Paratopia 074: Colin Reid Part 1

Chaos Magick, Sigils, Grant Morrison, shadow people–Is this a sequel to last week’s episode? No! It’s the new set of trending topics on Paratopia!

On this week’s episode, listener Colin Reid outlines some of his odd experiences and delves into their possible origins and meanings, which include all of the above and more.

Paratopia 073: The Chaos of Magick

What’s the difference between the astral realm and the imaginal realm? Is sleep paralysis the gateway to either?

This week, longtime listener/first-time caller, John Gillanders, narrates his journey through the world of psychedelics, magick, and the isolating, ontological shock of hyper-communication. Lucid dreaming, OBEs, gay and straight ghost molestation–this show has everything we never talked about and more!

Plus, John invokes the name of Jeff’s latest buzzword: sigil magick.

This one’s chalk full of goodies to discuss and debate. The Jeff and The Jer waste no time in their own episode-length afterchat!