach me at parties.

P. 049 – Chapter 03: Crosstalk
Here, we name and detangle the two dominant minds in ufology: the logical “just the facts” investigative people and the translogical abductees. We also talk about how frauds muck things up more so for abductees than investigators.

P. 055 – Chapter 04: Location, Location, Location!
Since I’m taking the position that I am an alien abductee it would behoove me to run down some other dominant theories. And so I do. I run them down.

P. 072 – Chapter 05: The Disclosure Conspiracy
Now we get to what brung ya to the dance, if you hopped aboard the UAP train in 2017. What’s the government REALLY up to with all this pseudo disclosure? We can’t know all of it but this chapter is definitely some of it.

P. 080 – Chapter 06: Poo People From The Cow Pies
If history is any indication, even though I just gave you substantial food for thought, many of you will not eat it. You’re married to what you want this subject to be about. It’s time to call you out on that.

P. 086 – Chapter 07: The Invisible Book of Science
I get to bash science as religion. Fun!

P. 103 – Chapter 08: Dum-Dum Intellect
I get to bash the intellectual pedestal of Westernized mind. More fun!

P. 113 – Chapter 09: The Hidden History of Our Present Moment
Wherein we hold up a mirror to society to see our psycho-spiritual leprosy in action, where major functions of society have dropped away, leading to our shutdown.

P. 124 – Chapter 10: The COVID-19 Mirror
The mirror isn’t just for society at large. It’s for you. Dare you look? If you do, you’ll see exactly how alien disclosure would go down, not the fantasy in your head. You know this because you’ve had a taste with Covid.

P. 138 – Chapter 11: Endopolitics
It’s funny how people who say they’re into exopolitics are neither necessarily politically intelligent nor interested in what the aliens’ politics are. Our politics come from inside, not outside of us. What’s inside you? Should aliens want to meet and greet you?

P. 144 – Chapter 12: Terror On The Dance Floor
This chapter was the one I wrote first. It was what made me want to write the book in the first place. It begins with two abductees being interviewed by Oprah and it ends with a conversation between Jeff Ritzmann and me. It is all about why we abductees fear aliens. What that fear is in our own words.

P. 156 – Chapter 13: Back Into Rhythm
Why aliens cannot be just like us but from another planet.

P. 167 – Chapter 14: Mitakuye Oyasin
What do Genesis, the Indigenous Creation Truths of Australia, NASA’s explanation for the Big Bang on their child-friendly website, and my experience have in common? Let’s see….

P. 181 – Chapter 15: Paradise Planet
You cannot deny disclosing what America and being an American are while demanding the American government disclose aliens.

P. 187 – Chapter 16: The Consequence of Being U.S.
We’re coming to an end. But you don’t have to be you when you go.

P. 193 – Chapter 17: Beyond Cosmic Top Secret
At our best, alien abductees serve a function as articulators of larger reality. This is because abductions are Mystery with a capital M, not a bunch of crappy mysteries, like what’s being stored at Area 51 or which ice cream flavor grays prefer.

P. 200 – Chapter 18: Articulating Aliens & The Function of Terror
With us out of the way–with our prejudices and faulty thinking spilled out before us, and our honesty and innocence restored–we’re prepared to really get into the nitty gritty of who these beings we call “alien” are, who we are, and what we are doing with each other.

I think I’ll end the chapter breakdowns here. It gets deep and you need to build to it. No spoilers.

P. 208 – Chapter 19: Who Are The Not-Aliens?

P. 212 – Chapter 20: Where Not-Aliens Are Not From

P. 220 – Chapter 21: Big Tech From Beyond: Presentation As Communication

P. 224 – Chapter 22: The Convoluted Elegant Multiverse

P. 229 – Chapter 23: Details In The Devil

P. 237 – Chapter 24: The Not-Science of Not-Magic

P. 243 – Chapter 25: I Am The Hybrids You’ve Been Looking For

P. 258 – Afterword: The First and Final Disclosure

P. 267 – Research, Do The
Okay, one more breakdown. This is the end notes section. You’re welcome.

Preorder the Kindle version now and receive it on Sept. 3rd, when the paperback launches!

A Lot Happening At Once

Aloha, Gang!

Just dropping a note here to update you on my shenanigans of late. I’ve written yet another ufological book, if you can believe it, called Aliens: The First and Final Disclosure. This is a straightforward narrative, like Urgency., so it’s got the unnecessary humor without the unnecessary swearing and none of the “Wait, is this even a book?” artistic flourishes.

Sometimes I am a writer for the people. You’re welcome, the people, you’re welcome.

The premise is that, thanks to the 2017 reimagining of UFOs into UAP and the broader public dialogue surrounding them, I now have to go back to my roots and call myself an alien abductee to speak to a new audience who doesn’t understand that “alien” and “abduction” don’t really cover it. So that’s what I set out to do. But how long can I keep up the ruse?

Naturally, there will be enough meaty “I never thought of that” stuff in the book for everyone to bite into–even if you’re a vegan. It’s humorous and angry and builds on my previous books, but it’s still also fresh material from the depths. There are some things I need to say that perhaps you need to hear. We’ll just leave it at that.

So that’s my book. I wanted to release it on Roswell crash day, but I doubt it’ll be out before August.

It looks like I’ll also be appearing in someone else’s book. I’ll say more later, if the chapter doesn’t get left on the editor’s floor. Essentially, if I make the cut, this will be a book more people will read than my own. How funny is that?

Also funny is that I was recently included in a paper on French philosopher Henry Corbin at a conference at Harvard University. I feel like I just jumped to the front of the line. Later, ufology!

But I shouldn’t say that. The more I listen back to ye olde Paratopias, the more I realize what great work Jeff Ritzmann and I brought into the subject. This week’s show is a fun recap/moving forward end to season one. And then boom-boom-boom! Three classics: Graham Hancock, the Gettysburg ghost hunt road trip, and the Colin Andrews episode that affected all of our lives. I may actually listen to all of them again. I don’t generally. It’s a lot and with the loss of Jeff, it feels extra heavy.

If you miss the Our Undoing Radio flagship show, it will be back very soon. If you missed my The Experience special with Emma Woods, it’s here:

Emma has her first book out! The links to her book and website are in the description. Do check them both out. Our interview is interesting, too, I think. She was kind enough to give me the first interview and I, realizing she’d probably do a million more, shied away from the topics she wanted to talk about because I knew she’d be talking about them elsewhere. So when she gives her next interview, wherever that is, give it a listen, too. It will likely be different!

What else? That’s it. For now. I’m feeling the itch to get back to scribbling for the long-neglected essay sections. Look forward to more there as soon as this weekend. I’ll also be doing a brand new Paratopia episode, likely after the book launch.

If you have any ideas for stuff you’d like to see or live streams you’d like to participate in, hit me up:

Later, Gators!