After 5 Years, David Jacobs Almost Leaves Me Speechless

“Just the fact that the first sentence is ‘In 1994 I worked with Allison, whose hybrids were forcing her into sexual services’ should disqualify him from having any tangible connection to reality or common sense.”

–Tim Binnall on David Jacobs’ entree “The Chastity Belt Session” from his website,

Above is the link to a page David Jacobs put out to answer some of the charges made by Emma Woods. It’s so thoroughly, awesomely a train wreck that I have no interest in picking it apart for fear that David or his lackey might read the critique and change it accordingly. Then again, he is such an obvious narcissist, probably not an issue.

I know many of you are going to ask me what I think of the site. My answer is, what do you think of it? We’re all reading the same thing, right?

Put it this way: OJ Simpson wrote a book called If I Did It. David Jacobs just released a website that might as well be called, I Did It.

If you want a proper and concise couple of critiques, check out what Jeff Ritzmann has to say here:

And Tyler Kokjohn’s impressions below.


“It is unethical and cowardly to hide in fear behind a research subject.  It is gut-wrenching to recognize his callous indifference to Emma’s situation as he ponders using a chastity belt to anger the abductors.  It is appalling to hear him act like some sort of therapist implanting hypnotic suggestions, not for his patient’s benefit, but to serve HIS needs. It is astonishing that he would basically confirm he contaminated subject testimony because a central tenet of his book is that we should believe what he tells us because it was independently arising information.

“So tell me–because I have trouble with this part–which aspect of any of this is consistent with the activity of only taking oral histories, the defense he used to escape Emma’s charges to Temple University?  David Jacobs has been caught in his own web of lies.”


Again, use your own common sense here. All David Jacobs has done is released longer versions of the hypnosis sessions Jeff and I thoroughly deconstructed years ago, as if to say, “See? I’m exonerated because I’m releasing these this time.”

That’s what delusional narcissists do.

It’s all out there now. And I’m sure Emma Woods will have her say and correct whatever lies and omissions she sees in Jacobs’ site. But really, it doesn’t matter. It’s nit picking and frankly, although Emma is the reason for this and the person he’s trying to keep the focus on, she’s no longer the center of it. To expand on one of Tyler’s points, you have a man in David Jacobs who goes on show after show, writes book after book, claiming that he does not contaminate his subjects with knowledge about hybrids/hubrids/aliens/or each other. And by his own transcripts we see and hear him doing the exact opposite. He is literally creating this Dungeons & Dragons story by blab-blab-blabbing to his subjects about each other and his fears and these hybrids… and then putting them under hypnosis and–like magic–retrieving the scripts of the stories he just told.

Again, he thinks this is his defense. He’s. Not. All. There. Folks.  He wants to make this about Emma, “diagnose” her with mental illness, and claim she took him out of context. You would have to be mentally deranged to buy it, defend it, and not want to get him help.

So again, here it all is for everyone to see. Five years later. Now, are you, the audience, going to put up with this? Even if ufology is just entertainment to you, do you let it go because “hubrids” makes you giggle? Remember that for every laugh you have at David Jacobs’ whacky theories there is quite possibly a human being whose mind he has altered through hypnosis to believe that whacky theory. According to him, there are people who believe they are being attacked and manipulated by hubrids. If so, it is because–by his own demonstration–they now have false memories of this courtesy of the man to whom they turned for help.

It’s not fun and games. Perhaps it’s a crime, we may never know. Certainly, it’s unethical and needs to be stopped.

Boycott this man’s “work” and that of his staunch defenders.

Please spread the message.

No more.


11 thoughts on “After 5 Years, David Jacobs Almost Leaves Me Speechless

  1. Jeremy:
    As you say, there is something terribly awry when a “researcher” believes there’s nothing wrong with chatting up his subject for lengthy amounts of air time prior to each regression he does with her. He gossips, feeds her tidbits, enfolding the subject into the rarefied world of ufology. He name drops people and places and cases she’s only read about. He tells her about his other prized abductees and their quirky, murky adventures in hell with the hubrids. Being given access to Secret Knowledge is heady stuff: of course, she’ll be eager to please him. Its nearly a certainty that, once hypnotized, she’ll feed him back the story he needs for his book – the hubrid prowling and lurking in the bushes, the violent rape (or so he incites her to report) by the wily, woolly, thoroughly imaginary “hubrid.”

    There is not the slightest awareness in this man about the quite common transactions or emotional entanglements between therapist and patient. It’s part of the fucking process! Work with it! Don’t mount a tedious, snore-inducing, defensive website dedicated to telling the world that _your_ research subject/patient is a wreck! That’s your bad, not hers.

    A psychiatrist is trained to anticipate these knotty emotional issues that inevitably arise and knows how to skillfully cope with transference and counter-transference. I’ve listened to hours of these audiotapes, both on his site and hers. The good doctor (PhD-type, non-medical) shows not a glimmer of awareness that such problems are clearly beginning to arise out of their intense and prolonged interactions.

    I know David Jacobs personally; he has been a quest in my home on many occasions. He was my husband’s best friend. I regret having to say that if this field had any legitimate structure, any moral authority at all over its practitioners, it would have taken action, legal or otherwise, to prohibit this man from ever again inserting himself as an ear worm into a vulnerable woman’s head, whether over the phone or in person. Someone who demonstrates this stunning degree of unconsciousness, the utter lack of self-awareness that we’ve seen in his actions and words over the past five years — this person is not a serious researcher of anything. His methods can’t possibly illuminate this genuine mystery. That’s not how humans go about the getting of knowledge. This is fool’s gold.

    We need to put a collective and abrupt end to our own collusion with this man’s genuine illness. David Jacobs is delusional man who desperately needs professional psychiatric help. He is so very, very lost.

    • Thank you, Carol. I hope that now Dr. Jacobs is starting to expose more of what he does, that people will have a greater understanding of what has gone on, and how harmful he is to his subjects.If it can deter new people from going to him for help, at least that will be something.

  2. Your comparison to OJ was right on the money! J And doesn’t it seem to all boil down to that? Money? Jacobs’ entire house of cards rests on hypnotic “evidence”, nothing more. I’d like to relate my own hypnotic experience- In 1965, when I was 15, a cousin took me to a supper club where a hypnotist was the entertainment. I was one of a group of 5 selected to perform for the amusement of the audience. Seated on a stool, with our eyes closed, we were put into a trance, given half a lemon and told that it was chocolate. I didn’t taste chocolate, but I didn’t taste lemon either! Then, we were told that we were dogs and that we were to bark- I barked. Then we were told that we were selling newspapers and that we were to go through the audience selling them. At this point I came out of the trance but others didn’t. I remember being horrified at how easily I was manipulated and lied to, how vulnerable and suggestible I was. People paid money to see a hypnotist abuse an innocent subject. David Jacobs is no different….only much, much worse. What he does is NOT entertainment–he is a sick, perverted predator. I just listened to the teaser for the upcoming dreamland, and was enjoying Ms duTertre’s interview until she mentioned Jacobs. Suddenly, for me, any validity she may have had went out the window. When the broadcast is available for comment, I plan to make one about Jacobs, and my feelings about anyone who refers to him as an authority on anything except what NOT to do! Jeremy, thanks for keeping this important subject in the forefront—there are still, apparently, people who either don’t realize what he is or don’t care. From my own personal experience, I know that a hypnotized person can be made to believe ANYTHING!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience of hypnosis, Kay. it is very interesting

      I too think that people who are susceptible to hypnosis can be made to believe anything. I also know from my own experience that hypnotic amnesia blocks can block memories as well, even of things that you would never normally forget.

  3. I can’t speak for any of the others there that night. I was the youngest person there and my relative volunteered me. I was shy and would not have volunteered by myself. I hadn’t thought of the others being plants, that was my one and only hypnosis experience. Apparently I was in a light trance or I would not have come out of it-not a good subject for it because I did retain some degree of self awareness. I knew I would never hawk newspapers to a crowd of people and woke myself up as if out of a dream. Until that self aware moment, I was not aware of being in a different ” state”. I followed the commands of the hypnotist without question. [strange that I shouldn’t mind being a dog, but I drew the line at selling papers ?]

  4. Like you, Jeremy, he still leaves me amazed at his hubris. I have been reading through the underwear hypnosis transcript from the Jacobs/Meers website, (haven’t finished yet, about 1/3 of the way through) and boy, talk about leading. I have heard it before, but going through it again … it still leaves me astonished that he has been doing this kind of thing for thirty odd years, and no one has batted an eyelid. Not a sausage, nor visage of a sausage. Nothing at all up to Emma coming out, and trying to get some redress for what he has done to her (a completely reasonable thing to do, by the way), and countless other people. Quite extraordinary, really.

    And, he purports to be scientific but not one table, graph or anything else has been presented for scrutiny. It’s all stories, stories, stories, with not one iota of a piece of evidence to show for them. But still people go along with him, and his abduction porn. Quite amazing when you think about it how low we have got to in the last 30 years.

    Maybe we are living in the last days of our decadent civilisation. Like the Romans, we are heading for the abyss of history. Who knows? But I wish more people would get up and say something. We need to stop these cowards and bullies before someone dies. It’s probably only a matter of time.

    There isn’t that many of them. We outnumber them a million to one. But people look at them, see that they have a PhD or some other set of letters behind their name, and kowtow to them. Just because they have a doctorate in history does not make them god.

    It honestly baffles me how he still gets onto shows like Coast to Coast and The Paracast. He is probably seen to bring in the punters. He gives good listening figures or whatever, and people do seem to like a salacious story.

    The time to stop him is now, and I hope something will give, and people will finally put an end to the abuse that this guy has been doing for years … without anyone in authority (notice) giving a damn.

    [Sorry quite angry about what he has done to Emma, and people like her. It really makes my blood boil.]

    Oh, and what Emma has been saying for years, he is now showing to be entirely the case. She never stitched together the audio in a creative fashion, as Gene Steinberg put forward on The Paracast, five years ago (completely mad proposition, by the way, because if she could do that she would be making a huge amount of money in Hollywood). She has been 100% vindicated by what she has said, and for some blitheringly mad reason, Jacobs thinks that putting out all the audio and transcripts showing this in even greater detail somehow makes it all ok on his part. Totally mad, and yes, completely narcissistic. What a barking mad pair of people Meers and Jacobs are. Nurse! … the screens, please …

    • Thanks Curious Egypt. I think Dr. Jacobs and Sean Meers together are hitting a new low, even for them. I hope it starts to open some of their supporters eyes to what they are really like.

  5. Emma is nuts, a complete over the edge whacko, and a malicious internet stalker who has crossed the line into contacting her victim’s peers, friends, colleagues, former employers, professional associates with the sole intent of defaming and damaging the object of her vitriol and abuse.

    reading what she has done, and the foolish pile-on by her dupes on this site has made me feel dirty.

    you should all be ashamed of participating in a virtual gauntlet, and may you all get a taste of the same. your behavior is disgusting.

    • Dear Katie:

      Aloha! And welcome to! Thank you so much for writing. In the future, if you could simply write, “Hello. My Name is Katie. And I’m a fucking moron.” – it would save us both a bit of time.


      Take Care!

  6. Hark! Just now I seem to hear a familiar snarky, snarling voice. And the owner of said voice isn’t named “Katie,” either. Not very likely. Not in the real world. “Katie” is someone not brave enough, not honest enough to use his/her own birth name in making such statements – emotional, evidence-free charges at best. No, this “Katie” relishes spitting out hateful words like “malicious stalker,” “defaming,” “damaging,” “vitriol,” “abuse,” “virtual gauntlet,” and “disgusting behavior.” Anyone following the Emma Woods/David Jacobs story over the years will recognize the rhetorical style. It’s only a troll. A maniacal clown. A hater wearing a white sheet.

    What? That seems too harsh? But surely you don’t expect a speaker hiding behind a fright mask to direct us toward the better angels of our nature?

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