Paratopia 065: Rourke and Rountree – Science of the Damned

Rorke. Rountree. Science of The Damned. This extra long episode is not to be missed. First, special guests Dr. Stephen Rorke and David Rountree grace us with their first interview together ever to explain the tools and the science of the paranormal trade. We will learn about the physics behind hauntings, explore some of the fascinating experiences of David Rountree, hear a cautionary tale regarding EVP fraud, and more. Theres a lot of great information and demonic spookiness in this one!

Then, sadly, we send off Jeff Ritzmann who is sailing for clearer waters. This is Jeff’s very last episode as weekly cohost of Paratopia. His, too, is a cautionary tale for all of ufology.

Paratopia 064: Mark Nesbitt Returns

This is a landmark episode, folks. First, Mark Nesbitt, of the Ghosts of Gettysburg, explores his work in the paranormal field. What does it take to last in a field rife with nonsense? Are we witnessing ghosts of the dead or time anomalies? And is it possible that we captured yet another clear, well-timed EVP during this episode?

Then Jeff and Jer quit Paratopia to launch the Paratopia Revolution. You will find out what that means and, we think, be thrilled.

Finally, Jer releases the kraken–I mean his swan song to ufology entitled, Mirror Mind.

It’s sayonara forever… Viva la revolution!