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Into The End (front cover) 166x166Urgency (front cover) 166x166

I Know Why (front cover) 166x166






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One thought on “BOOKS

  1. I noticed you were mentioned on Karen Cavallis Facebook page. I bought her book, “Let Them In” And got to read a few pages of in on Amazon. I was truly agast. I had to stop, because I knew that Amazon would stop me and I would hanging until the book arrived. We were actually In High School together. I have never experienced a paranormal event, but I am such a true believer. I believe in UFO’s, Cryptids, Aliens, Ghosts,(Demons and Angels), And especially extraterrestrials. These ET’s have come from very far from back in time to our place in time, and to other times, the future and past from this date. What they do is contaminate and feed our gene pool . This makes us ( present time humans) wiser, smarter and more reliable. These more advanced humans fit perfectly into todays society they mate with each other and evolve. more bet contaminated more mate and before we know it, our offspring are looking more like little aliens. anyway.

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