Quick Shoutout to The Paracast Listeners

Back The The Future

Congratulations, listeners of The Paracast! You did it! You dragged Gene Steinberg and that other guy into acknowledging the cases Jeff Ritzmann and I closed on hypnosis and David Jacobs back in 2010!

Gene ends his missive on alien abduction research in the Paracast yesterday’s-news-letter dated October 25, 2015 (which is tomorrow, ironically) on this hopeful note:

“Maybe it’s time to tear down the walls and view the evidence from a fresh perspective.”

Well, you’re all in luck, because while Gene was busily fighting against the change he now tepidly, perhaps begrudgingly, calls for, Jeff and I were hard at work with Paratopia and Project Core, creating the very conversation you’re having now and then moving beyond it. So, if you’d like to see what the future holds for The Paracast’s epic inquiries, why wait? Dive into Paratopia’s past! We’ve got so many episodes of post-Jacobs, post-hypnosis, post-abduction-research conversations all lined up for binge-listening that it will take years of listening to The Paracast one week at a time to get there. And that’s assuming Gene and whichever co-host are even capable of holding the kinds of deep conversations they are baby-stepping toward now.

What do 2016 and 2017 hold for The Paracast’s fresh perspective? No spoilers but … let’s just say there are some big revelations coming regarding Budd Hopkins’ work, too. I, for one, cannot wait for Gene and that other guy to figure out the Linda Cortile Case. And I don’t have to. The answers are all here:


And if you’d like to see what an authentic scientific survey of all things paranormal looks like, well that’s free! And it comes to you courtesy of 2014! Perhaps Gene and what’s-his-name will do their revolutionary version of our survey in 2019. But again, why wait? The future is… a few years ago.




Oh, PS: I see where Gene is now claiming that there is some audio prior to the infamous Emma Woods multiple personality disorder audio clip that, should Jacobs release it, might exonerate him. This is nonsense. I have heard all of the audio recordings and read the follow-up emails between Emma and the good doctor. Probably what he’s talking about is the fact that before the session, Jacobs was talking to her about this in a jokey way so that she thought he was… you know… kidding. And then he put her under and implanted the suggestion.

If his defense is that she agreed to let him tell her under hypnosis that he believes she and all abductees have MPD because alien hybrids–excuse me, hubrids–will read that when they read her mind and leave him alone? Then he is nuts. Even by his own loony logic it couldn’t work, because if she doesn’t believe what he’s implanted in her then neither will mind readers. (Let’s not even get into the intergalactic cowardice of an alleged researcher throwing his subject under the alien bus to save himself.)

As to the question of her recording him illegally, he gave her copies of his recordings of the hypnosis sessions. And he knew she recorded their phone calls as he clearly states during their phone calls. But let’s suppose she did record him without his knowledge. And now let’s put that horrible crime up against David Jacobs offering in all seriousness to buy her a chastity belt with nails at the vaginal opening that he said might slow down the brutal, raping hubrids… but also might not. And if not, would at least anger them. Anger the raping, violent terrorists from space… was his recommendation to a woman seeking his help…  from the raping, violent terrorists from space… who didn’t exist until he yammered on about his other subjects and their alleged hubrid experiences and then hypnotized her.

What are we arguing about again? Christ, is this thing on?!–The man implanted raping alien hubrid memories in his subject and then tried to buy her sex toys to ward them off or piss them off!  As with Bill Cosby, you have to hate women to defend David Jacobs.

The Emma Woods case is a no-brainer and I fully expect Gene to get this and bring the big revelation to his listeners sometime in mid-2021. Then again, maybe not. The Paracast isn’t the “gold standard” of anything and Gene is not, in my opinion, a sharp thinker in this field. It’s just that so many other people are even duller thinkers than he, it makes him look all shiny and sharp. It’s the old joke about a cracker tasting like a 5-star meal to a starving person.

Gene is, if nothing else, a cracker.

11 thoughts on “Quick Shoutout to The Paracast Listeners

  1. Thank you, Jeremy.

    What you said about the MPD audio is absolutely right. He told me that he was pretending to Elizabeth’s hybrid on instant messenger that she had MPD. Later, he joked that meant I had MPD too. I thought it was a joke, and laughed about it. I will have to go back and listen to the audio, but from memory I joked back that I would believe it, or it was true, or something like that. And that was it. He never once said he was going to put MPD suggestions in my mind, and I never agreed to it. But even if I had, it would still have been reprehensible for him to do it.

    • Yes, because if you did agree, you’d be agreeing to let him implant a suggestion that makes you feel confused about whether or not you had MPD, for he is the authority figure giving you his “diagnosis.”

  2. This secret evidence game has gone on far too long. Has Mr. Steinberg actually heard an audio recording or seen other evidence that could exonerate Dr. David Jacobs of the serious charges documented by Emma Woods? Why can’t anyone outside a select few in the David Jacobs sanctum sanctorum be permitted to substantiate those materials? The kindest thing to say about this situation is it attempts to elevate hear-say rumor to the level of actual evidence.

    The real kicker is this; we just heard an exceptional Paracast episode where Dr. Jacobs got hit hard for NOT backing his stories with evidence. That hard-nosed interview exposed Dr. Jacobs as having no effective excuses to rationalize his consistent failures to pursue corroborating evidence. Now we are told yet again that hard evidence absolving Dr. Jacobs of one of his many alleged transgressions against Emma Woods is actually in hand. OK, let’s have it. Please stop attacking Emma through rumors and share this critical, long concealed evidence to grant us the ability to finally assess its true value.

    Mr. Steinberg has now inserted himself directly into the David Jacobs-Emma Woods dispute by claiming familiarity with potentially exculpatory evidence. However, it seems only a select few insiders are entitled to possess this knowledge, the ufological equivalent of classifying information TOP SECRET/EYES ONLY. Unfortunately, his privileged position places Mr. Steinberg in some peril. Failing to insist Dr. Jacobs immediately resolve the matter suggests this vaunted, yet strangely withheld, secret evidence is too feeble to discredit Emma Woods directly on its own merits and enables what appears to be an effort to sow doubt through innuendo.

    The situation is confusing, but this much is clear – some Paracast audience members seem reluctant to accept mere hints of evidence as a valid substitute for the authentic thing and resist adopting insinuation as the new gold standard when it comes to weighing competing testimony.

  3. I am astounded at the number of “professional” researchers and investigators who still advocate hypnosis for memory retrieval…..arghhhh! All i can figure is that juicy stories sell better than real information, it’s all about the $$$, and the predominately male figures at the top of the pyramid of BS have lost touch with reality. {if they ever had a grip on it in the first place.} On a different note {literally} , I have been looking into Infrasound. I have discovered that certain frequencies below human hearing can cause panic, dread, hallucinations and even levitation, all having negative to disastrous impact on the human organism…….. does that sound familiar??? Emma, you are my heroine, thank you for speaking your truth so the rest of us can beware the predators….

  4. The evidence has been published on Jacobs’ new site that deconstructs Emma Woods. I’ll be honest.I find the material there to be disturbing in a sad and traumatic way. I find Jacobs’ approach to be leading, unprofessional and more disturbing and disgusting than sad. The evidence consists of, among other things, excerpts of emails from Emma Woods to Jacobs suggesting the ‘underwear incident’ was perfectly normal and previously discussed by both parties. This is to present Jacobs as a diligent scientist i suppose, attempting to collect evidence and not an abuser of power engaged in sexual harassment. From what i’ve read in some of the excerpts from the site I feel that the power dynamic is one of someone guiding the conversation of a traumatized and vulnerable person, and he appeared to have no end to his gluttony for the dialogue. I see no help, no healing, but a lot of suggestions of how and even what to think about her experiences. It’s beyond creepy. Anyone who reads or listens to this material should feel dirty afterwards, as it is pure human exploitation.

    Given that this attempt to ‘expose all’ as an attempt at vindication or redemption the whole situation needs better collective support & a critical response from the Ufological community. This collecting of Oral histories is not research, nor is it scientific. Yet, he gets awards? A broader understanding of what sexual harassment is and what an abuse of power looks like is needed. I can understand the reasons why other ‘clients’ of his have not come forward, but as with Bill Cosby, people find themselves painted into corners when more truths are spoken. Others need to step forward to demonstrate patterns of abuse. Without such evidence lines will stay drawn in a “he said/she said” war. More critical discussion about the relationship between alien abduction, sexual assault histories and old men that like to hear the combination of these two narratives may not be welcomed but is desperately needed.

    For me the nature of this narrative is clear, though I know that there are many confused, valid, angry and sympathetic opinions regarding this era of Abtuctological Human Abuse. Still, i’d like it to be known that I feel very sad for the person who is Emma Woods, for your many traumas and for how aspects of your life have become public fodder. I wish you would leave this all behind, let it go and let the past twist in the wind, though I know our relationship to past traumas don’t work that way. I wish you peace on your journey and hope healing comes.Your own vindication will come in time as history has a better critical understanding of what the abuse of power looks like.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights. The Emma Woods-David Jacobs dispute exposed far more than scandal. I agree completely that careful evaluation of fundamental approaches to the mystery of alien abductions are in order and have been for years. Frankly, as you point out, we have yet to see much in the way of real science applied to the issues.

      • Here, here, Burnt State.

        > Anyone who reads or listens to this material should feel dirty afterwards, as it is
        > pure human exploitation.

        That it is. It is my confident conclusion that exploitation is a prevailing dynamic within the American UFO community. No doubt about it.

  5. Thank you so much, Burnt State.

    Jacobs’ website, even in its early stages already contains many lies, and I will be posting audio and other evidence that refutes those statements. It is a daunting task, but if I don’t do it, now one else has that inside knowledge, so I feel like it is the right thing to do.

    In regard to the underpants, it was actually Jacobs who raised the subject, not me. However, he presents my email at the top as though I initiated it, in my opinion to give the false impression that it came from me, But it came from him. The fact that he already asked for Allison Reed’s underpants shows that as well.

    Although I responded to Jacobs, it was about using cotton buds. I did not think in terms of sending him my underpants. Even if I had, it still would not be right to spring it on me during a hypnosis session, and then give me hypnotic suggestions not to remember doing it. In my considered opinion, it was an attempt by him to get my underpants the same way he got Allison’s underpants, not do any tests on them. That is what was reprehensible, in my opinion, and why I made that audio public.

    Dr. Jacobs suggested that I send him my underpants during my 20th hypnosis session, The sessions lasted on average about five hours long each, so I had already had about 100 hours of hypnosis by then, I was in a vulnerable position, made more so by the enormous amount of hypnosis that I had already had.

    I do feel violated and humiliated by what has happened. I know that the way I have been treated for speaking out will have an intimidation effect on others who were harmed like I was, making them afraid to speak out, and that is really sad.

    I find it hard to understand how even Dr. Jacobs, and Sean Meers, who appears to be building his website, can think that the material they are making public exonerates Dr. Jacobs in any way. All it is doing is providing more detail on what he does to his subjects. I think it is a further insight into just how morally bereft they both are, lacking even basic human decency.

    I find it baffling as well how some in the UFO field can look at that stuff and not see it for the psychological abuse and exploitation that it was. He is still doing it to people, and he is able to do it because of all the people who support him, or have covered for him, in one way or another. It is shameful, and I hope one day things improve for the better.

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