A Lot Happening At Once

Aloha, Gang!

Just dropping a note here to update you on my shenanigans of late. I’ve written yet another ufological book, if you can believe it, called Aliens: The First and Final Disclosure. This is a straightforward narrative, like Urgency., so it’s got the unnecessary humor without the unnecessary swearing and none of the “Wait, is this even a book?” artistic flourishes.

Sometimes I am a writer for the people. You’re welcome, the people, you’re welcome.

The premise is that, thanks to the 2017 reimagining of UFOs into UAP and the broader public dialogue surrounding them, I now have to go back to my roots and call myself an alien abductee to speak to a new audience who doesn’t understand that “alien” and “abduction” don’t really cover it. So that’s what I set out to do. But how long can I keep up the ruse?

Naturally, there will be enough meaty “I never thought of that” stuff in the book for everyone to bite into–even if you’re a vegan. It’s humorous and angry and builds on my previous books, but it’s still also fresh material from the depths. There are some things I need to say that perhaps you need to hear. We’ll just leave it at that.

So that’s my book. I wanted to release it on Roswell crash day, but I doubt it’ll be out before August.

It looks like I’ll also be appearing in someone else’s book. I’ll say more later, if the chapter doesn’t get left on the editor’s floor. Essentially, if I make the cut, this will be a book more people will read than my own. How funny is that?

Also funny is that I was recently included in a paper on French philosopher Henry Corbin at a conference at Harvard University. I feel like I just jumped to the front of the line. Later, ufology!

But I shouldn’t say that. The more I listen back to ye olde Paratopias, the more I realize what great work Jeff Ritzmann and I brought into the subject. This week’s show is a fun recap/moving forward end to season one. And then boom-boom-boom! Three classics: Graham Hancock, the Gettysburg ghost hunt road trip, and the Colin Andrews episode that affected all of our lives. I may actually listen to all of them again. I don’t generally. It’s a lot and with the loss of Jeff, it feels extra heavy.

If you miss the Our Undoing Radio flagship show, it will be back very soon. If you missed my The Experience special with Emma Woods, it’s here: https://www.unknowncountry.com/the-experience/glimpses-of-magonia/

Emma has her first book out! The links to her book and website are in the description. Do check them both out. Our interview is interesting, too, I think. She was kind enough to give me the first interview and I, realizing she’d probably do a million more, shied away from the topics she wanted to talk about because I knew she’d be talking about them elsewhere. So when she gives her next interview, wherever that is, give it a listen, too. It will likely be different!

What else? That’s it. For now. I’m feeling the itch to get back to scribbling for the long-neglected ourundoing.com essay sections. Look forward to more there as soon as this weekend. I’ll also be doing a brand new Paratopia episode, likely after the book launch.

If you have any ideas for stuff you’d like to see or live streams you’d like to participate in, hit me up: jeremy@ourundoing.com.

Later, Gators!

Paratopia Unmoored

It is 2021 and all the world is speaking about UAP in the same terminology and context as Ted Roe and NARCAP did on this show a decade ago. What changed? And why isn’t NARCAP ever mentioned in the mainstream media? 

These are the questions I had for Ted. He gave the answers. And then he burned the proverbial house to the ground in this information-rich and somewhat heartbreaking episode. 

Yup, that’s the description for tomorrow’s Paratopia Unmoored. What’s that, you ask? It’s the name of any further Paratopia episodes from here on out. Normally I will be releasing them on a Sunday so as not to break up the flow of the Paratopia rereleases. However, as I explain at the top of the program, this one was too controversial, or maybe newsworthy in ufological circles–something in there–to pull focus from the next episode of Paratopia. It features the first appearance of Dr. Dennis McKenna, which was a pivotal moment for Jeff and me. So, that episode will air next Friday and this Friday is the return of Ted Roe. And oh, what a return it is!

No spoilers. Tune in. Tell a friend. Some of our idols are about to get name-checked off the list of sacred cows.

Somewhere out there, Jeff Ritzmann is shouting, “Ah-ha! Yeeeees!”

Hey, now that your done reading this, won’t you please visit www.narcap.org, check out their research, and consider helping them any way you can?

Aaaand to catch up on Paratopia and Our Undoing Radio, stick this in your iTunes:


Paratopia Ep. 001: Whitley Strieber Post Redux

Oh, hey! I forgot to publish this here when it hit or dropped or smashed the like button–whatever the jargon is these days–last Friday. It was accidentally published on the 3rd.

Here are the Apple/iTunes and Youtube feeds for it. Whitley Strieber takes questions over a bed of seagulls and ocean waves. What could be better for your ears?

Not one. Damned. Thing. That’s what.


Oh, and one more thing: please note that wherever you ultimately decide to listen to Paratopia, it will be through the Our Undoing Radio feed, NOT the defunct Paratopia feed that seems to live forever on the internets.

Oh, and one more-more thing: Tell a friend. Review it. Smash that like button. This only takes flight again if you throw it in the air like a balsa wood toy airplane. Tis fragile, this Paratopia.