Paratopia 018: Kevin Randle

Ufologist Kevin Randle tackles a subject you may not have heard him speak on before: alien abductions. Then, The Jeff & The Jer get into their first argument on air. Yeah! All that and the winner of the Ted Phillips charity raffle announced!

This is another extra special, extra long episode, and it’s one of our favorites. Dare I say one of our best. [originally aired: 2009]

.74 Pounds Kindle Sale In The UK! 2 Great Books!

A reader in Australia asked me if my Kindle ebook sale was available in his country. Turns out, no. But thanks to his asking, I found I was able to do one in the UK! Yeah! Turn that frown upside down! (Except you, Australia, you’re still not getting the sale, so… you know… but the UK thanks you.)

For a very limited time–a few days–the cult classic, I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land! and its powerful sequel gone awry, I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction, are .99 cents each, which the Google conversion thingy tells me is .74 pounds!

A mere .74 pounds! I think that’s what my wife weighs!

Act now. I’ll help. Here’s links. Thank you all.