Paratopia 055: Dr. Scott Lilienfeld

The late, great Dr. Scott Lilienfeld was a professor of psychology at Emory University and editor of Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice. He also co-authored 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology and was a contributing blogger at Psychology Today. In what quickly became a controversial and landmark episode, Dr. Lilienfeld not only explored the myth that hypnosis is an appropriate memory retrieval tool for alien abduction research, he destroyed it.

In the process, he, along with The Jeff and The Jer, examined the Emma Woods/David Jacobs debacle that seemed every bit as surreal as the alien abduction stories in Jacobs’s books. Was his behavior appropriate? Is this what happens when a man gets too absorbed in his own conclusions about the unknown? Hear Dr. Lilienfeld’s initial impressions.

If you know of anyone who is thinking about undergoing hypnosis, please direct them here. This should be required listening for anyone who wants to undergo it or practice it.

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