‘I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction’ Is Out Today!

Aloha, Gang!

I am thrilled to announce that my new book is here!

Whether you want to learn insanely deep things about life and your place in it, find new directions to explore in alien abduction and related research topics, or just plain have a laugh on a journey of no-self discovery in post-nondualism (wait, is that plain?), I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction is here for you right now on the Kindle and in paperback!

Buy it. Share it. Speak it. Rate it. Review it. Let the world know there is a book out there more interesting than intergalactic NAFTA and deeper than wondering if we’re living in a computer simulation.

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New Book Update

Aloha, Readers of Me:

First off, thanks for sticking around all these years, especially when this site has been crickets. I’m mainly focusing my creative efforts on OurUndoing.com — which is now open to the public, by the way, in case you didn’t get the memo. But I’m also intent on releasing my new book on “alien abduction” and related high strangeness phenomena by… the end of the month?

That was the plan. Still is. However, I guess I should have planned better for that because there is a joke early in the book about a certain person reviewing said book who I then had to ask to review it and pray to the gods in all directions he’d say yes. He said yes. He’s reviewing it now. I hope he will be able to get to it by the end of the month, but if not I am willing to push back the release date rather than rewrite one lousy joke.

Yes, I am that lazy. How else could the sequel to I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land! possibly take 14 years to write? Or however long it’s been. I’m not looking that up.


Anyway, it will totally be worth the wait, I promise. I wasn’t so sure as late as even a couple of months ago that this book wouldn’t be shit. Could I even get it to look like a book? There’s a lot going on, lot’s of aspects to juggle stylistically, structurally, and substantively. But, miracle of miracles, it got there. And now I am bursting at the seams. And also bursting at the seams metaphorically to talk about it.

Alas, I shall wait.

So, question for you, Reader: Do you want me to post more here about it in the meantime or do you not like spoilers? What’s the consensus on that? Leave a message in the comments to help form what I write next on JayVay.