Is Gene Steinberg A Fraud?


Gene Steinberg

Fraud. That’s a strong word. Defined in the search engine as “wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain,” one wonders if this applies to The Paracast host Gene Steinberg, a man who has been begging his audience, his guests, his co-hosts, and his email list to pay all of his bills and rent for the past 10 years as a form of charity for an evolving set of excuses that tend to evoke pity. His begging is well-chronicled. The letters he sends to his email list are often cut and pasted haphazardly, as if even that is too much work. And there’s this underlying expectation that this is how things should be, like in this letter from 08/08/2016 titled, A Brief Stay, But Time Is Short, where Gene writes, “If you can assist me in getting through this crisis, I’d really appreciate it more than I can say. If you’ve already done your share, just tell me and I won’t annoy you again.” In fact, these two sentences encapsulate what is wrong with the last ten years of begging letters. Let’s unpack them.

“If you can assist me in getting through this crisis….”

Everyone with a heart wants to assist in a crisis. Heck, Jeff Ritzmann and I helped raise donations for Gene years and years ago on Paratopia, before we realized there was no crisis that couldn’t be solved by Gene getting a job. But he’s made it clear that he will not. First excuse was the bad economy, which worked for a while because there was actually a bad economy. But as Gene tells it, the economic recovery brought not one job for which he is qualified to his home state of Arizona. He has told us he’s moved to different towns within Arizona in the last 10 years. None of them have work. All of the potential employers on down to the convenience stores and fast food chains are discriminating against him based on his age. For 10 years. Now that the economy is bouncing back, he talks about how hard it is to get a job in the summer. What about the winter? Spring? For 10 years?

What, then, is he doing to make money? Podcasting. It seems he’s put all of his eggs in that basket. It’s difficult to make money through podcasting let alone make a living. But here he is telling us he’s working hard, always on the cusp of success but never quite there, if we can just continue to subsidize his life for a little bit longer… little bit longer. He’s the leech drummer boyfriend with a band and a dream and we’re the enabler girlfriend with high hopes and low self-esteem funding his weed-fueled X-Box sessions.

What about social services? Apparently, there are none of those either. Not for him. Not for his wife. The State of Arizona is also ageist, not just the private sector. There is no welfare for Gene Steinberg, no food stamp program, no Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security benefit that keeps him away from GoFundMe.

What about his son? Can’t his family help? No, no–it’s on you. And that would be fine–would not sound suspiciously like fraud–if he just asked for money because he felt he deserved to get paid from his podcast audience. Nothing wrong with that. But that doesn’t bring in the big bucks. The thousand-dollar donors rarely come out for anything but a crisis. If I remember correctly, Gene’s “crisis” used to be that he gave all of his life savings to a family member to pay attorney fees for a lawsuit. His family won and so he was due to recoup his money and pay the donors back. It wasn’t charity, it was a loan. But that payday never came for him or for those kindhearted people who loaned him money.

What happened to those loans? His wife gave their bank account info to a Nigerian scammer and they all got wiped away. So the next crisis was needing all of that money all over again. (UPDATE: 7/3/2017: Here we are a year later. 59 begging letters in the first half of this year alone. And what’s Gene concerned with? That I’m getting in the way. In a private email, after some confusion about what I could possibly be referring to, Gene corrected this bit about the Nigerian scam. Again… A YEAR LATER. Gene’s wife never gave their info to a Nigerian scammer, although their funds were stolen via fraud. It was a lapse in security on the part of the bank–not her fault. It was investigated and resolved. So, if you gave to Gene as a result of them having lost everything back in 2009 or so, I hope he returned it to you after the crisis was resolved.)

Then came the mounting electric bills.

Then his wife’s knee surgery.


Dental surgery.

Then came rent.

Then it kept on coming.

And it wasn’t a loan, it was for keeps. This is where we are now. Gene and his wife are perpetually on the verge of being evicted from their home. They just need a little more… a little more… because they have this demanding “slumlord” who, I take it, is such because he’s demanding they pay their rent the way Gene demands you pay his. But isn’t this slumlord a different person than the landlord from the last home they had to vacate in 2012? This eviction thing isn’t new, is it? It gets confusing after a while and you’ll be forgiven if you forgot that it has happened before.

“If you’ve already done your share….”

He’s written (or pasted) this a number of times in his crisis emails through the later years. Done your share? Your share of funding his life? Is there a Steinberg Tax hiding somewhere in the code? It’s this type of arrogance–this expectation that you will give him money–that it’s your turn–that really makes me wonder if this is a long con.

“…just tell me and I won’t annoy you again.”

I am not on Gene’s email list, but I get his missives forwarded to me by others who have

Gold Standard Gym

Also Gene Steinberg (courtesy of John Randall)

tried to get off it and can’t. This has been a chronic complaint for years: you try to unsubscribe from Gene Steinberg’s entitlement poverty crisis acting, but the letters keep coming.

I don’t know if these crisis events are real or not, but after 10 years of refusing to get a job, and with no significant podcasting revenue in sight, it is fair to say that begging is Gene’s career. There are homeless people in India who will lob off appendages for greater sympathetic coin. Gene may be their American counterpart, living in such a way that the crises are real but they are of his own making, one after another after another so that there is no choice but to fund him to keep him and his wife from going homeless. (Although that is the whole of the analogy, as the poverty in India is real.)

In an email letter dated 08/10/2016 titled Closer To Success, Gene begs for money for just about every moving expense imaginable, including a cleaning fee. In the middle, he makes a hopeful promise: “Once everything is paid up, though, I expect to be able to keep the rent payments up to date each month.”

Really? How? Did he find work? Did his wife? Has some rich benefactor come to his aid? Whatever his newly found steady stream of income, I was kind of glad to read this. Maybe this is all real, I thought. Maybe there’s an end in sight. If not for Gene’s follow-up email two days later titled So Close and Yet So Far, I would never have written this blog post. In it, after much of the same begging, he retracts his promise: “I won’t say I’ll be completely past this financial nightmare once we’re settled in our new home. I may still need a little help from time to time. But I’m working real hard to boost cash flow to keep this from ever happening again.”

Oh. I see. The begging goes on. The crisis morphs again. Another ten years goes by. A sucker is born every minute. But you don’t have to be one of them. In fact, thanks to the work of Tyler Kokjohn, we now have a list of agencies in Gene’s area that may be able to help Gene with all of his misfortunes, provided they are not ageist. Instead of sending Gene your money to help boost his cash flow, consider sending him these links.


The link below takes you to the Maricopa County emergency assistance program web page.  This links to resources for homeless persons, or those at risk of becoming homeless, but if you notice the county also helps with energy bills and other issues.



In the past, to speak these facts out loud was to invoke Gene’s ire in private emails and in the comments section of any blog or forum where he found his poverty questioned. He’s got plenty of time to defend himself even while being evicted. Ultimately, what he says is, “Shut up. It’s none of your business.” Here’s where I disagree. Gene is a person who calls out ufologist frauds on his show. He wants to run the UFO Watchdog Hall of Shame, where he judges the fraudulent from the decent. But who is watching the watchdog? And how can he afford to juggle another unpaid, time-consuming hobby in such dire crisis?

None of it adds up. Be weary of adding to it… which should be the closer for this but as I was about to click the publish button, I heard that friendly phone jingle telling me I’ve got email. And in that email is the latest from Gene, just published, titled, Waiting for a Monday Miracle!

I’m not reading it. I’ve read it before. We all have. You shouldn’t either. Time to let this bird fly on his own.


126 thoughts on “Is Gene Steinberg A Fraud?

  1. i hate to have to respond to this trash over and over again. So, yes, I do receive some income from Paracast+ and advertising. Yes, I have some outside work. Yes, as I have stated, I continue to look for extra opportunities, and, yes, I have sought and received some assistance from public agencies.

    Everything I have written about my ongoing situation is accurate. My financial woes began when I emptied my life savings some years back to help a relative in legal and financial trouble. My original pleas for help were for that relative, not for me, as I made clear at the time.

    I was never paid back; the relative died in 2014 and his widow continues to struggle. My son, Grayson, contributed his college savings, and now has to pay off a student loan as a result.

    Unfortunately, the options for help in Arizona are meager for senior citizens.

    I feel sad that Vaeni, someone I once thought of as a friend, prefers to demean people who are suffering. It’s not fun getting old.

    And, no, I am not going to engage in a back and forth on this. But if Vaeni wants to have a civil direct conversation with me, that’s just fine. I try not to hold grudges. Life is too short, especially at my age.

    Gene Steinberg

    • He is beyond pathetic,and has been seen as a useless loser for 50+ years.All legitimate ufo researchers,from NICAP to The Lorenzon’s gave him the boot.He butchers the work of Ray Stanford,Robert Hastings and Grant Cameron,prefering to promote the schmuck sceptic James Carrion,until even he won’t return Gene’s calls.

  2. I have viewed many of Mr. Steinberg’s urgent pleas for cash. They span years, as do the ongoing themes and urgencies.

    I am not a legal professional and I do not know the point in which creative selling becomes fraud. What I do know is that I do not support poorly conceived ventures that are perpetually in dire financial straits, and that would be a best case scenario were I to suspend judgment on the integrity of the circumstances.

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  4. “Unfortunately, the options for help in Arizona are meager for senior citizens.”

    Demonstrably false. The help is there you just need to actually look for it and then do the needed paperwork and such. has several links that lead you to services that are specifically for senior citizens in Arizona

    This page gives info on the Arizona Office on Aging assistance programs;

    Arizona State Health Insurance Assistance Program

    Senior Telephone Discount Programs

    Job Programs and Mature Worker Services

    Arizona Senior Community Service Employment Program

    Energy Bill Assistance

    Food and nutrition program

    Gene, I hope these links can help you find the services that could be helpful to you and are indeed available for those that need it. Good wishes.


    • It’s not demonstrably false. I’ve tried a number of these sources and have had a small amount of help. Many require special situations that we didn’t qualify for. So for food stamps, we were offered $14 a month before my earnings increased to the point where I wasn’t even eligible for that.


      • That is really poor on the state governments part. Admittedly, I don’t live in Arizona so I was going on information I got from talking to family that does live in Arizona and the info Arizona has online is a bit misleading as it makes it seem like ample services are there for all.

        It makes me a bit sad when I look at the many services that are readily available in Minnesota where I live and then realize that other states are so far behind in making sure there are services available to all.

        Good Wishes,


  5. Whoever wrote this clearly has sour grapes. Where does YOUR money come from Vaeni? Its none of your goddamn business where anyone elses money comes from. If people like his show, and want to donate, thats THEIR business, not yours. Maybe its because you have gone nowhere in life? Maybe its because you have failed at everything you have attempted in life? Thats more the real story here isnt it! Plus, you are driving people to his site and that HELPS him, no matter how you are trying to smear him. Shame on you, terrible human being.

    • Does anyone have the letter in which Gene says something like “they have come and taken the family car” (a brand new Kia Optima premium)? Can you provide a date for that email?

  6. Not to mention he bragged during one of the Paracast podcasts that he made $50k writing a “For Dummies” book which, apparently, has all been squandered. I had an email exchange with Gene about his begging and he (of course) had a multitude of excuses as to why he keeps asking people for money. It’s pathetic and I’m not bothering to listen to the paracast anymore. It’s far from being the “gold standard” of anything.

    • The email exchanges demonstrated that John is actually clueless about a lot of things. He imagines I’ve chronically called abductees “crazies” on The Paracast when that’s false. He’s one of those that you can correct over and over again, and he just doesn’t stop lying.

      The reasonably large book royalties came in the 1990s, long ago and far away. It was nice while it lasted, and if he actually read my responses to him, he’d know it wasn’t frittered away. Besides, how long do you expect $50K to last even with a tight budget?


    • It’s a commercial radio show, which means it has the same number of ads as other commercial radio shows. It’s not ridiculous, it’s normal. Our deal with the network is barter, meaning we aren’t compensated for network ads. I’ve said all this dozens of times, but people still ignore the facts and carp. Listen, nobody is forced to donate to me, read my messages or listen to the show. If it’s not your cup of tea, and you don’t approve of my lifestyle, too bad. It’s really none of your business anyway!

      What William Shatner once said!

      Gene Steinberg

  7. Im disabled i lost my leg a few years ago and i struggle. By the end of the month im pinching pennies. I could ask for help but i dont, because i want to do it myself, and take pride in knowing that i can do it on my own. Gene cant you see that sending emails like you do, asking for money, makes you look like really bad. Man up gene.

  8. Please allow me to point out that this is crisis week for Gene and yet he has all the time in the world to answer everyone here, including someone criticizing the amount of commercials in his show. Ask yourself: If my spouse and I were being kicked out of my home right now would I be answering people on some blog post somewhere online? Would I write, “I am doing my best to boost my income stream, and recent ad buys and the growth of The Paracast+ and Tech Night Owl LIVE+ are encouraging,” as Gene has this week, knowing full well that podcasting hasn’t paid and will not pay the bills?

    The hobby isn’t paying off, Gene. Time to get real with it. Your work isn’t producing real income unless you count all of the people whose sympathy you take advantage of. Imagine if anyone else was doing this, not you, what you’d be saying. Imagine if it was Jeff Ritzmann or me. You’d be calling us frauds six ways from Sunday. Heck, you balked at the idea of us charging money for our shows at all when we went premium. But when we succeeded, you followed suit.

    As to the questions about the KIA… In a post from the Optima forum dated 08-25-2014, Gene writes, “I have a 2014 Optima EX with Premium package. I didn’t bother the Technology package, with navigation system and other options, not just because of the expense. My iPhone 5s is a perfectly good navigation tool when I need one.”

    So, brand new car. Premium package. Latest Iphone. But what was Gene up to just two months earlier? In an excerpt from a plea titled, “The Landlord’s Warning!” dated June 24, 2014, Gene writes:

    “Despite making some progress with back rent in the past couple of weeks, the landlord is becoming more insistent. He sent me this text message on my mobile phone the other day: ‘I need to get another payment soon. Your balance is $1589 dollars.’

    “This includes two months rent and various late/legal charges, so you can see my rent is relatively cheap. By ‘soon,’ he told me days not weeks, and he still reserves the right to send the sheriff to have me ejected at any time.

    “I still owe back payments for insurance, utilities and so on and so-forth. I’ve paid some of it, but I owe a lot, still, which explains the sleepless nights.

    “As I said, I have [been] working very hard to get out from under this financial mess and build a reliable income, and maybe get a little retirement income before it’s too late. I have more ad deals pending for the radio shows, and am working to get payments as soon as I can. There are long-range plans, too, so I’m not sitting still.

    “But I need to get past the current crisis, so if you can possibly help me out again, I hope you’ll consider doing so as soon as possible.”

    Sound familiar?

    Make of this what you will, potential donators.

  9. In Toronto, I come across three types of panhandlers:

    1) sit with their cups out, nod hello, and rarely speak, unless you stop and engage them in conversation (they tend not discuss their personal situation, though they will talk about their trade if asked)
    2) sit with their cups out, have a hand-written sign that makes their (sometimes humourous) pitch for aid, and sometimes use a verbal greeting (three most-commonly stated needs: beer, pot, bus ticket to Newfoundland)
    3) walk right up to you and, sometimes inches from your face, either a) burst into a well-rehearsed but incoherent narrative of all the myriad reasons why they are a victim of inexorable fate, or b) request money for basic human needs such as food, though they clearly suffer from substance dependence, and you have no doubt that the money will be used to purchase temporary oblivion.

    I will give money to the first type, as they exhibit the most dignity.
    I will give money to the second type, unless they have a dog as a sympathy prop.
    I will give money to the third type, but I tell them, “Just ask for money. If you give me a reason why you need money, you force me to think if the reason is true or not.”

    I don’t know Gene’s actual situation, but reading his stream of lazily cut-and-pasted pleas, I am forced to wonder if any of them are true, which in turn requires me to speculate about his character. I feel stained by it all.

    • I do not understand any of this. I also live in the Phoenix area. I am 66 years old. Medicare is fantastic. Most of my prescriptions are FREE – I just walk into Walgreens and they hand them over with a smile and say “no charge!” Of course, I also have supplemental insurance that covers what Medicare does not. This costs me $143 a month, not a particularly devastating expense for full medical coverage. Yet Gene is constantly facing astronomical medical bills in the same city. How is that possible? Let’s also discuss Social Security that you can being at 63 if you wish. I get a gross of $1900 a month. Out of that, some medical expenses and taxes are taken, leaving me about $1500 a month to live on. In the very low cost area of Phoenix, this is plenty for rent (Hey, Gene! Why not buy a trailer in the many trailer parks? Then you could own your home. Too low class for you?). In conclusion, with Medicare and Social Security, why are you constantly being evicted? Why are you constantly without food? Why are medical bills killing you? It just does not make sense unless you are on the run from the Law and living outside the system.

  10. I appreciate Jeremy taking some time to cover this. Thanks.

    There are many specific statements contained in years of Mr. Steinberg’s messages that could be called into substantial question and contradict one another, and those cited above are but a small portion. The medical emergencies… the failure to pay for housing… the same urgencies are employed over and over. What’s more, in appeals for cash donations, Mr. Steniberg wrote that his financial problems were temporary and prospects for the future were promising – in 2010.

    Any way one chooses to look at it, the method of operation warrants scrutiny. If we are to accept the messages as sincere and in good faith, then it only reasonable to strongly suspect they indicate extremely poor judgement and the actions of a man unable to be responsible for himself. He is literally stating that he willfully enters into financial agreements with insufficient funds to meet the commitments, and that he interprets this to be a reasonable plan, and often that the landlords and realtors who expect payment – as promised – are at fault. On top of all that, he states that he hopes donors can pitch in and provide him a “cushion.”

    In my opinion, the primary reason this type of behavior warrants attention is that it is indicative of challenges that effect the genre of ufology as a whole. Namely, exploitation. I see it as part of a wholesale problem in that someone is either bullshitting or incredibly incompetent, those who pay some attention know full well the person is either bullshitting or incompetent, and the only ones who don’t know are those who simply aren’t aware of or rationalize the extent of the situation.

    And the people in question purport themselves to be sources of reliable information. That’s why it matters.

    Thanks again, Jeremy. It’s reasonable to bring it up.

  11. Just YESTERDAY he posted another link to the sob story on his twitter feed!?!? It’s unreal, I would venture to say even delusional at this point.

    Gene Steinberg ‏@theparacast Aug 19
    I’m getting closer to resolving this problem, but there’s a ways to go:

    Yeah Gene, there’s always “a ways to go” it seems. I think Jeremy and Jack put this whole thing into sharp perspective with an intelligent, rational approach. There’s not much more that needs to be said. Gene will continue to beg for money for as long as people continue to donate money to him. Nothing will change.

  12. It is interesting to me why others are so concerned with Gene’s request for help. I accidently found this page when I searched for Gene’s name on the internet because I was curious how others may view his requests for money.

    I am sometimes curious about peoples motives and have thought about this for a couple of months. I cannot fault someone for asking. Perhaps Gene does finance a portion of his personal lifestyle by asking for money. Maybe he needs financial help to relocate or maybe not. Maybe Gene has money and a budget and wants to use his finances for something other than moving and is asking for help for the cost. Who knows? So what? Why is it a sore point with others? Is it not Gene’s life to live?

    I am also curious about jayvay’s motives. Why do you feel it is necessary to bash Gene and write what you did jayvay? You should give people the benefit of the doubt to be intelligent enough to make up their own mind on whether they want to contribute to Gene or not. Unless you may believe you are smarter than most people? Please don’t take that negatively as you may think you are helping others. People are smarter than you may think they are but you may also be hurting Gene. Why would you want to harm someone? Or is that not your intention?

    I can tell you that I was able to give a small token of an amount to Gene’s cause. I knew when I contributed the small amount (within my means) that I do not know Gene or his motives. Perhaps it helped him in some way. I hope it did. I have listened to the Paracast for a while and do enjoy some of the episodes with Gene and Chris. I have assumed (by listening) that Gene is very intelligent and has a rich history with the field. It appears that you may have some history with Gene too. You too must know that he is intelligent and has given his dues over time. Why insult him?

    I ask these things as a curiosity from my perspective and in no attempt to start arguments. I am honestly curious about us humans and why we react to situations the way that we do. Jayvay, can you provide an honest explanation if you feel like entertaining my questions?

    Thank you,

    • I did answer why I care at the end of the article you’re posting about right now. Also, read my long comment in this comments section juxtaposing Gene’s June 2014 plea (spoiler alert: it’s the same as this year’s) with his comments 2 months later about owning a brand new Kia with premium package and the latest iPhone. What’s striking to me is how if Gene were a perpetrator of UFO film/video fraud no one would have a problem with calling him on it. But call him on 10 years of taking advantage of people’s kind hearts and wallets and suddenly we have to have a sociological query into what makes mean people tick? Methinks it’s time to recalibrate those critical thinking caps for some folks.

  13. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your effort to explain but perhaps I just lack understanding.

    I am an avid seeker in the unknown and enjoy the multitude of personalities in the field of paranormal and ufo research and reporting. The thing that I really do not understand is the constant fighting and insults to each other in this field. I know that there are egos and pride that come into play with human interactions but sometimes it is almost vicious. Why do we feel the need to attack others for what they do when we are really no better if we honestly look at ourselves? We all have skeletons in our own closets. Things we would not like others to know about ourselves and things we are truly not proud of doing in our lives.

    We are all judgmental as much as we try not to be. I just hope that we all will someday have the ability to see things in a different perspective and rise above it all. This large but at the same time small field needs to come together. What scientist would want to delve into this field with public support if it continues to look the way it does?

    I have reviewed your blogs this morning on different topics and enjoy it for the most part. I just do not care too much for character bashing. It is a bit unprofessional. Please continue to use your good talent to get others interested in this field but keep in mind the petty stuff looks petty. Thank you for contributing to the field. Us seekers of the unknown appreciate the hard work that goes into the reporting and research.

    • Again, I think you’re not differentiating between character bashing and calling out a lie. “No one is perfect” isn’t the same as fraud. Everyone’s poop stinks, sure. But that doesn’t mean ya get to poop in my face. In fact, all the more reason not to.

      This isn’t a field that can come together in any meaningful way so long as we turn a blind eye to the charlatans and the noise-makers. When I see greats like Jacques Vallee sharing a stage with the likes of Barbara Lamb or David Jacobs, I cringe. The stage makes them a false equivalent. And when I see a man chronically begging for money because he so desperately wants his online presence to be his work that he will not get a job in 10 years–but refuses to tell the people whom he’s panhandling this simple truth… but then turns around and says he’s one of the trustworthy people in this “field?” No. Sorry. That needs to be called on the carpet.

      Some judgments in life are good. It’s called discernment. This will never be a serious field without it. With it? There is no field as it stands. And this is the overarching problem of a cottage industry on the fringe.

  14. Your statements are fair about judgment and discernment. It is what a person does after discernment that really matters. I stated earlier that I am not imposing myself upon this blog to argue but mainly curiosity to motives of people. I have now read enough of this to understand where you are coming from. I may not agree but that does not really matter.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond and I hope all works out well for all that may be concerned.

  15. This email to Gene came in from someone who asked that I post most of it.


    You know Gene, one thing I envy about certain cultures, such as Jewish people is that they are very family oriented. They also take care of their own. I haven’t heard you mention anything about your asking your local synagogue for help and also your son Grayson. Don’t give me that crap that he is barely scraping by LIVING IN SPAIN !!! Children help their parents, so if you are so close to dumpster diving for food then he should get his ass back to the states. The illegal immigrants all send money back to their families in Mexico, but what is your darling son doing to help you ???

    Something just doesn’t smell right. Your son is living in Europe where it’s very expensive, but his parents are supposedly close to eating dog food for meals. What intrigues me most though is you never mention going to your local synagogue for assistance. I know my Protestant Church and it’s members would gladly help me, especially if I was in your state of affairs.

    I have sent you some money in the past and keep reading your tales of despair. Until I hear Grayson is back in the states helping his sickly parents, I will never give you another dime. I kept putting off writing you this email, but something is fishy with your story, when you never bring up asking the AZ Jewish people for help. Don’t give me a BS story about how Grayson is just getting by IN SPAIN. He should be home helping his ailing mother. Why isn’t she getting Medicaid?

  16. The one I feel sorry for in all this is Chris O Brien.
    His reputation is done no favours having to put up with Gene week in, week out and it sounds to me like he has had enough for a while now too.

    Gene adds no insight to the show. Simply dropping movie & TV references making him sound like some kind of sci fi addicted couch potato.

    Get out of there Chris and watch the audience follow you.

      • Oh man the forced inserting of refrences to supergirl and other TV shows is just cringe worthy. There are lots of things with the paracast that have put me off it but the constant begging is just shameful.

      • My dad is 81 with two replaced knees and type 2 diabetes. He didn’t retire until he was 70 and he’s never in his 81 years on this planet asked anyone for money or even borrowed money from anyone. I’m 41 and the last time I asked anyone for money was my brother when I was 22 in college and dead broke because I was between jobs and still going to college full time. I needed $300 to make my car payment for the month and I paid him back a month later. I guess I just can’t wrap my head around the whole begging mentality.

  17. I finally couldn’t stand Gene Steinberg and his constant ‘my opinion is right’ BS. I mentioned on the Paracast website that his constant whining for money was also tedious. His reply? He removed my post and he sent me a private post lecturing me! Imagine that. I have worked a job my entire adult life and I am now retired. Steinberg can never retire. Why? He utterly refuses to work or help himself. Just keep sending donations to poor ol’ Gene. Just a few more dollars and he can pay this month’s rent. What a crock.

    • Just an addition to my UFO Madness post. After I berated Steinberg on his Paracast website he removed my post. I must have really gotten under his skin as he sent me an immediate email. Essentially he told me I was taking bread out of his and his wife’s mouths. Boo Hoo. I told him not to email me again. You guessed it… he sent me another reply.

      This time I was a ‘hater’ and he didn’t want any of those type people on his precious website. I also told him to get a job, any job. That of course is beneath Gene. All that precious Apple expertise and he can’t get a job. Goodbye and good riddance to him!

      • He doesn’t need a job. He’s “boosting cash flow” with every plea for help. The latest is that his wife needs an operation for her colorectal condition. This is a paranormal podcast?

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  19. I am a subscriber to the Paracast. I listen to tech night owl live for free. I came across this page because I googled Gene. For some reason the UFO world seems to be pretty nasty. I never read any of Gene’s solicitations. I do not have a problem with Gene asking for donations. I don’t have a problem with anyone pointing out that Gene is asking for donations. I have a problem with people making personal attacks on Gene. If you think he is a fraud, say so, and do not donate. The Paracast goes much deeper than Coast to Coast. The show is a bit more questioning of the guests, and the topics. I think Genes coverage of the Roswell Slides case was the best. We need some Don Quiotes. Gene may be a dreamer. If you dont want to support him, don’t. But why is there such a level of vitriol?

  20. i think gene should stop asking for money. i have to say this though i got to know the real jeremy when he found out that i voted for trump he became a total asshole . he was being a complete jerk, Acting like a little kid. He blocked me on facebook. So i just wanted everyone to know that he has a major ego and he is a totalcrybaby wuss. i hope the next time the aliens land, they take that punk with him. and gene too. haha

    • Sorry, Scott. I don’t play well with racist, sexist fascists. Or those who are so privileged and/or stupid and/or delusional as to be able to overlook such things to vote for one.

  21. I haven’t been following Steinberg’s life story, but I get his e-mails. It may be just speculation on my part, but is it possible that he’s been thinking this way for much of his life:

    “The purpose of my podcasting and novel-writing is to keep me away from the trap of an ordinary, inglorious job in the economy that will never make me rich and/or famous, and will only ever keep a modest roof over my head. Every day I don’t get such a job is another day that I haven’t given up on the dream that I will be notable and successful. If that dream can’t come true, then I’d still rather die a failed radio host and sci-fi author, than a ‘successful’ burger flipper or big-box greeter.”

    If this is Steinberg’s thinking, then hey, I understand completely. Really, I do. But I can’t give money to that. I have debts of my own, and his situation must resolve itself, sooner or later, the only way it can, with or without any amount I could afford to spare.

    • I think part of that is right–he refuses to give up his time-consuming hobbies (2 podcasts, newsletters, message board, whatever else) because fame and fortune are right around the corner. Horse and carrot. But I also KNOW that begging has been lucrative for him thus far and it seems he cannot stop himself. He’s compulsive, it seems to me, like a gambling addict. And, of, course, willing to sell out his wife every chance he gets in those letters.

      His latest one he says he doesn’t have much family left to rely on. Well, we know he has a son. If his son isn’t doing everything he can to help his old man out, he must know something we don’t.

      • The compulsive characterization / gambling addict comparison really rings true to me. I mean, what do I know but, jeepers creepers, 66 emails so far this year? I hope his ship comes in and I hope neither of us ever reach a point where we find ourselves clawing frantically at the Internet for donations every couple of days.

  22. Bottom line is, at one point in the distant past he had made several hundred thousand dollars writing technical books. Where did that go? Did he squander it? I’m 41 years old and I have $400k in the bank because I’ve busted my ass working since I was a teenager to achieve success. Gene wants to skate by on the kindness of others while blaming his age for why he can’t find gainful employment. But I think we’re all beating a dead horse here.

    • Bottom line is that I’ve made numerous attempts to correct Vaeni’s constant misstatements, and lies, but he repeats them as if nothing has changed. There is no way to deal with him and, based on his inability to read and understand simple explanations, I must assume anything he says about any other topic is equally suspect.

      He posts this blog via WordPress, because there’s no way for someone who is defamed to take it down without getting a U.S. court order. The WordPress company (Automattic) is very clear about that.

      As to my “savings,” I’ve made it clear a number of times what happened. In the early 2000s, I gave my life savings to a close relative in trouble. My son also emptied his college savings. I made my original online pleas for help, beginning in 2006, not for me, but to help him. We were never paid back despite promises and agreements. The relative died in 2014 and left his widow and handicapped son penniless.

      Several years after I emptied my bank account, I needed help myself as a result of being there for family. My son has chipped in from time to time, but he’s also paying off that college loan and is just getting by.

      And, no, I have not refused any legitimate job offer.

      Getting help from public and private agencies is not easy for senior citizens. Funds are limited, and they concentrate largely on families with children under 18. I have explored lots of options.

      Anyone who is truly interested in my situation and is willing to help knows where to contact me. I will not respond here.

      As for the rest: Believe what you want, but please stop stalking me online with your false accusations.

      I fully expect Vaeni will get this wrong too, but I don’t care what he says.

      Gene Steinberg

  23. Sorry, gang, I’m not turning this into an idiotic Hillary-is-worse-than-Trump thread. I don’t want your bullshit on my Facebook page, I certainly don’t want it on my website–especially in a thread not at all about that. I’m a jerk, an asshole, a little kid, a crybaby wuss with a major ego. But you’re the precious little snowflake who had to seek me out here to bitch and moan and call me names for blocking you. I think that deserves an lol.

    I suppose the first rule of being a Trump bully is “Never look in the mirror before you react.” I give you credit for consistency. But I’ll not give you a forum for fascist bullshit and the whackadoodle conspiracy theories that “support” them.

  24. Gil asked Vaeni to take down the above post because it contains many errors; many inadvertent, but errors nonetheless. Vaeni removed it for a while, but appears to have restored it purely out of spite because I called him out for lying about me.

    So further responses from me are fruitless.

    Gene Steinberg

    • Untrue. That’s not why he asked me to take it down and that’s not why I restored it and then re-took it down. His reasons are his own and I respect that. If he wants to share, fine. If not, fine. I just don’t want to cause anyone undue sleep loss over something as insignificant as a blog comment they wish they’d never written.

  25. I recently read comments by Steinberg that the sheriff is just days away from throwing Gene and the missus out on their asses (non payment of rent.) On top of that, the ungodly heat in Arizona might melt old man Steinberg. I would ask Gene for some truths but he tends to delete any post that is critical of him.

    The begging continues, of course. The car was wrecked and Gene has to visit the chiropractor. By the way, how can you afford a chiropractor and a lawyer to try and fight the other driver who supposedly ran into you. Steinberg is now in his seventies. What did he do during the past 40 years? According to him, he barely has two nickels to rub together.

    I submit he has been noodling in front of a computer terminal. It seems clear that working for a living is offense to Gene. Thus he finds himself begging for funds. These requests aren’t loans, mind you. You will never see your hard earned money back once you send him cash. And yes Gene, you have been panhandling for the past ten years. Put whatever spin or excuse on it. You are still begging for funds and sending out emails with your requests for more money.

    You know you are a real low life when you ask your co-hosts and guests for funds. I will give one thing. You have zero shame.

  26. However many times these falsehoods are corrected, they are repeated.

    As explained above, my original money requests were made to assist my late brother-in-law and his family. I also emptied my own bank account to help out until it was depleted and I needed help myself.

    The accident that totaled my car occurred while I was WORKING. The chiropractor visits are covered by Medicare, and the lawyer will take a percentage of any recovery. Hence no cash outlay.

    It seems clear that facts are an offense to some people. You have no shame.

    Gene Steinberg

    • Just 18 hours ago you were begging the public for money AGAIN Gene!! It never ends man, it’s really pretty sad!

      Stop using your brother-in-laws situation as an excuse, like we’re all supposed to feel so bad for you that you gave everything for this person and oh boo-hoo you. I think if someone gave you $100,000 tomorrow you would be begging the public for money again 6 months from now. “I just don’t know where all that money went, but I’m going to need your help again…” You’ve gotten this far in life and you still can’t manage to get your financial situation together?!?! Seriously?? Or is it just easier to panhandle and sit on the corner with your cardboard sign “Homeless, need food, please help!” Pathetic.

  27. As I said, my accident occurred while I was WORKING.

    To some people, facts don’t matter. My personal situation is none of your business since you have nothing constructive to say or do about it.

    Your behavior is pathetic!

    Gene Steinberg

  28. Gene – what is a dude that is supposedly in imminent danger of being tossed, along with his hapless wife, into the ‘118 degree heat’ by the ‘constable’ doing recording a paranormal podcast about the scientific bona fides of fucking mufon? Your lives are supposedly in imminent danger, yet you’re responding in a rather pathetically passive way.

    The story you’ve spun over the years has become absurd to the point that it’s difficult not to just sit back and enjoy it for the lolmess that it is. Yet, you’re steadfast.

    You’re never going to stop doing this little song and dance, are you?

    • He is at it again, the death card. This guy appears to BS artist. Funny how he was begging for money while bragging on KIA forum about his new car. Let’s not forget all the lastest Apple products he always has to pander. He runs a podcast/radio show about finding the truth in UFO field, that is funny. You could make a good case he is a fraud.

      • I stumbled across this site and it stopped me from donating a couple of hundred bucks to Gene. Ive been a long time fan of the paracast but i didnt know about this


  29. @Austyn: Let me analyze your fuzzy thinking: A Kia is not an expensive car; the one I had was acquired several years ago with no money down, at a time when my finances were in fairly good shape. When my money issues returned, I got rid of it as soon as I could! My comments on the Kia forum were never about bragging, but I suppose reading ability isn’t your strong suit.

    As to the “lastest Apple products he always has to pander,” I have no idea what you are talking about. My “lastest” Apple notebook is a 2010 MacBook Pro that I received in trade for some ads. I have an older iMac. As with other tech reporters, I sometimes receive new gear on loan from Apple and other manufacturers for a couple of weeks. All of that gear has to be returned in a timely fashion.

    I can make a good case that you lie like a rug and that, further, you’re clueless.

    This may come as a surprise to those of you living in your bubbles, but everything I’ve written about my situation has been accurately reported. None of it is your business. Yet some of you continue to send false offers to help, or follow me around to respond to things I’ve written with hate-filled rhetoric. Please look up the definition of stalking and leave me the hell alone!

    • @Peter: Sorry you feel that way. I think, if you read my responses, you’ll realize that the claim about being a fraud is a total lie, it comes from hateful people who have been stalking me for years. Please contact me directly if you have any questions I haven’t already answered.

      • Gene, if you actually had a period when your finances were good enough to allow a new car purchase, then how come your begging for money has been consistent over the many years? So what you are telling us is that even when your finances are good enough to buy a new car, you continue to beg for money using poverty as the rationale. OK…..

  30. I think it is horrible how Gene has been treated. I feel for him as his friend and I for 1 take complaint at being called his little lap dog.

    @Peter give and give well. I don’t get a cut.

    • No, James, that falsehood has been corrected over and over again. Stop being a broken record.

      Isn’t it time for this charade to end?

      Gene Steinberg

      • It IS time for this charade to end. Gene, this is your last post here. I’ve been far too lenient with you in a way that you never were with me on your forum. I don’t care about your panhandling anymore. I’m sorry if this thread is cutting into your profit margin. I think any normal, mentally sound person with legit financial issues and a want to solve them would be doing ANYTHING other than going back and forth with people on someone’s blog.

        Ironically, isn’t this the type of obsessiveness that you find so abhorrent in Emma Woods? Of course the difference with her was that she was being maligned by a charlatan and his flock. You’re simply being called out for the obvious.

        Go work on finding new work, or don’t. You are not all of our problem. And you’ve got your own forum to “correct” people on.

  31. Such vitriol from Jeremy Vaeni (the OP, jayvay)- perhaps you should work for the Social Security Administration or Unemployment office- instead of writing Kindle books- so you could get off on rejecting claims from down-on-their-luck people whom you think are not manly enough to flip burgers for $8 an hour.

    If you wanted to show fraud, show fraud- you sound like a butthurt forum poster whom Gene scolded via PM or you never were invited to the podcast and feel slighted. Or perhaps you are a White Knight defending someone who Gene said made up a UFO story. You take this stuff way too personally. It is sounds slanderous and besides Gene may have to seek more donations to hire an attorney to take this down.

    Gene comes off like a wacky, weird, burnt-out uncle from the 1960s who cannot work as a 9-5 ham and egger. You have no compassion or understanding about his culture and era. Gene found his niche in podcasting and writing, but it does not pay well for him. His niche is too small and there are a bunch of competitors (are you one?) So he has to resort to donations.

    You sound like a wanna-be Shark Tank TV show judge to say his hobby is a failure. Yes, Gene probably should have changed business plans or got into another career. But who cares, dude? It is not forced. Yes, he sends too many emails. Just ignore them It’s real money he’s getting from donations to pay bills. You would have to prove that he made up the stories, not that he should be working at Taco Bell. You have not shown proof he made up his stories. Do you not believe his wife is sick? You come across so badly here.

    You are condescending with your government links. I can vouch from working with seniors and having a relative with the State gov that States have strict rules and do not have programs to help you if you have $2500 in the bank and no kids. If you have a monthly income and property, forget about applying for cash assistance. Assuming Gene qualifies for social security, he’s lucky to get $1500 a month and clearly needs money to do his websites.

    I agree that he has caused much of his bad luck, but we all do in life. Lecturing him about it will go nowhere. You are the one who comes off as being enraged, petty, deceitful, and mean, not Gene.

    I see you just so happen to sell paranormal books on Amazon and have your own brand. I wonder if you are in fact trying to leach off Paracast fans who search for Gene in Google.

    You and Gene are both stereotypical characters that have been part of the “UFO community” since the 1950s. If Gene is a loser, what are you?

    • Jack Brewer notes on Twitter that, “A review of email titles for 2017 suggests the current use of the eviction them is its third use this year alone.” And, “Holy wolf cry, Batman! Gene Steinberg has now solicited his e-list 131 times in 2017 for cash for a financial ’emergency.'” If you think that this warrants zero questioning, that’s your prerogative. However, zero questioning such red flags is actually what makes you a stereotypical character in ufology.

      But don’t take it from me. Take it from Gene’s co-host, Christopher O’Brien. Please skip to the 1hr 28min mark of this interview for his thoughts and revelations regarding Gene’s obsessive begging:

  32. Steinberg is back, he has been posting the same “on the verge of eviction” story for the past few years, he posts a new “emergency” every 3 to 4 months, here is the latest:


    The new property manager just notified me that we have to prepare to leave this apartment. They will not stop the constable even if I hand them the rent. A constable can show up any time now or as late as early next week. There’s no advance warning.

    Once the constable shows up, we have 15 minutes to leave.

    We have nowhere to go and no solutions.

    Once again, the rent payment won’t be accepted. We have to leave.

    What this means is that if you can provide help for us to survive and find another place to live, you can use PayPal again, since we won’t have to deal with a cashier’s check payment.

    Barbara is crushed and I’m packing what I can.

    Go to:, login and use the Send to friends and family option. Enter my email address,, and click or tap Next to continue the transaction.

    If you want to send a donation by a different method, let me know and I’ll work out something.

    If you’re not able to send a donation, feel free to forward this message to someone who might assist.

    If you have any questions about my situation, please don’t hesitate to write.


    At what point do the guests on Gene Steinberg’s podcast have a responsibility to not appear on his show, what kind of character does it display to appear on a show whose host scams his audience.

    • You’re bringing up an interesting question: Does a potential guest who isn’t ignorant of Gene’s chronic begging have a responsibility to not do the show? What about when Gene was defending Hopkins/Jacobs, trashing, and allowing others to trash, Emma Woods and Carol Rainey? How many of his listeners had a problem with that?

      Do guests have a responsibility to research the shows they are invited on before agreeing to do them? Do these same guests have a responsibility to not do conferences where they will be sharing the stage with known frauds and shit-peddlers?

      I don’t have an answer. Maybe it’s a subjective answer for each potential guest to wrestle with. I do know that if listeners have problems with it, they can vote the offender off their private island by tuning out.

      What say you? Is there a black-and-white right/wrong answer?

      • Well someone posted that very question here:, it includes some of the most frequent guests of the tech night owl, Steinberg’s show has what, maybe 500 listeners, why risk your reputation by apearing on it, maybe if they all refused he would have to crawl back into his hole, I mean seriously the man has no shame.

    • Gene is indicative of a problem in society that not many people are paying attention to simply because he’s “just some old-guy podcaster” and the Paracast has been eclipsed by so many other great online shows. Your “Tech Nightowl” crap is so 2007 dude. Please just stop.

  33. In my opinion this is disgusting and I’m really pissed because until 3 months ago I was in a similar situation that lasted for more than 5 years. I couldn’t find a job no matter what I tried but I was too proud to ask for money, tried everything I could and am an employee in a good company for 2 months now.

    I discovered the gold standard of paranormal radio almost 8 years ago and listened to it regularly until I got tired of its repetitions, it’s rants and of course of the gazillions of emails that asked me for my money…

    This just came in last night with the headline „I’m hours away from being homeless”

    Dear Listener,

    I did not want to bring this up in this newsletter. I was asked not to, but I really have no choice.

    Last Monday, Barbara and I and our bichon, Teddy Bear, were evicted from our apartment in Mesa, AZ. We left with what would fit in our compact car. The rest has to be picked up in two weeks or we lose our remaining possessions.

    Since then, we’ve been staying at a Motel 6 trying to raise money to rent a new home.

    As of today, Sunday, our money is used up. We have to check out of this place by 11 AM Arizona time.

    We have nowhere to go and no nearby friends or relatives who’d take us in.

    What this means is that we’re close to being homeless.

    I didn’t think it would come to this after all these years. I’ve worked overtime to try to prevent it.

    I don’t know what else to say.

    If you can help us cover the costs of a motel and raise money for a new place to live, please go to:, login and use the Send to friends and family option. Enter my email address,, and click or tap Next to continue the transaction.

    If you want to send a donation by a different method, let me know and I’ll work out something.

    If you’re not able to send a donation, feel free to forward this message to someone who might assist.

    If you have any questions about my situation, please don’t hesitate to write.


  34. Interesting new Reddit created by another former Paracast member who has seen enough of the lies:

    Now I read a few comments asking the OP for proof that Gene Steinberg is committing fraud but based on Gene’s history I see only two possible logical circumstances, both equally scummy.

    Either Gene Steinberg is outright lying and he is using the donations as luxury income to fund leased or new cars and the like or he is relying on donations to make the rent every few months, the former is fraud, the latter is just your basic scumbag behavior, either one should be shunned and I think the new realities of social media are throwing some light on Gene’s schemes and putting a dent into his overall donations score.

    Some on Twitter and Reddit have written that the don’t wish him ill will, well I don’t either but he deserves zero donations and to face the consequences of either lying to his audience or using them to fund his basic needs when a myriad of job possibilities are available.

  35. I think the majority of The Paracast listeners think Gene is a douche bag. But they put up with it just to listen to the show & participate on the message boards.

  36. Another question, at what point are Gene Steinberg’s begging emails considered a crime? We assume he is declaring all of his donations to the IRS, any other legal ramifications as some of the money originates in other states.

  37. Frankly, I’d be embarrassed to be publicly asking for money. The first time I read one of his messages begging for money – I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe that he was publicly saying he is broke and please help me. The balls of this guy. I guess he was born WITHOUT the Gene that causes self embarrassment.


      I emailed the blog above as to the reasons for the new update, seems that Gene Steinberg is sending the blog whining emails that his situation is real and trying to compare his pleas for emergency lifestyle donations to a website asking for donations to support their site. Also Gene blames the blog and sites like it for discouraging people from donating and advertising on his show, he writes that this has been happening for several years.

      The site has zero interest in replying to Gene’s emails so it has updated its blog post to offer Gene some advice. Here it is:

      Update II: We are alleging fraud because the evidence is clear that Steinberg is posting these “emergencies” over 100 times per year. But these are only allegations, nothing is proven and the reader should be aware of that however one should visit the links in this post and consider the evidence.

      We believe there are only two possibilities, Gene Steinberg is outright lying about his situation and is therefore asking for donations by using false pretenses or he is lying about the context of his donation pleas and he is using his audience to fund his lifestyle as he has been sending out these emergency plea donations since 2011.

      Both possibilities are scumbag behavior as we see it and possibly fraudulent as defined by the law but it will be up to the local authorities to determine if they can prosecute. We hope that Gene Steinberg is declaring his donations to the proper authorities and paying the requisite taxes.

      At this point Steinberg has nobody to blame but himself for his situation and dwindling donations as anyone with half a brain can see that nobody has an emergency that lasts 7 years.

      So if he is indeed truly homeless then he can post all evidence of this (documents, photos, witness statements) on his website. He can post an action plan that will prevent him from needing donations ever again and a pledge to not accept donations past 2018 if it ever happens again. He should also apologize for asking his audience to donate for over 7 years to support his lifestyle.

      Perhaps a few remaining people will then once again donate to his cause but if not, if his history is too much for any intelligent person to ever give money again, then Steinberg must ditch his podcast career and start working a real job because there are many legit charities that one can donate their money to. Charities that prove how much of their money actually goes to helping people.

      • Here was my email to him just last week and the subsequent reply;

        John Smith
        Mar 31 (4 days ago)

        to Gene
        “Attack of the Rockoids” isn’t a real job. Neither is hosting a dying podcast where you spend 50% of the time spouting your opinion on “UFO crazies” dude. For real. Pull up your fucking pants and head down to the unemployment line instead of digitally panhandling. In case you haven’t noticed, unemployment is at a record LOW in this country, and don’t use your age as a deflection. My old man worked his balls off until he was 79.

        His response;
        Gene Steinberg
        Mar 31 (4 days ago)

        to me
        You still aren’t paying attention. Lyft is a real job. Uber is a real job. I’ve explained this dozens of times. You’re not paying attention.

        I’m also on Social Security, thus not eligible for unemployment.

        I work 50-60 hours a week.

        My “dying” podcast is on over 30 genuine radio stations in the U.S., and our audience is much larger than last year. I don’t spend 50% of the show spouting about UFO crazies. You are also not listening, or listening to someone else’s show.

        In case you haven’t noticed, income for low and middle class workers has barely grown. Just rich people.

        Before you make incorrect assumptions, take the time to read what I’ve actually written, not on what some online jerks say about me.

  38. So apparently he’s driving people around via Uber/Lyft and (probably) giving the poor passenger his full sob-story in the hopes of getting a bigger tip.

    • Gene is so full of BS on so many different levels but we can start with basic facts: You can email him back, although I suspect he is reading this site, to inform him that you can collect unemployment while also collecting Social Security.

      • I’m giving up on this, nothing is going to change and so long as Paracast allows him to keep digitally panhandling, that’s exactly what he’s going to keep doing. We’re all beating a dead horse here.

    • Gene is now spreading the lies by claiming people are emailing guests on his podcast demanding that they don’t appear. But Gene will never provide an example of such emails because they don’t exist. Of course what Steinberg does not understand is that his audience does have the right to contact his guests and advertisers and ask if they want to be associated with his perpetual begging emails.

      Since Gene’s sense of comedy is beyond lame, he’ll understand this one: Gene Steinberg can’t handle the truth.

      Also Gene lambasts the “trolls”, defining their actions as causing his poverty to last longer than necessary, really? The man thinks his audience is dumb, Gene is there a magic number of donations that will permanently lift you out of poverty forever, please provide that number, oh, what is that?

      It is Gene crying into the night, Gene crying that he’ll never stop asking for free money, if only the “trolls” or what they should be called, truthtellers, would stop posting the truth, then Gene could bilk his audience forever.

      Sorry Gene, it is technology, if only you lived in the 1920’s, you’d be such a good snake oil salesman, now go back to your primary job, watching lame science fiction/superhero tv shows and writing welfare begging newsletters.

  39. X speaks the truth. I 100% agree. I think his show is swirling around the rim of the toilet and it’s only a matter of time before it flushes away down the black hole at the bottom of the bowl.

  40. Wouldn’t it be funny if an investigative report was done & they found out he was living a lush lifestyle and making over six figures a year?

  41. Jack Brewer has an extensive article and comments about this at

    if JV will allow me to share it.

    As an observation of human behavior, I sent a private message to Goggs MacKay the Scottish “favorite son” of Gene now who co-hosts the Paracast (making bloody obvious comments) and acts as a moderator on the forum (helping Gene delete any discouraging words?). Anyway, I politely inquired if Goggs was aware of Gene’s many years of begging. Goggs wrote back that he disagreed with Gene for begging but that Goggs SEPARATED THE PARACAST GENE FROM THE PERSONAL GENE. OK, isn’t that interesting? Isn’t that just one of many ways that humans have excused terrible behavior over time? “I excuse the wife beating of my partner since he keeps it out of the office”. “I excuse Dictator X’s death camps because they are out in the desert and he makes the trains run on time”. Wild metaphors, I know. But can you imagine this attitude? You are working with a scumbag and you get your goodies in being a co-host of a little podcast and a moderator (such power!) on a little forum. So you put up a wall in your mind. Gene is a wonderful podcaster. Goggs said that Gene never fails to produce a Paracast episode on time. But Genes use of the Paracast subscriber lists to shamelessly beg for over 12 years? Oh, I just don’t look at that.

    God help us all.

  42. Most recent drama: on a forum thread titled ‘Attack’ a brand new poster came on this past week declaring that he had just received an inheritance from his father – and he tells Gene that he wants to help out. Gene need only ‘name an amount’ and the money will flow. Gene evidently bites – and he reports back that it was indeed someone playing games. But it seems the ‘named amount’ Gene floated must have been $20,000 because the poster came through but it wound up being in Vietnamese dongs (yes) so comes to 88 cents US. Brilliant joke but so very revealing of Gene: firstly, that Gene would be willing to take someone’s inheritance (that’s low), and secondly, that Gene would float such a large sum as $20,000 (that’s greed).

    This has become painful to watch, and as Mysterious Blogger states in the above post: how people can separate this behavior from the UFO Gene defies understanding. Gene is scamming people. That’s not okay.


    For somebody who claims to be financially destitute, Gene certainly has a LOT of income sources:

    Paracast radio ads
    Paracast website sponsored ads
    Paracast Google Adsense ads
    Paracast newsletter ads
    Paracast premium memberships
    Paracast donations
    Swag sales of Paracast merchandise
    Affiliate links on the Paracast

    Tech Night Owl radio ads
    Tech Night Owl website sponsored ads
    Tech Night Owl Google Adsense ads
    Tech Night Owl newsletter ads
    Tech Night Owl premium memberships
    Tech Night Owl donations
    Swag sales of Tech Night Owl merchandise
    Affiliate links on Tech Night Owl

    Gene’s YouTube channel income.
    PayPal donations from Gene’s email list.

    Driving for Uber
    Driving for Lyft

    Freelance writing
    Past royalties on all those books and magazine articles he’s written.
    Amazon sales of his Rockoids books

    His social security.
    Barbara’s social security.
    Barbara’s fledgling purse business.

    Gene’s GoFundMe campaign
    Gene’s Facebook fundraiser

    Gene’s lawsuits and money his family owes him.

    Bottle and can collecting.

    That’s 30 ways Gene is making money!!!

    Does it make sense to you that a man with this many income streams can’t pay his bills?!!!

    • I would take off the list any swag, adsense, and affiliate ads–maybe the other ads as well–and book sales. I know these look like money makers but they usually are not. A trickle here, a trickle there. The real money for him over the years is donations. From what I understand, unless donators have lied to me and others, which is possible, it is to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. This is why he will not stop with the crisis acting/creating real crises. IT PAYS.

      If you want it to stop, stop patronizing the show/website. Vote him off your island with your ears and eyes. Blog about what you find offensive about this. Not obsessively, just enough to make the point for others to find. Mourn your loss for the show you loved and get back to paying attention to what attracted you to the paranormal in the first place. Mystery is the thing hidden (or hiding) behind conmen in these fields. If that still interests you, step away from the sideshow of pathological begging the way, presumably, you stepped away from a small town doctor selling you alien baby fetuses, a child pornographer selling you alien puppets, and a lawyer who went to Mars.

  44. This nivek character (using an anonymous moniker) is the owner of the alien expanse chat site. There is no way to know who this person is who is trying to beef up his small chat site’s numbers by feeding off the fall of Gene Steinberg (might be an old Paracast member for all anyone knows – I have my hunches who he is). Nivek went on the Paracast Forum as nivek and infested it with invitations and links to his AE forum recently. Same old self-interested nastiness rife in the ufo/paranormal world. Unless there is transparency in such endeavors I’d leave it be, just like I’d advise no one to donate money on the internet. Be savvy regarding who you give your time and money to.

    • Oh, but it has nothing to do with Gene’s crisis acting. And anyone who says otherwise will have their comment removed out of respect for Chris. Riiiight.

  45. Latest: He spent his last $1.08 on a BK burger. Actually, he spent his last $1.08 many years ago; this is just the most recent $1.08 that someone else gave him. (Any cash he’s earned with his own hands lately is owed to all those landlords he’s stiffed over the years.) For probably less than $0.35 he could’ve eaten a plenty filling baloney-&-cheese sandwich he made himself, and saved the rest of the $1.08 for two more such sandwiches. But no, someone else should make food for him, someone who works at BK and doesn’t quit their job to pursue non-lucrative hobbies 24/7.

  46. Yet more: Don’t send him a check or a PayPal gift; those accounts are in arrears, and he sure wouldn’t want you to accidentally pay off those balances when he could get your cash in his own two fists. So instead use Western Union, and do it at Walmart to get a “lower rate” — meaning you will be *paying* to send him some of your money, so he can then use that money to pay late fees, back rent, and current rent on his multi-month motel stay, plus late fees, back rent, and current rent on the storage unit that’s about to toss the furniture he’ll never be able to use again anyway.

    Dude, when you’re begging people to give you money for all that, it’s seriously time to hang it up. In identical circumstances I’d probably eat my gun or a cop’s, but that’s my personal failing; you can be a better person than me: Ride your last thimble of gas to the unemployment line and take whatever job they give you. So what if it sucks, because you can keep looking for something better *while* you work there. And keep podcasting, to boot! Imagine that.

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