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  1. What the heck, Jeremy? Is that a Rorshach test for the visually-sophisticated? Which I am not. And that makes me feel excluded. No, worse: it makes me feel that I’m being ridiculed ’cause you’re so smart you _must_ get it. Right? Okay, I’ll take the bait…..Does it warn of approaching doom? (No, that wasn’t my first guess, really. I’m not kidding, it wasn’t.) Is it meant to offer us the pablum comfort of some old saw, as in: “It’s always darkest before dawn?” Am I warm, hot, cold? Or should I thinking more literally here? Maybe you’ve hit gold and come into possession of a genuine photograph of the dark side of the moon? Well, good luck with that. You know what happened to the value of the Alien Autopsy photos.

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