Is It Time To Kickstart Mrs. Steinberg’s Puckered Starfish?

steinberg-thrillerFriends, I come to you as a man of peace. In the past I have questioned Gene Steinberg’s integrity as an entity in the ufo field and as a man in… you know… life. But no more. I recognize a person in genuine need when I see one and Gene is such a person. Rather, Gene’s wife is such a person. Rather, Gene’s wife’s bloody asshole is such a… person? Sure. Person.

Before you stop reading to write me your hate mail, allow me to allow Gene to explain in all his exclamation mark glory. In “An Important Message From Gene Steinberg!” dated 09/21/2016 titled, “Barbara Continues To Suffer!” we read:

In the past couple of weeks, Barbara has spent an increasing amount of time in the bathroom, suffering. Her colorectal condition (not cancerous) appears to have grown worse. She has an appointment with a specialist in early October ahead of needed surgery.

But in order to have that surgery, I have to make sure her coverage, with United Healthcare (via the Obamacare exchange) is current. That’s before the copays that can get expensive, way beyond that I can afford.

Now I couldn’t have gotten this far without the generous assistance of my readers and listeners. I will never forget your generosity.

If you can help me further to get over this hump, please do what you can.

It’s truly heartbreaking. Here is a man who just barely raised enough money from fans to pay his bills, move to a new home, and pay the cleaning fees. Now, while he continues to work on working on boosting cash flow (a work in progress), the buttocks of his lovely wife is set to explode.

Well not on my watch or your dime, folks.

Gene, if you’re reading this–please stop taking people’s money. Not because it looks like  you’re a fraud. Not because it looks like you’re addicted. Not because you’re no better than Greer or Bassett. Not because it’s fucking disgusting that any man would shame his wife this way and part of me suspects the only reason you’re doing this is to bait me so you can tell people what a malicious bastard I am for writing this and gain more sympathy coin that way, in which case I deserve a cut and will gladly provide my paypal info if you email me. Not even because in a plea titled, “The Landlord’s Warning!” dated June 24, 2014, you wrote:

Despite making some progress with back rent in the past couple of weeks, the landlord is becoming more insistent. He sent me this text message on my mobile phone the other day: ‘I need to get another payment soon. Your balance is $1589 dollars.’

This includes two months rent and various late/legal charges, so you can see my rent is relatively cheap. By ‘soon,’ he told me days not weeks, and he still reserves the right to send the sheriff to have me ejected at any time.

I still owe back payments for insurance, utilities and so on and so-forth. I’ve paid some of it, but I owe a lot, still, which explains the sleepless nights.

As I said, I have [been] working very hard to get out from under this financial mess and build a reliable income, and maybe get a little retirement income before it’s too late. I have more ad deals pending for the radio shows, and am working to get payments as soon as I can. There are long-range plans, too, so I’m not sitting still.

But I need to get past the current crisis, so if you can possibly help me out again, I hope you’ll consider doing so as soon as possible.”

–and then 2 months later (08/25/2014 to be exact) were caught in  the Optima forum bragging, “I have a 2014 Optima EX with Premium package. I didn’t bother [with] the Technology package, with [the] navigation system and other options, not just because of the expense. My iPhone 5s is a perfectly good navigation tool when I need one.”

No, not because of any of your deplorable acts. Stop taking people’s money because I am going to help your wife. Anyone who has watched No One’s Watching: An Alien Abductee’s Story (which, granted, is no one) has one general takeaway from the film: I’ve got a large ass. A large, nearly hairless white ass. Ass enough for two people. Ass enough for your wife, Gene. And giving her the benefit of the doubt, hairless enough.No Ones Watching

That’s right, if she (or you on her behalf) accept my offer–and if it’s a legal surgery in the States or Mexico–I would like to donate a piece of my winking wormhole to heal your wife’s shit-eating frown.

I don’t know if it’s covered under Obamacare, but we can work out those finer details. I have a healthy, overly ripe, plump buttocks for the taking. If she needs ass, I’ve got ass. Gene, I am here to help. Do not let this opportunity pass her by. Or you could get a job ripping tickets at your local movie theater and buy her some Preparation H. Your call. Either way, know that while you’re full of shit it’s your wife who is suffering. And I am here to help.

47 thoughts on “Is It Time To Kickstart Mrs. Steinberg’s Puckered Starfish?

  1. You’re right about one thing. Steinberg has taken over from the late James Brown as the Hardest Working Man in show business. The amount of time Gene spends shilling and begging is truly amazing! If only he could get over the hump, or is that rump?

  2. I couldn’t help but wonder what Gene is up to these days are far as his living situation is. I did a couple of quick Google searches, and I easily found his address. It was in the Arizona White Pages here –

    Then I plugged in that address and find that he is living in a VERY nice gated community!

    I am stunned. I thought he was dead broke. I thought he couldn’t even afford the “slum” he used to live in.

    Just…wow. I know this article is several months old, but I just thought I’d share with whoever may still be even a little bit curious.

      • I want to know if his wife even knows that he’s doing this. An older lady, I doubt she reads the internet at all, let alone to the extent that she’s doing Google searches for Gene. I wouldn’t be surprised if he told her it was just money from the show.

  3. The asshole Gene Steinberg is still begging for money. Once again, the landlord is going to throw him out. Oh really?! I googled his address and looked at the streetview and YES he does live in a high-end GATED community. Don’t be suckered! This man is living off-of ALL of us! If he is so hard up for cash, Mrs. Steinberg should get a job and stop sitting on her fat ass trying to pass a stool. A bit of mobility would do her bowels some good. Gene Steinberg is nothing but a con man. Don’t be duped like others have.

  4. Aaaaaaaand…he’s now playing emotional blackmail. He says in today’s letter – “Maybe it would have been better for everyone if I hadn’t survived that car crash.” It’s in this letter –
    I do feel badly for him; I can’t help it. But he’s been doing this for 10 years. In one of his recent “explanations” he says that when he began asking for help that it wasn’t for him, it was for his brother-in-law. However, he never responded to the fact that he himself has been begging for years since then. He hopes that by mentioning the family that we would forget that he then rode those coattails and still is. I feel badly for his wife, mostly. I cannot begin to imagine what she is going thru…

  5. What a bunch of drivel BWAHAHAHA you are still pissed that I took your place on the Paracast forum, aren’t you, Vaeni? Doing so much better than you and leave Barbara alone, it’s her ass, quit acting like one!

  6. “The purpose of my podcasting and novel-writing is to keep me away from the trap of an ordinary, inglorious job in the economy that will never make me rich and/or famous, and will only ever keep a modest roof over my head. Every day I don’t get such a job is another day that I haven’t given up on the dream that I will be notable and successful. If that dream can’t come true, then I’d still rather die a failed radio host and sci-fi author, than a ‘successful’ burger flipper or big-box greeter.”

    Wow. That sounds familiar. That may be because I had that attitude myself. When I was twenty. After reality kicked my ass a few times, I decided to get my head out of there. Not only did my ass hurt, but I had a bad headache too. I went and got a job. Sure enough, I never became a rich-and-famous artist. But I did pull my weight, pay my bills, and enjoy some things I never had the money for as a starving artist. I never once considered begging. But then I didn’t give myself only two choices, artist or menial laborer. Unless one is a total schmuck, there are many other possibilities.

    Obviously Mr. Steinberg thinks his behavior is normal. This is worrisome. There have been many possible causes for this aberrant behavior put forth, from laziness to entitlement to mental health problems. One idea I have not seen though is this: Is the begging just his way of squeezing “royalties” from those who listen to his programs or use his website or co-host or appear on his show? Maybe all of the above? There is considerable overlap possible. Whatever the cause, it has pushed an awful lot of good, thoughtful and talented people away from the show and the forum. That’s a shame.

    There you go, Gene. That’s for banning me instead of doing what any competent, sane admin would do when asked: simply closing my account since you do not allow users to to that themselves. I have decided you and your minion are just nuts. That’s the only rational explanation for the shit show you have going on over there. My banning speaks far more to your character (or lack of) than it does mine. My participation over there speaks for itself. Whatever of it you have not deleted.


  7. For the last several days he’s been asking people to go and help him pack. Yes…help him pack. Help him pack because even tho he KNEW he was getting kicked out, he couldn’t be bothered? There was even a date set for the constable to lock him out and he still wasn’t packed. *facepalm* And don’t forget that he has a back injury so don’t expect him to lift. Or pack. Yes…I can’t wrap my head around the fact that after a couple of Court Orders and a date set for a lock-out he still hasn’t packed.
    So, if anybody is in the Phoenix area, he can offer you pizza and Diet Coke if you go and help him pack. And to top it all off, he sent out a couple of his packing requests out on the Paracast Newsletter letterhead. I wonder if his co-host has had it with him and is considering walking. Or maybe not. Maybe he’s helping old Gene pack…

  8. Sorry to add, but he just said (he’s sent out 2 letters today) that his son is helping him to reduce expenses. I’m sure a lot of us wonder why he can’t move in with his son if being homeless is the only other option if his fans don’t pay for his move (he needs about another $1875) or how about that sister of his wife? Helene? Since it was her husband who made him impoverished, shouldn’t SHE take them in rather than have them go homeless? This all started with her husband’s shady dealings and fraud charges, so I’d think it is unconscionable for her to allow them to be kicked out onto the street. I’m not being sarcastic; I’m being serious. There is no reason that between Gene’s son and Barbara’s sister that they should be homeless.

  9. The guy is completely shameless. I’m banned, but my inbox still gets filled up with his spam. Fortunately it’s a disposable account that I seldom look at. If I lived nearby, it would be a bit tempting to go over and “help him move” just to see what kind of hovel he’s being evicted from. If indeed he is being evicted. Maybe his marks have been extra generous and he’s moving to a nicer place. You can’t tell. I don’t believe anything he says anymore. At least he never tricked me out of a penny. It would all be funny if it wasn’t so stupid.

  10. He is indeed evicted and apparently got lucky enough to sucker some other poor soul into letting him move into a new place “and overlook the blemishes on our credit.” I’m so glad that you didn’t give him any money, Double Nought Spy. I haven’t, either, thank goodness. What gets me even more this time (and you are right, it would be funny if it wasn’t so stupid!) he not only got his marks to pay for him to get into a new place, but that he also got them to PACK for him this time! So, Gene is like – “pay my moving expenses, pay my deposit, pay my first and last month’s rent, and by the way, also come over and PACK my stuff, and oh, yes, I can’t lift, so you lift all my crap, too! Thank you so very much and here’s your Diet Coke and pizza…”

  11. Heh. I’m ready. Is there a way to post screen shots here directly? Actually, I’ve saved a lot of stuff to email. I think I could get the creeps thrown off their forum platform for flagrant TOS violations, but I won’t do it unless they post too much bullshit here. To say they have ethical problems over there is to say Antarctica has a lot of ice. I can prove it. Gene loves to delete stuff that makes him look bad, but I’ve saved most of the more egregious things I’ve seen. Some of it came and went within minutes in the wee hours. Anyway, gotta go to work. I’ll check back this evening.

  12. You’re right, Jayvay, but if people are new to him, and I’m sure there are new people all the time, blogs like this will help them realize that there is no way in hell they should ever give him money. You’re blog saved me from being duped, and I thank you. 🙂

  13. I really don’t mean to spam, but there is one more thing I want to say. I hoped Gene would come here and let his potential donors know why his son can’t take him in. Yes, he’s in Spain, but if it comes down to starving on the street, there is no reason they can’t go to him. I’m sure he’d beg for funds for a plane ticket.
    Also, why can’t that sister, who happens to have a nice house in Scottsdale, take them in since her husband made them broke to begin with. Okay, enough from me for now! Take care, everyone!

  14. I have over 10 years worth of email archives with Gene’s begging. Literally hundreds of excuses, tales of woe, and sob stories. He’s made a profession of scamming people. Reading them is like a trip down memory lane. His ego is so BIG he expects all of us to fund his lavish lifestyle. Poor Mrs. Steinberg. No wonder her shitter is in such peril. God knows the son, Grayson, is the smartest one in the bunch. Kid left the country just to get away from these two losers called parents. Ask yourself this: How did Gene afford to buy a new car after he got into that accident and it was “totalled”? Who paid for it?! YOU DID! I love how he calls every landlord who rents to him, a “slumlord”. Pity the poor fool for wanting to earn a living. Gene thinks he deserves to live for FREE. What a sense of entitlement! This man has absolutely no shame. Mrs Steinberg has to spend hours a day on the potty straining to pass a doodie, while this asshole Gene gets to play keyboard warrior and talk about aliens. Let’s hope ET beams him up, because the entire planet has had enough of Gene’s scams.

  15. Pleasingly Puckered, would I be able to have a copy somehow? I’m no computer expert, so I really don’t know if that is possible on here. I used to have all of the “saga” as well, (from day 1)
    but when I, a few years back, switched my email from Comcast I somehow lost them all. 😦 I can’t help but really want to go back over the entire thing. I’d love to also take that trip down memory lane!

  16. Hi Laura, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Here is a choice excerpt from Gene Steinberg’s ongoing money hustle. Anyone thinking of giving money to this CON MAN needs to think twice and have their head examined. Keep in mind that THIS IS OVER 7 YEARS AGO, AND HIS SITUATION HASN’T CHANGED!!! He is living off-of YOUR donations, plying for sympathy with his tales of woe. Beware a fool and his money are soon parted! I wonder how Gene’s “site to help others” is going? (see end of message)



    Hello Friends,

    Once again, I am heartened by your generous response to my ongoing pleas for financial help. I still need to cover the remainder of our electric bill by Tuesday, and I have that dreaded five-day notice from the rental office. It means pay up or prepare to leave; the next step is to send a notice about an eviction hearing. As I said, tenants in Arizona have no rights.

    I also realize you have received many fraudulent requests for money supposedly coming from people you know. But this request is real! My actual mailing address (where I receive both home and business mail) is at the end of this newsletter, and if you want to talk to me in person, just send me a note and I’ll give you my phone number so you can confirm everything for yourself.

    Some of you have also asked why this ordeal has persisted for so long, here’s the brief recap:

    My family confronted a six-figure medical bill as the result of several surgeries involving my wife and myself. Our insurance carrier, Humana, fought these payments tooth and nail, claiming preexisting conditions and so on and so forth. They’re wrong, but the bills still had to be paid while the matter is being considered, reconsidered, and reconsidered yet again. Since my wife continues to receive care for her eye surgeries, the physician expects at least a good faith payment for every visit to his office.

    As the result of those bills, plus the debts caused by a fraudulent bank transaction made by a former client, my personal finances have been thoroughly depleted.

    This summer, my radio shows went into syndication, but we are only paid for the ads we generate, and the payments for the first group of those ads won’™t arrive until late this month at the earliest. We are also due to receive a reasonably large sum of money from my sister-in-law, once ongoing litigation over an investment portfolio is resolved, but the exact date remains uncertain; it may not happen until next month.

    To those who suggest I should just get a job, well I have three. And an extra part-time gig in this economy is near impossible to get, unfortunately.

    I also realize that some of you think it’s inappropriate to ask for help, so if you don’t want to hear about my problems anymore, just Unsubscribe. I understand that you probably have your own concerns to handle ahead of mine.

    Yes, I have contacted state and local agencies — and even some religious organizations — and they all said they were financially strapped. I have an appointment with one organization here in Arizona that might provide financial assistance, but the earliest appointment they could make was in late September.

    Here’s how you can help, and the need remains critical:

    If you are able to assist, you may send your donation via PayPal to [REMOVED] Or use this direct link: [REMOVED] If you’re not a PayPal member, not to worry. You can fund your payment with a major credit card using that very same link.

    Please write me directly if you wish to use a different payment method, such as a wire transfer to my bank account or a Western Union transfer. If anyone is willing to bankroll the entire sum, I’d be willing to work out a loan arrangement with a reasonable payback plan.

    Once this situation is resolved, all the donation links will be removed from my sites; I never want to be in a position to have to ask anyone for help ever again. I also plan to set up a site to help others who are facing severe financial distress. I have already been in touch with one of my readers, who has offered some useful suggestions in making this happen soon.

  17. Laura, here’s another one.

    The plot thickens with: “serious medical expenses, to a fraud perpetrated against our bank account, my family’s personal finances” and a “skin condition misdiagnosed by several doctors. Now my wife is going in for expensive tests to figure out the cause of a serious gastrointestinal problem.”

    I pity to think of what happened to: “Loans from two of my readers helped us cover that expense.” Those people NEVER got their money back. Gene declared bankruptcy soon after.

    2011 was a busy time for Gene. Over 50+ messages begging for money and shaking his little virtual tin cup. Didn’t even have the decency to offer pencils. Just took the money.



    Hello Friends,

    The millions of people in the earthquake-ridden area of Japan are suffering far worse than I am, and thus I had severe reservations before I decided to send this letter anyway and bring you up to date.

    As many of you know, I’ve been fighting a battle for survival for over a year now. From serious medical expenses, to a fraud perpetrated against our bank account, my family’s personal finances were thrown for a loop. This all came at the same time that I was struggling build a business in a climate seriously hurt by the ongoing economic crisis.

    The biggest battle has involved medical expenses. Most recently, it was a skin condition misdiagnosed by several doctors. Now my wife is going in for expensive tests to figure out the cause of a serious gastrointestinal problem.

    This is why I return to all of you once again to seek further financial assistance.

    Let me bring you up to date: With your help, I’ve been able to survive, but the costs have been dear. Our health insurance lapsed last year, I need to reinstate my life insurance (so my wife gets a little cash if I’m no longer around), and we are inundated with other critical bills, such as needed car maintenance. The fact that we were forced to move at the end of 2010 only compounded the trials and tribulations. Loans from two of my readers helped us cover that expense.

    The situation is definitely showing improvement, but payments from clients are still extremely late, and another expected cash infusion (from my sister-in-law’s long-awaited settlement) has yet to arrive. The medical bills we confronted to treat my skin condition, and my wife’s ongoing tests, only made things worse.

    I realize many of you have previously sent donations, and a few of you set up loan agreements. I’ve signed new advertisers, but, due to the perilous state of the economy, payments can take up to four months to arrive. Even though my radio shows are now syndicated, there’s no financial benefit from network ads, none whatever. My only earnings come from the ads I sell directly. This is not unusual in this business, but our bills still have to be paid.

    Some have suggested I just give up this business and get a regular job. At my age, most of you would be preparing for your retirement, not a new career. And well-paying jobs are scarce. Besides, I was born to do this, and I am determined to do what it takes to make myself financially independent once again.

    But right now, I urgently need more help in order to survive over the next few weeks, and I hope some of you can come through once again.

    You may send your donation via PayPal to [REMOVED]. Or use this direct link: [REMOVED] If you’re not a PayPal member, not to worry. You can fund your payment with a major credit card using that very same link.

    Please write me directly if you wish to use a different payment method, such as a wire transfer to my bank account or a Western Union transfer. I am willing to work out a loan arrangement with a reasonable payback plan, if you wish.

    Once this situation is fully resolved, all the donation links will be removed from my sites; I never want to be in a position to have to ask anyone for help ever again. I also plan to set up a site to help others who are facing severe financial distress. I have already been in touch with one of my readers, who has offered some useful suggestions in making this happen soon.

    I also realize you have received many fraudulent requests for money supposedly coming from people you know. But this request is real! My actual mailing address (where I receive both home and business mail) is at the end of this newsletter, and if you want to talk to me in person, just send me a note and I’ll give you my phone number so you can confirm everything for yourself.

    I also realize that some of you think it’s inappropriate to ask for help, so if you don’t want to hear about my problems anymore, just Unsubscribe. I understand that you probably have your own concerns to handle ahead of mine.

  18. Laura, now it gets interesting. Gene was HACKED! Oh my God, it’s ANOTHER crisis. Gene needs our help! It’s never Gene’s fault. The whole world is conspiring against him. Why should he take responsibility for his own life? We OWE HIM A LIVING, don’t we?! He was BORN to be a world-famous podcaster, and us imbeciles simply can’t see or recognize his “genius”. Open your wallets people, Gene’s ready to pontificate and spout his wisdom.



    The last month has been extremely painful for my family. The family bank accounts were hacked — twice. Each account suddenly became overdrawn with bogus debit card and electronic check transactions. Worse, this is the fourth time this has happened over the past three years. One friend suggested we are being targeted for these bank intrusions by someone, but that may be going to far.

    I don’t know the cause. My own computers (all Macs) do not contain my checking account or debit card numbers. There is no evidence of any intrusion on the computers or the router I use to connect to the Internet. The ISP, Cox Communications, denies there have been any data breaches. The two banks are investigating the identity theft incidents, but claim they are not aware of any data breaches either. Hacker attacks against banks and other financial institutions are common, though. Maybe it’s just the luck of the draw.

    Regardless of the cause, the family finances have been wiped out. While fraudulent debit card transactions don’t take long to reverse, the bogus electronic checks will take longer for the banks to research. So most of the stolen money won’t be returned until the situation is resolved.

    I’ve looked into other avenues of help. Part-time jobs aren’t available, and state agencies are cash strapped. Only one member of my small family may be able to assist, eventually, but only when they receive a cash settlement that has been held up due to protracted court actions. It won’t be immediate.

    Some of you have wondered why I’ve been asking for personal donations from time to time. Well, there is a good reason. As many of you know, I am not paid anything by the radio network for my two shows. Payments only come from selling my own ads, and that market is still just barely coming back from the depths of the 2008 recession. It is getting better, but I still need to reach out from time to time for your donations to help cover expenses.

    If you like my shows. If you like my tech blog — now in its 13th year — I hope you will consider sending a donation. In doing so, you will help pay the expenses of running a business and, just as important, covering the personal needs of an aging baby boomer and his spouse. In light of these two bank thefts, this situation has become critical.

    You may send your donation via PayPal to [REMOVED] Or go to this special page to send your donation directly: [REMOVED] If you’re not a PayPal member, not to worry. You can fund your payment with a major credit card using that very same link.

    Please write me directly if you wish to use a different payment method, such as a wire transfer to my bank account or a Western Union transfer. If you wish to make an investment in the business, feel free to contact me to work out some arrangement. Our long-term prospects are really good, despite the current problems, and a little venture capital would go a long way to fund expansion and marketing.

    I also realize you have received many fraudulent requests for money supposedly coming from people you know. But this request is real! My actual mailing address (where I receive both home and business mail) is at the end of this newsletter, and if you want to talk to me in person, just send me a note and I’ll give you my phone number so you can confirm everything for yourself.

    I also realize that some of you think it’s inappropriate to ask for help, so if you don’t want to hear about my problems anymore, just Unsubscribe. I understand that you probably have your own concerns to handle ahead of mine.

  19. Laura, now clumsy Barbara tripped over the dog’s toy’s. Oopsie Daisy, I guess she took a break from the crapper to go look for a job or something or bask in Gene’s awesomeness. Poor gal needed “surgery” and it’s now time for all of us to open our wallet’s again. NO ONE EVER SAW PROOF OF THIS MYSTERY ACCIDENT. But, pull on our heartstrings, Gene needs our help once again! His readers to the rescue!




    So things got more complicated about 3 weeks ago, when Barbara tripped over one of our dog’s toys, breaking her knee in 3 places. After hoping she’d recover fully, doctors finally decided she needed surgery, which happens Monday, to repair a torn ligament. The operation will be followed by six weeks of recovery and physical therapy. It’s absolutely necessary, cause she’d never be able to walk properly without the treatment.

    But the hospital and doctor co-pays will be exorbitant unfortunately.

    Otherwise, the situation has improved a little with more and more Paracast+ and Tech Night Owl+ subscribers. Growth will be steady but slow going forward. But at least it’s growing, and over 90% of the subscribers are renewing monthly memberships.

    I am absolutely determined to end the financial nightmare for good.

    Obviously the medical expenses and lingering bills remain huge obstacles to recovery. So, if you feel you can assist, please send your donation via PayPal. You may send it to [REMOVED] or use the Donation button on any of my sites.

    Here’s another way to send your online donation:

    Please click: [REMOVED] and then enter the following email address (it should appear correctly this time): [REMOVED] into the ‘to’ box. If you use the “friend or family” option in PayPal in sending me a donation, they WON’T deduct the nearly 3% fee from the amount I receive.

    I can also accept a bank transfer, so contact me if you want details.

    If you have any questions about my situation, or need more information about specific bills, let me know. I won’t hold anything back, and I know some of you wonder whether these requests are real, so you deserve to know the truth. Unfortunately, the hate mongers are still posting false and inflammatory information about me.

    As always, if you feel you’ve done enough, or don’t want to read these messages, feel free to Unsubscribe. I don’t wish to annoy anyone.


  20. Laura, if you put all of Gene’s emails together (over 500+ of them), you’d have a pretty convincing Horatio Alger novel. It might sell 2 copies…which is more than the 0 copies of “Attack of the Rockoids” that Gene and Grayson didn’t sell. Gene doesn’t need a job. He has one already—scamming YOU!

    • The gig is up. Even his own cohost has gone on another radio show and said that Gene is living in a condo in a gated community, driving a late-model car, and living better than he is. He claims he’s pissed about all the begging, but… that doesn’t stop him from enabling Gene by sticking around. (Skip to the 1hr 28min mark for the nail in Scheme Gene’s coffin… and then scroll to the comments to witness his weak damage control.)

  21. Watch out! Gene is back on GoFundMe hustling again.

    His last GoFundMe scam netted him a nice cushion of cash. Unfortunately, it appears he’s already scammed someone for $50.

    I expect he’ll be emailing his “list” soon encouraging us all to donate and help him fight the “greedy movers”, “scum landlord”, or the relative “who broke all his promises and left my family destitute”. Yes, it’s the WHOLE WORLD against Gene. Sadly, some gullible person with a kind heart and no common sense, will fall for his quickly unraveling sob story.

    I refuse to post the GoFundMe link and help this wretched scumbag. He’s even trying to scam GoFundMe and divert funds to Paypal (to save on fees). That alone, should get him kicked-off the platform. He writes:

    “Neighbors I’ve set up a GoFundMe campaign to help resolve my financial nightmare. You may also donate via PayPal, which allows me to keep more of the money you send. Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions.”

    Gene continues below (how dare he invoke Anne Rice!):


    I turned 72 in September. A lot of people my age are kicking back and enjoying the fruits of their working years, travelling the world, tending to their vegetable gardens or even just catching up on Anne Rice’s back catalog of vampire novels.

    Not me. I will most likely be working full time for the rest of my life.

    It has been a difficult decade or so. The trouble all started back in the early 2000s when I made some bad investment decisions, both on a personal and professional level, after being promised a return on said investment by a relative who broke all his promises and left my family destitute.

    We were in a ditch full of debt for years until I finally made the fateful decision to declare bankruptcy last year. While that helped give me a clean slate financially speaking, we went from the frying pan into the fire.

    In the last couple years, my wife and I have been suffering from some non-life-threatening but debilitating health problems. My back has yet to recover from a crash that totalled my car earlier this year and only biweekly visits to the chiropracter allow me to get a good night’s sleep without agony. My wife is suffering from serious gastrointestinal issues and may need surgery but since her insurance dropped her earlier this year and she won’t qualify for Medicare until late December, I don’t know where I am going to scrounge up the money to pay for that.

    I am already working 50-60 hours a week and the best that gets us is some canned soup and the occasional 6-inch sub. I’ve done my best to cut down, but costs are high, and I’m way behind.

    In the meantime, the property management company that handles the apartment in which I live is going to evict us soon if I don’t catch up with rent. In Arizona, they can get a court detainer to lock out us out within days; tenants have few rights.

    Shutoff notices from utility companies are a regular occurence even though we try to conserve.

    I want to catch up. I want to be able to live out my life without having to worry where my next dollar is coming from. But I’m so far behind that the bills are piling up.

    I know that in spite of what Mr. Trump, the economy is not getting better for most of us and that a lot of you my age are in fact just like me, still living paycheck to paycheck or from one Social Security check to another, but if you can somehow help me reach my goal, I will be able to begin to move past this nightmare and get my life back.

    Thank you for reading.

    Feel free to pass this message along to others who might be in a position to assist.

    Gene Steinberg

    • I just listened to that. Oh, my. Well, you’re right, of course; he does stick around even tho he said he does only because he’s shamed into it. He’s right, tho, that he could at least be doing his own thing rather then do all of the work that Gene won’t do. Wow. If O’Brien walks, Gene will be so royally screwed…

  22. Wow… Thanks, Puckered! I recall getting some of his messages years ago, but then lost them somewhere in the ether (I’m no pc expert AT ALL!) and then didn’t get any for a very long time until I rejoined the Paracast Forums. I had thought that he must have finally resolved these problems. I mean, it had been years, right? But when I started getting letters again I hoped that he only hit another rough patch and that he would only need temporary help. I actually seriously considered donating when I found out that his wife has gastro issues and was actually suffering. I happened upon JayVay and found out that his begging never stopped at all, even for a little while! I thankfully kept my funds for my own family.
    Oh, and I know that Gene will never “defend himself” here, or if he does, he will NEVER address why his son or sister-in-law (who made him destitute to begin with, as it was her husband and his shady dealings) won’t take them in. His son will never have a life of his own if he takes in dear old dad, ’cause Gene will probably live another 20 or so years and then Grayson would be in his 50’s or 60’s before he would be free to live his own life. But what of sister Helene? She has a nice home in Scottsdale. She’d let them be out on the street when she has a nice house? She’d let them starve when it was her husband that ruined them? And his son is so broke and starving himself (in Spain) that he can’t help mom and pop with a mattress and bread and water? All Gene would need is begged funds for plane tickets.
    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Puckered! Oh, and for the fill-in of the years I missed out on. Your posts here will also fill others in who may be thinking of giving money to Gene and his never-ending saga. And wow…he would rather his wife suffer for years on end, move her from pillar to post, stress her out of her mind every single day being threatened with eviction, and goodness knows what else, rather than get a job. Wow… Oh yeah, Arizona doesn’t like tenants, even ones who make their landlords lose months of income and have to drag non-paying tenants kicking and screaming into Court and then call a magistrate to finally get the leeching bum out of their property. And that last poor bastard had to sell his place to get rid of him, that’s how desperate he was…

  23. The loser is back at it again. New landlord sent a five day “warning”. Probably another lie just to put pressure on people to donate. Is Gene paying taxes on 10+ years of “donations” (INCOME)? Maybe somebody ought to drop a dime and call the IRS. I’m sure they would be VERY interested to speak to Gene, the “gold standard” of paranormal begging. Tax evasion is a felony, punishable by imprisonment. Bubba’s gonna love that starfish!!!

  24. This weekend was a double whammy email blast. Gene’s hungry and Barbara needs “money for her meds”. By some miracle, the building he currently lives in “was sold” and in the interim Gene has a “few more days” to buy time until he pays his past “due rent”. If you recall, the place he was in before he evicted a few months ago, “was sold” by the “slumlord landlord”. What are the chances this happens TWICE, that a place someone lives in is sold while they are still living there. Pretty slim. What a convenient excuse Gene, to put more pressure on people to donate. Build-up the anticipation, then at the last moment be saved, only to build-up the pressure all over again with some other flimsy excuse! Sounds like a modus operandi to me. And that was only email #1.

    Email #2, a day later, was “another weekend emergency”. Utilities are being shut off, but don’t worry Gene is busy driving ALL weekend with Uber and Lyft to bring in the cash. Makes me wonder how he has time for all these begging emails, and to respond to comments in his forum. If you look at the dates/times in his forum posts you’ll see he busy was sitting at home being a keyboard warrior, NOT out hustling for passengers. Total lies. The evidence is there for everyone to see. Just go to his Paracast forum and see how active he is online, when he is supposed to be out “working”. Who’s the sucker? YOU ARE!

    His sidekick, Chris O’Brien, and everyone who donates to Gene are total enablers. Why are you still supporting this scam artist, Chris? Every nickel Gene pulls in is just another nail into the coffin of your reputation. Chris, you are no better than Gene and can’t distance yourself any longer. You ARE part of Gene’s scam. Why do you keep supporting this loser? Over 10 years of email begging with NO END IN SIGHT, and you still haven’t figured it all out. Gene’s not going to change. Why should he? You, Chris, are enabling his lifestyle and are just as guilty as Gene is. Shame! Shame on you!

  25. I know, right? Jeremy is right when he mentions the enabling. But, to be fair to listeners, I’m sure Gene is getting new ones all the time; listeners who are not aware of how long this has been going on. And since he’s deleted threads and posts, there is likely no way new listeners know the never-ending story. 😦 I still wonder why he can’t live with his son or that sister-in-law. Her husband did all this to him, according to what he said. And she has a nice house. And whatever happened to that Ebay purse and accessories business with her sister? He never mentioned that again, even after all the advice his listeners and friends gave him to maximize the profits from it. And I gather that Barbara has never worked. When all this began she was in her forties and Gene in his 50’s. And now he plays the old age card…
    If Chris O’brien walks, and I think he should, Gene will be soooo screwed…
    I do hope the new listeners find this blog and save their money for their own families.

  26. Gene’s getting desperate. Another day…another sob story designed to ratchet-up the pressure on YOU to donate. If you don’t open your wallet fast, him and Babs are headed for DIVORCE. You don’t want to break-up his family, do you? Better hit the bank. His marriage “problems” are NOW YOU’RE FAULT. How dare you not pay Gene’s bills?! (See email at end of comment).

    Believe me, Babs Steinberg ain’t going anywhere. She can’t even make-it off the toilet. Plus, she’s too busy with that lucrative “purse business” on Ebay. Remember that one?! (Another ploy to sucker money out of people). We heard about it once, then never again.

    Gene’s excuses get more creative every time. Here’s a quick run-down from over 10 years worth of email harassment to his list, ongoing lies, and cyber-begging.

    In no particular order…

    * He lent one of his relatives all of his money and Gene needs your money.
    * He’s waiting for a payment from a family member’s lawsuit and Gene needs your money.
    * A disabled relative needed money for an operation and Gene needs your money.
    * Someone hacked into his bank accounts and Gene needs your money.
    * Someone hacked into his bank accounts again and Gene needs your money.
    * His wife gave someone their bank account information and her accounts were hacked and Gene needs your money.
    * Gene’s paypal account was hacked and Gene needs your money.
    * He had a slumlord landlord who demanded to be paid rent and Gene needs your money.
    * He had another slumlord landord who demanded to be paid rent and Gene needs your money.
    * The trailer he was living in was being sold and Gene needs your money.
    * The apartment complex he is living in is being sold and Gene needs your money.
    * He was in a car accident when driving with Uber and Gene needs your money.
    * He legs were shakey and he almost collapsed at the store and Gene needs your money.
    * He has no money for groceries and Gene needs your money.
    * He has no money for Barbara’s meds and Gene needs your money.
    * He needs to pay his son, Grayson back money that he borrowed from him and Gene needs your money.
    * He needs money for movers and Gene needs your money.
    * The movers ripped him off and he’s broke and Gene needs your money.
    * An advertiser stiffed-him and he wasn’t paid and Gene needs your money.
    * His wife needs money for her purse business and Gene needs your money.
    * He’s going to start a charity fund to help others in need like him and Gene needs your money.
    * His car died (remember the Kia?!) and Gene needs your money.
    * His GoFundMe page got cancelled and Gene needs your money.
    * He’s considering moving to another state and Gene needs your money.
    * Him and Barbara might have to get divorced and Gene needs your money.
    * The electric company is going to shut off his power, and other utilities are owed and Gene needs your money.
    * He’s going to die in 110 degree Arizona heat without AC, and Gene needs your money.
    * The constable is going to show up and throw his ass out and Gene needs your money.
    * Legal charges for being late on rent are eating up his money, and Gene needs your money.
    * His health insurance is being cut off and Gene needs your money.
    * Barbara’s health insurance is being cut off and Gene needs your money.
    * Barbara needs an operation on her anus from straining to use the toilet and Gene needs your money.
    * He has toothwork and has dental bills to pay and Gene needs your money.
    * He goes to an expensive chiropractor and his back problems and Gene needs your money.
    * The radio network refuses to pay him and Gene needs your money.
    * He’s waiting for the Better Business Bureau to help him get money back from greedy movers and Gene needs your money.
    * Gene went to the doctor and he had an irregular heartbeat and Gene needs your money.
    * His paracast youtube channel isn’t generating money fast enough and Gene needs your money.
    * His premium paracast subscriptions are coming in but not fast enough and Gene needs your money.
    * Evil obamacare raised their premiums and Gene needs your money.
    * Barbara needs money for expensive eye drops and Gene needs your money.
    * Charity agencies turned him down and Gene needs your money.
    * Barbara has a broken knee and Gene needs your money.
    * Grayson is broke and Gene needs your money.
    * His rich sister won’t help him and Gene needs your money.
    * Rent is past due and Gene needs your money.
    * Rent is past due again and Gene needs your money.
    * Rent is past due again and Gene needs your money.
    * Rent is past due again and Gene needs your money.

    If you think of any other excuses from Gene, you can post it in the comments below.

    This scam artist, Gene Steinberg is preying-off his new, naive listeners who don’t know the full story. He’s living off of their generosity with lies and excuses and is a total FRAUD. Anyone who falls for his desperate sob stories has only themselves to blame. Let’s hope they’re smart enough to Google Gene Steinberg Paracast before they give him another cent. The con man has lived off the nickel of the UFO community long enough. Over 10 years and hundreds of begging emails later.


    Gene’s latest email below:


    I’m looking closely at all my options for the future. It’s also possible that Barbara and I must go our separate ways.

    In the meantime, cash is short, and I still owe back rent, utilities and other expenses. That new management is running the apartment complex has given me a little extra time, but not a lot.

    I’m working hard to continue to boost income, but I’m far behind, which is why the bank account is running close to zero.

    If you’re able to help, you may send a donation via the following:


    IMPORTANT! Please don’t forget to uncheck the box labeled Paying for a good or a service? so I’m not charged a service fee. Thanks.

    If you’re not able to send a donation, feel free to forward this message to someone who might assist.

    Please don’t hesitate to write if you have further questions.


  27. Wow, that list is amazing. Kudos! Could you please provide more info on the email asking for money for Barbara’s purse business (cited above)? That sounds both hilarious and fascinating.

  28. This i amazing. His begging has reached worldwide proportions. I live in Sweden scandinavia and his aburd Monty Pytonesque claims is coming almost two times a day now!

    How many crazy cruel landlords, hackers, scams is there in US? This is turning into a mad sitcom!

    Sweden is often accused of being a ” socialist country” But a i can tell you one thing. We dont like greedy, sneeky lazy, GODDAMN CONMEN!

  29. I dont think a have laughed so hard in years
    Before i read ” Enough is Enough” comment! 😄

    Its like a crazy verse or poem..
    A conmans poem!

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