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New from Jeremy Vaeni

“Jeremy Vaeni is my teacher.”

–from the Foreword by Jeffrey J. Kripal J. Newton Rayzor in Philosophy & Religious Thought at Rice University and Author of The Flip and Authors of The Impossible

“Vaeni is an inspired guy. Although he is unique, I can compare him to a digital era Rod Serling. He will take you to the edge of what we know, what you think you know, and what he knows. He will pull you back before you go over, but it’s a hell of a thrill taking the ride.”

– Philippe Mora, Director of CommunionHowling III, and The Beast Within

“The most unusual book I’ve read in years…. This is one of those books that completely blows everything you think is true out of the water…. I urge you to get this book because it’s got a lot of power. It is a deeply interesting and deeply funny book in exactly the way you need the book to be funny in order for it to work for you.”

–Whitley Strieber NY Times best-selling author of Solving The Communion Enigma & The Key

“In many ways, his book reminded me of classic Hunter S. Thompson: Gonzo, containing a plethora of entertaining characters and situations; but most important of all, having something significant and relevant to impart, and to make the reader think, ponder, consider and absorb his words on all-things alien and more.”

– Nick Redfern, author of The Pyramids and the Pentagon, Final Events, and Contactees

“Quite an excellent satire. Gets the comedy juices flowing–highly rare for a novel to do these days. Brings to mind the classic American satires of Gore Vidal to me in a lot of ways.”

–Excerpt from Stephen Valadez’s 5 star review on Amazon

One thought on “BOOKS

  1. I noticed you were mentioned on Karen Cavallis Facebook page. I bought her book, “Let Them In” And got to read a few pages of in on Amazon. I was truly agast. I had to stop, because I knew that Amazon would stop me and I would hanging until the book arrived. We were actually In High School together. I have never experienced a paranormal event, but I am such a true believer. I believe in UFO’s, Cryptids, Aliens, Ghosts,(Demons and Angels), And especially extraterrestrials. These ET’s have come from very far from back in time to our place in time, and to other times, the future and past from this date. What they do is contaminate and feed our gene pool . This makes us ( present time humans) wiser, smarter and more reliable. These more advanced humans fit perfectly into todays society they mate with each other and evolve. more bet contaminated more mate and before we know it, our offspring are looking more like little aliens. anyway.

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