Come Undone For 2018

jayvay-new-headersBack and forth the pendulum swings, positive, negative, happiness, sadness. despair, hope. We only have a handful of decades to even exist, so why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we spend our time this way? Is it, as is so often said, human nature? If so, can that nature change? It must. And is how. provides insights into our psyche and the inner workings of reality that are geared to properly re-contextualize brain-self within heart and then dissolve even that self sense for wholeness to be the case. No other website I know of has attempted this. I don’t think it has ever been put that way before: the need to dissolve brain-self into heart-self and heart-self into wholeness.

Readers of my book Urgency. know that I fully understand what I’m writing because it has happened to me. I chose to come back to “normal” (or seemed to have chosen this… we’ll get into it on the website) for the express purpose of communicating it to you as honestly and with as much precision as possible. I thought Urgency. would be the end of that task, but it turns out there’s a lot more to say and it needs to be said in different ways to fully sink in. OurUndoing, then, is like if Urgency. were a movie and you took a magnifying glass to each frame of that movie, blew it up, and examined every detail. (If you haven’t read Urgency., no worries. You don’t need to have. Plus, we’re about halfway through the audiobook, which is being released in sections on the website–so it’s there for members.)

So that’s what the website is. It’s the change we’ve all been waiting for. It’s an explanation for why that change hasn’t happened yet, even for those of us who get it intellectually. It’s the teeth one needs to chew through one’s cocoon and fly. And now, as the sales pitch goes, with the new payment plan, it is affordable.

We’re not supposed to talk money when we’re selling something, right? And we’re not supposed to sell ourselves short, because there’s something in the psyche of Western people (or perhaps just Americans) that claims to want to pay less, but more often than not will choose to pay more. Let’s break those taboos now. costs $333.00 USD, which sounds like a lot until you realize that is the lifetime fee. Other websites charge you more than that for “lessons” or “classes” in addition to their perpetual monthly subscription. is undoing even that model. $333.00 and done. Forever. Access to all lectures, video, audio, writing, guest posts, podcasts, message board–everything, everything, everything, for the life of the website. And once you’ve bought it, you can share it as you see fit, provided you’re not just recreating the website or taking things way out of context for some nefarious purpose. (I hope that type of person wouldn’t be interested in this!)

$333.00 is it and if you cannot afford it all up front, no worries. 12 monthly payments of $27.75 will do the trick. You won’t have access to absolutely everything until you’re all paid up, but almost. What’s missing is the Formal Talks series (which hasn’t even happened yet, so you’re not missing anything as of this writing), its accompanying message board (ditto), and the downloadable version of the streaming Urgency. audiobook (ditto yet again). As of this writing, you’re actually not missing anything! And you can cancel at any time or even put your account on hold indefinitely, no questions asked.

That’s it. That’s the pitch. If you’re sick of being in the dark about why these dark times even exist, the darkness and the light inside of us all, why none of the spiritual paths have led to wholeness, and what it takes to be our complete selves, head on over to and subscribe today.

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Acceptance: A NEW (AGE) SPEECH

into-the-end-banner1.jpgTwo weeks ago you made me an Amazon best-selling author for I Know Why The Aliens Don’t land! Last weekend, you did it again for my book Urgency. And for that I sincerely thank you below. But don’t stop now. This weekend we’re going for the triple crown with my horror/fantasy novel, Into The End. At just $2.99 on the Kindle, what do you have to lose? (Well… three dollars, sure… but besides that?)

Into The End: get ready. Be riveted. This is a story like no other.

Best-Sell Me and WIN!

Into The End (front cover)Last weekend, with the aid of the UK, I became an international Amazon best-selling UFO author for I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land!, which is what I now demand to be called whenever I’m on a show. Or maybe “Superstar.” Perhaps “Underground Cult Sensation.” I haven’t decided. But I will demand something once I decide.  For that you were rewarded–yes, that is the right word, rewarded–with the public thank you ufology deserves. Furthermore, you won me getting off my butt and writing that long-overdue sequel. See you in 2016.

This weekend, I took another bold step in the direction of becoming the thing I hate when you made Urgency. an Amazon best-seller in New Age Mysticism. Good for you! Good for all of us! But you know what, the UK? You’re slacking. For it is, as of this writing, not an international best-seller. Get off your asses for fucksake. Enlightenment is just a click away! Still… for that I shall reward you with yet another acceptance speech. No sequel, but I’ll think about starting a cult. I do live in Hawaii. It’s perfect weather for culting.

Let’s keep it going. This one is going to be a tougher nut to crack because it involves book categories that people actually read. I’m talking Horror novels and Post-Apocalyptic literature. I’m talking about Into The End. Make Into The End a top 100 best-seller in either of these categories by next weekend and I shall reward you with another comedy roast speech.  Crack the top 50 in horror and I will also turn it into a trilogy.

Thanks for playing. Now get to paying.

And the UK? Isn’t it time you beat the Americans at something? No, squash doesn’t count. Grow up.