Paratopia 011: Philippe Mora

In what will surely go down in paranormal radio history as one of the most surreal opening bits ever recorded, our disenchanted hosts, Jeff and Jeremy, stumble into a dress rehearsal of ”Communion: The Movie – A Staged Reading.” There they meet the director, Philippe Mora, and chat him up about the film, his lifelong friendship with its writer/subject, Whitley Strieber, Mora’s own strange experiences, aliens, yeti, remote viewing, Hitler, Eric Clapton, David Mamet, Christopher Walken, a meat sculpture and Scotland Yard–you name it, it gets referenced! (In fact this may be the only paranormal show with this many disparate references that don’t all get lumped into one giant conspiracy theory by the end.)

All that and Jeremy laughs like a hyena in the outtakes of this very special ”DVD Edition” of Paratopia! [originally aired: 2009]

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