The Living Mystery Symposium is EPIC. And It’s On Youtube Right Now!

If you missed last weekend’s Living Mystery Symposium 2021: Diversity In Consciousness, you missed a mind-blowing conversation from heart between Lehua Lopez and Tiokasin Ghosthorse, a psychedelic evolutionary alternative from Dennis McKenna, an “apocalyptic” revelation about Friedrich Nietzsche and other famous figures in the humanities, an in-your-face honest assessment of his high strangeness life by Whitley Strieber, a kundalini demonstration and frank commentary by yours truly, and an explosive roundtable discussion between all the speakers that probably sent half of them to their therapists afterward.

Inflammable descriptives aside, fear not! For ye hath missed nothing. The Living Mystery Symposium lives on Youtube and is inviting you to its home. Dare to enter and be changed….

As Referenced on The Joe Rogan Experience

Remember that time Dennis McKenna went on Joe Rogan’s show and told him about how sharing a stage with Whitley Strieber in Hawaii changed his mind on the truthfulness of Strieber?

Here’s some of what he was talking about.

Why now?

Because more of that–and more than even that–is coming to you live, June 4th-6th with the completely free Living Mystery Symposium 2021: Diversity In Oneness, streaming on Youtube, Facebook, and elsewhere. (The Youtube feed will be here, too!)

We’ll talk more later. For now….

How Will You Review? A Fun International Challenge Awaits!

Alright, folks, the gauntlet has been thrown. Joe Gooch, who has given us the likes of this:

And this:

Has promised to do a book review in the form of an expressive dance. With any bit of luck he will be wearing a breathable, supportive unitard in a color that best compliments his figure. Or lime green.

Now look, I recognize that my book isn’t going to get the most reviews on Amazon–that hard work is usually reserved for lesser authors who pander to their audience and haven’t gotten themselves blacklisted from their field. Authors who are not me, in other words. But, in similar words, while I’m no panderer, I’m also no stranger to begging. I’m begging you: please leave a review. Books on Amazon live and die based on feedback from anonymous readers and so I’d love for you to review it. Yeah, even if you don’t like it–as long as there is constructive criticism in there, I’m all for it.

But what I’m really for, this go-round, is the idea that while I will not have the most reviews, I can have the coolest. So, if you’re game and you don’t want to merely write a straightfoward review (which is equally welcome!), consider trying to top Joe Gooch. What’s the funniest, whackiest, or just plain coolest way you can think of to leave your mark on my Amazon page?

Scratch-N-Sniff over computer still isn’t a thing, sadly.

If you don’t wanna review it for Amazon but you decide to post one somewhere else–on your blog, for instance–please let me know about it. It would be amazing to see these quirky works of review art popping up where we least expect them.