Paratopia Ep. 001: Whitley Strieber Post Redux

Oh, hey! I forgot to publish this here when it hit or dropped or smashed the like button–whatever the jargon is these days–last Friday. It was accidentally published on the 3rd.

Here are the Apple/iTunes and Youtube feeds for it. Whitley Strieber takes questions over a bed of seagulls and ocean waves. What could be better for your ears?

Not one. Damned. Thing. That’s what.


Oh, and one more thing: please note that wherever you ultimately decide to listen to Paratopia, it will be through the Our Undoing Radio feed, NOT the defunct Paratopia feed that seems to live forever on the internets.

Oh, and one more-more thing: Tell a friend. Review it. Smash that like button. This only takes flight again if you throw it in the air like a balsa wood toy airplane. Tis fragile, this Paratopia.

Paratopia Lives Again!

The Jer, along with a bevy of special guests, introduces Paratopia to a new generation in honor of his cohost, the late Jeff Ritzmann.

Also? is back and cooler than ever! Check it out!

Rest In Peace, The Jeff. Hope I dun ya proud. May a new generation of ufological innocents find us before turning to the dark side.

–the jer


Quick Apology

Sorry for those of you who wrote to me about Paratopia Episode 1 not loading. I was scheduling its release and accidentally published it for a minute and forgot that in so doing it automatically creates a show post on this blog. That episode will air 2 weeks from Friday (tomorrow).

Next Friday, however, Paratopia relaunches with an all-new introductory episode featuring a talk on how to be usefully skeptical of the ufological shenanigans creeping through the mainstream media since 2017, with Jack Brewer and Tyler Kokjohn. Then, we dive right into an experiencer roundtable chat on high strangeness featuring (in alphabetical order) Seriah Azkath, Rob Beck, Ann Etheridge, and Colin Kerris.

See you then!