Miracle of Death and The New


In this bonus episode we close out the season, fittingly enough, with death. We talk about egoic death a lot on this show, but what is physical death? Host Jeremy Vaeni received an answer from a dream and also from asking during kundalini meditation. The answer is simple and striking and this episode goes beyond that and gets deeply personal. Hopefully, for you as well!

5 thoughts on “Miracle of Death and The New

  1. Hey Jer, Looks like a “Error establishing a database connection” when i tried to open the ourundoing site just now. Me too. Anyways thanks for the death episodes.

    I was thinking I might share an odd story from August 20th on the site. But i will type it here. In fact, I wanted to tell you about it after it happened.

    But at that same time, I was busy wondering why it is that I even want to share the story at all? I know there is no englishing what happened.

    So maybe what follows is me polluting what happened to make it less magic. I was able to be involved with someone else’s near death experience. His name is Puti. His body was shutting down from alcohol poisoning and he barely died and came back while I was holding his body.

    I went dancing that night. The bouncer said something about wearing pants inside, and that they couldn’t let me in because I was wearing shorts. As soon as I turned and walked to the car I saw Puti laying face down, across the street from the entrance, nobody helping him.. he fell immediately after getting out of the Uber/Lyft drivers car. The driver happened to have some sort of experience in a hospital and I asked her to please tell me what to do.

    She was trying to leave, saying she had other customers to get to until she noticed his breathing had stopped, then she changed and said she legally couldn’t leave him until paramedics arrived. Before that, it seemed like both Puti’s friend and the driver didn’t understand he was dying. I understood right when I saw him that it was why I was there that night.

    There is a book by Jess Taylor titled The Voice, about her near death experience. I had only read the first chapter at that point. It was like that. I’ve heard this voice before. Before I read her book. Before I heard you on Dreamland talking about I Am To Tell You This and I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction.

    It’s a spastic, extremely comical voice and gives this “sense of humor” that if I had to describe it (I can’t) … it you mixed with Tom Lehrer mixed MF DOOM. Not only is it very poetic. It is poetry. And it is logic.

    Puti went home at the end of the night with his parents and the paramedics said he would have a hell of a hangover in the morning. I thought his name is interesting.



  2. I wanted to share the story this morning because of something you said in the season finale. Like you say, this voice of mine, when I hear it, often does speak in calendar quotes.

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