Is Supporting David Jacobs A Moral Question?

Joe Gooch has responded eloquently to David Jacobs’ self-destructive website dedicated to exonerating himself of unethical conduct in regards to former research subject “Emma Woods.”

Who is Joe Gooch? He’s an experiencer. He’s a human being. He’s not a talk show host. He’s not a researcher. He’s an observer of this fiasco, an outsider with no agenda. And watching him in the video below–watching how uncomfortable this man gets at speaking about the truly uncomfortable parts–the anger and despair boiling underneath the mature composure of his presentation reminds me why I care so much about this case: because in reality it is a simple moral question with a simple moral answer. It’s not about facts vs. other facts or spinning a story.

The David Jacobs case, as it should now rightly be referred, is about ethics and, beyond that, morals.

And so, anytime I see someone taking up for Dr. Jacobs who otherwise appears to be of sound intelligence, I don’t see a “We agree to disagree” situation, because there are not two sides. There’s right and there’s wrong. It is a black & white situation which reminds us that such still exist.

If you’re still taking up for David Jacobs, still think it’s a matter of disagreement or of critics attacking him, I believe there is something fundamentally wrong with you. There is no middle ground on this one. You’re the problem, too. Why that is, be it for money or a glitch in the brain or your upbringing, I cannot say. I just know there’s something magnetically off in your moral compass. Joe Gooch’s reactions here are real and they are normal and he’s holding back the way I don’t, so perhaps that’s more palatable than my evaluations. If so, give it a watch.

If you’re unfamiliar with the David Jacobs case, this is an excellent primer. If you’re familiar and feel nothing about it, or take Jacobs’ “side,” behold the basic human compassion you’re missing inside of you as exemplified here. That, because everything Joe is saying is factually accurate and it’s from David’s own website. All Joe is doing is listening, reading, explaining, and reacting with the normal amount of emotion such critiques provoke.




8 thoughts on “Is Supporting David Jacobs A Moral Question?

  1. Great video. He voices what I have been saying since 2010 when I first came across the case through Paratopia. Nothing that Jacobs has done can be redeemed in my eyes. He seems to have crossed a threshold a long time ago, and now has no sense of perspective about what he is doing. He can’t seem to stop himself from attacking Emma in a thoroughly reprehensible manner.

    We need far more people like Joe to stand up and say something about this case, and other cases like Leah Haley’s and Marie Kayali’s (I believe Jacobs was involved in her case too!). Hopefully, the video will go viral, and we’ll be able to get some traction to finally put an end to the abuses that are being perpetrated on vulnerable people like Emma.

    I won’t hold my breath that this will happen (there are a lot of people, I think, who are too scared to stand up and say something like this), but it was really nice to see that someone else out there actually gets what is wrong with what Jacobs has done.

    What Jacobs did is as Joe Gooch so accurately says is “totally unacceptable”.

    Best wishes


    ps I have a idea for a t-shirt in my head now. Jacobs’ head and “Totally unacceptable” underneath it … hmmm ….

  2. I’d like to add my voice to the side of ethical morality. It isn’t easy to speak out against the lies and deception that surrounds the ufo field. Brave women like Emma and Carol R. led the way and just look at the personal attacks they have suffered! PERSONAL ATTACKS- not intellectual debate, not comparing research results, not exploring interpretations of actual physical evidence, but nasty, vicious outpourings of bile when their little scenarios and agendas are brought into the light! Give people a chance and they will show you who they really are. Kudos, Joe-you are one of the Good Guys. I love it how men like Jeremy,Joe, Tyler, Whitley and others have rallied to the banner of Sanity and Truth. Ethics and Morality are one of the most important topics to bear in mind right now. Those of us who are experiencers have a huge stake in all of this. It is our lives and our very reality at this time that is being used as entertainment by cons and snake oil salesmen. Shine that spotlight…….what is done in the dark cannot stand in the light.

  3. There is a huge streak of misogyny running in the ufo field, and has been for years. I saw it on the Paracast forums in 2010, and it has never gone away. If someone (usually a woman) comes out against one of the (male) talking heads like Jacobs, or Hopkins, or Carpenter, then they are mad, or embittered, or just plain old stalkers. There is no rational discourse. They are stalkers, or just mad women. No questions asked, get out the attack dogs.

    It doesn’t matter what these people have done to their victims, the victims are always the ones to blame in the eyes of these “humans” (and I use the term loosely). Why is this? I don’t know. Some of it probably has to do with people not liking their world view shaken by a “nobody” … it doesn’t matter what evidence or common-sense the “nobody” shows to back up their case. The “nobody” is coming into a closed shop, and trying to knock over the tins of peas.

    People like Jacobs have been around for years. They are a “somebody”. They must be right, and on the level. I mean they’ve been on tv, and everything, and have had best selling books published. So any Johnny-come-lately “nobody” who goes against the grain must be shot down, otherwise the whole sordid system will implode, and we can’t have that can’t we. Where would we get our kicks after that?

    Luckily there are a few decent people out there who are standing up and saying something. But we really need a lot more people to come out and back people like Emma up, before there is a proper house cleaning. Hopefully, this will be the start of a massive tidal wave of the silent (hopefully) majority. Time will tell, I suppose, but it can’t come too soon.

  4. Mr Vaeni, after seeing your video a couple of times I think you are a very ignorant person, do you have a college degree or at least did you finish high school?

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