Quick Apology

Sorry for those of you who wrote to me about Paratopia Episode 1 not loading. I was scheduling its release and accidentally published it for a minute and forgot that in so doing it automatically creates a show post on this blog. That episode will air 2 weeks from Friday (tomorrow).

Next Friday, however, Paratopia relaunches with an all-new introductory episode featuring a talk on how to be usefully skeptical of the ufological shenanigans creeping through the mainstream media since 2017, with Jack Brewer and Tyler Kokjohn. Then, we dive right into an experiencer roundtable chat on high strangeness featuring (in alphabetical order) Seriah Azkath, Rob Beck, Ann Etheridge, and Colin Kerris.

See you then!

Paratopia 001: Whitley Strieber


Communion, Transformation, and a ton of other books author, Whitley Strieber, joins Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni for a thought-provoking kickoff featuring more seagulls and crashing waves than an ear deserves to hear!