Paratopia 039: Psychic Medium Laine Crosby

Laine Crosby is an Investigative Medium who works on missing persons cases and with authors, historians, archaeologists and paranormal investigators to help understand what history has not revealed. Years ago, she worked in corporate America, juggling the work and mother dichotomy, when literally, she woke up one morning talking to dead people- and they talked back! Since then, she says her abilities have grown and she has given up the corporate world to answer to her conscience.

Laine works closely with our past guest and close friend of the show, Mark Nesbitt of Ghosts of Gettysburg fame. Together, they own and operate the Ghost Channel, seen at (, and the duo also host the popular Internet talk show, Ghost Talkers, available as a download on the Ghost Channel, and web cast at

Join The Jeff & the Jer for a provocative chat with Laine Crosby!

Paratopia 038: Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Activist/Musician Tiokasin Ghosthorse shares the Lakota perspective on consciousness and these beings we call alien. Then The Jeff & The Jer really get into it in the type of deep afterchat you’ve come to know and love. This one’s a personal favorite!

For more on Ghosthorse, please visit:

Paratopia 037: Mitch Horowitz And The Occult In America

Mitch Horowitz is a writer and publisher of many years experience with a lifelong interest in man’s search for meaning. The editor-in-chief of Penguin in New York, he is the author of Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation (Bantam, September 2009).

A frequent writer and speaker on metaphysical themes, he has appeared on The History Channel, The Montel Williams Show, Coast to Coast AM, and American Radio Journal. His writing has appeared in Parabola, Esopus, Fortean Times, Science of Mind, and with the Religion News Service.

Join Mitch, Jeff and Jeremy for a trip through Occult America!