Aliens In The Rearview Mirror

Whelp, it’s official: The Experience on Unknown Country is an experience of the past. In this week’s grand finale, I put out a theory on alien abductions so true, it will largely go ignored. Do check it out. And then it’s onward to

I’ve been podcasting about ufology, the paranormal, and high strangeness phenomena for the past 14 years. Enough, already, we get it–We don’t get it. At least that’s my takeaway, I dunno about you. So, my job is done here. Time to move on. I will still talk about my books, I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction and its offspring, The Story of Toe. On that front, I’ll be doing some Zoom readings/chats with ya soon. But the bulk of my work moving forward has to be about understanding the difference between what we erroneously call human nature and authentic human wholeness. Perhaps, in hearing it, you will understand it so deeply and clearly that you become clarity, become said wholeness.

As a society, we’re about finished here. As a species, we’re also about finished here–at least in the way that we define it. If you think people went nuts during the pandemic, wait ’til the cold comes and never leaves. This isn’t my fear, it’s my forecast. I used to worry about saying it out loud for fear that I have a responsibility not to cause panic, but we’re past that now. Besides, few take me seriously enough to do anything about anything I say (probably a good thing). And besides that, seeing how so few people have treated their time in the pandemic as a sign to turn inward, work on themselves, yada, yada, and would rather make it a conspiracy theory where someone out there is doing this to them, I’m no longer under the delusion that I can predict reactions to warnings, prophesies, or outright knowledge about the sky falling.

So, the sky is falling. Whatcha gonna do with your time left? Is it important to do anything in particular if it’s over? What happened to all those dreams of being a better person tomorrow? Of being on a personal journey of discovery and empowerment? What happened to life being about learning?

That was always procrastination noise and you know it now, when, at the end of it all, you can throw your life away for chat board LARPing-turned-insurrection and obsessively posting about how COVID isn’t real or is real but was created in a Chinese lab or by Bill Gates or, or, or….

CONSPIRACY PRO TIP: When it doesn’t matter what the conspiracy plot claims to be about, just that there is one, it’s only ever about you running from your life.

Can we afford to run in circles anymore? I won’t do it. Not because I refuse but because I’m deeply incapable at this point. Come be at this point with me and let’s see where we go together.

I was considering making Our Undoing a free site. The problem is, if I do that then we won’t be able to afford to host symposiums and the such for cheap or for free. Then again, I seriously don’t see a long-term future where symposiums are relevant. At the moment, a lifetime membership is over half off. And there is still a free version of the website that you may visit. I’m going to work on making a free version of the Sitting Circle message board this week, so we can connect there, if you like, as I pull away from social media. And, of course, there’s still the Our Undoing Radio podcast, which is in its 6th season.

Listen, at this point I don’t need anything from the online world. It does nothing for me in terms of self esteem or finances or even keeping up with friends and family. (Remember when the phone was a phone?) But writing and speaking on Our Undoing still feels right. I feel like I’m contributing what’s needed to the world at the exact time when we need it most. I have no self-aggrandizing illusions that “the world” knows I exist or cares or would care if they checked out Our Undoing. It’s not about being loved or recognized by scores of people. It cannot be about that. It’s about doing this because this is what I do now. And I think there’s material there worth your while, but I will keep going with it whether anyone shows up or not.

Perhaps Our Undoing is more like the online version of mandala sand art than Eckhart Tolle hitting the jackpot on Oprah’s show. Either way, that’s where I’ll be. I’ll keep this JayVay blog around, too, for when I get the bug to write something that doesn’t fit there and, of course, to promote whatever needs promoting. (Like the Living Mystery Symposium–coming soon! Sure, symposiums may be irrelevant in the long-term, but no one said anything about a couple of months from now.)

Anywho, thanks, everyone who has stuck with me through the years. And hello to the new faces. Let’s all relax… and get to work. Come find me:

2021 Is Packed. Let’s Unpack It.

Happy New Year!

But time doesn’t exist.

Except it does.


Happy New Year!

Say, what is new for this new year, anyway? Glad you asked–and just like that. Here’s what we’ve got percolating in the lab….

Less Para, More Normal

I will be fading out of the ufological scene. I used to think it was fulla garden-variety nuts. Now I know they’re poisoned nuts. I don’t want to swim in the poisoned pool anymore. That’s one reason.

Another is, I think that given my experiences and where my thinking has been leading me about them, I’m actually running a parallel track. I mean, I don’t think there are enough people who can actually hear what I’m saying about abductions/the paranormal to make me a useful voice in this anymore. I’m more interested in the really, really big picture, not eternally explaining and arguing against nuts and bolts, sounding like a broken record about hypnosis, and forcing topics and ideas on my audience who, by and large, don’t want to hear them.

I know the reality of all this unreality doesn’t lie in the fetishized shallow end of the human kiddie pool and I can’t fake it anymore. It’s time for me to towel off and bathe in the sun. I think I lost the thread of this metaphor, but the point is, the closed cases are closed. Too many people are toxic or embrace toxicity here. Come with me if you want to live.

Thirdly? In their present incarnations, ufology and paranormal subjects are simply unimportant to me anymore and we have zero time left on this planet to dillydally.

That said, I am going to be spending as much of my online life as possible serving I will be fleshing out any overlap between paranormal/ufological stuff and the Spirit stuff there. This is the place I feel most free to speak from heart. By that I mean, I don’t even care if anyone is reading or watching or listening. This is what wants to come out of me when I’m not fighting it back to be the everyday asshole people relate to. This is where I am, in a word, natural.

Social Media

Season 6 of Our Undoing Radio should hit the airwaves at the end of this month. I’ll flesh out why in an episode there, but I’m thinking about quitting Facebook and Twitter as anything other than a means to advertise. OurUndoing already has a free and paid presence. I’m still not sure if I want to make it all free and forgo the memberships moving forward, but if I quit social media I will definitely open up the message boards for free and we can talk there.

Living Mystery Symposium

My wife and I and a few others are working out the details, but we will be doing another Living Mystery Symposium this year. It will be online. It will be inexpensive. It will feature only quality speakers, each speaking to topics that will be parts of a larger story. What will that story be and who will be telling it? That’s what we’re working out. We’re trying to nail down what we believe is the most important–most useful–meta topic we can think of as we move forward into the unknown with our broken political systems, unstable people, unstable atmosphere, and transforming Earth.

Like, what’s important at the end of time? Not just entertaining and not just informative–What’s transformational and necessary?

No biggie.

I Am To Tell You This….

Lastly, even though I want out of ufology/paranormal world as a white marble on the Hungry, Hungry Hippos board, I’ll still be speaking about my book. In fact, I’ll be taping an episode of Where Did The Road Go? later this week.

I’d also like to do some live book readings of I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction with you all via Zoom really soon. Like, February soon. So, if you have not read it, we both know you got Amazon gift cards for Christmas. Use that last eighteen bucks on a hilarious, mind-blowing book, why dontcha, and then meet me in the Zoom chat with questions.

Lastly, John Randall’s and my children’s book, The Story of Toe…. I have decided to do a video reading of it for children on Youtube. I will use it as a leaping off point for a new section of for adults.

All right. Lot’s there. Packed year. All that and I’ve still got ducks to feed and gardens to plant. If you have any questions or comments–suggestions/ideas–please feel free to drop a comment.