Won’t Be Talking Politics Again Until Tuesday’s Good Parade.


Aloha, fellow travelers or what have you. This not-so-super Tuesday, Tim Binnall and I reunite for a special live Election Night Edition of The Good Parade. In honor of that–and to the great relief of everyone on Facebook–I will not be posting anything of a political nature until then. But then the gloves come off. If you’re an international listener or just someone who doesn’t follow American politics, I will explain to you how this happened. Trump. Hillary. The history of everything according to me. It only seems confusing now because we’re a nation of selfish dummies and cowards. (Yes, you too, liberals.)

So that, plus comedy. In fact, mostly comedy because what’s the end of society as we know it without laughter?

Oh, it’s a call-in show, too. Trump voters, please: Do us a favor and shoot yourselves–I mean call in. Won’t you please call in? Thank you.

Here comes the link that will go live at 8:30pm (EST) on said date. Hope to see you there, hurt your feelings, and sever our ties for good. Nay… for The Good Parade.







Free Space Now Only .99¢ For Limited Time!

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Stop eating dicks and read this.

It’s Valentine’s Day and because I love–and love comedy–I’ve lowered the Kindle price of my humor novel, Free Space: The Real Life Story of A Bingo Queen to the fuck-me price of just .99¢! (Or your country’s equivalent.)

Don’t be an asshole. This sale won’t last forever. In fact, it ends on April Fool’s Day. Because, duh.

Act now and feel as though you gave to charity!





In The U.S.:

In The UK:


Blame Canada:


Australia Is Australian For Beeya:


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I Have No Title For This.

img_2685This is a short but powerful Facebook post from my sister (reprinted with permission) that answers a question I had all my New York life: Why do some homeless guys hit on and harass presumably not-homeless women? When has that ever worked? Well… maybe it’s not about that….

2:00 Wed. afternoon, 40th Street/8th Avenue

Homeless Guy: following me. “Hey lady. Nice ass.”
Me: walks faster.
HG: also increases pace. “Nice ass! Nice ass! Hey Lady! NICE ASS!”
Me: whips around. “I KNOW!”
HG: breaks into toothless grin. “Thank you lady. Thank you for seeing me. You have a good day.”