Paratopia Time

If you enjoyed the Oculus Overture, that was just an appetizer. After much praise and adoration and exactly zero hate mail, curiously enough, Paratopia Oculus Episode One is here:

Gone are the days of the episode summary. We all like surprises, right? Gifts in a bow? Each episode is exactly that. Plus, there’s no way to encapsulate a show that starts off on the topic of peripheral phenomena and somehow snakes its way into the questions of what’s beyond the veil of death and why the dead and “demons” always want back in. It’s no huge spoiler to reveal that this is the journey of episode one because of all that happens in between. Listening back to it as I was editing, I found it to be full of mind food–jarringly so. I think you will, too.

If you’re ready to abandon the empty calories of the junk food we’ve all been served the past few years, starve no more. We’ve got your mineral water right here….