Making Michael Jackson A Monster Is Money

A video wherein I make the case that Leaving Neverland is not so much a documentary as a propaganda hit piece designed to make media outlets the money they “lost” when Michael Jackson was acquitted.

2 thoughts on “Making Michael Jackson A Monster Is Money

  1. I refuse to watch this garbage, giving them additional views would be supporting the nonsense with my viewership. So disappointed in HBO and Oprah. I saw all of your YouTube postings on it and agree with the perspective that it is racist against Michael (I also agree that R Kelly is guilty). Every time they talk about money notice now they say “I didn’t get compensated for my
    Appearance” but apparently Wade Robson has a “foundation” that was incorporated under a little known loophole in Hawaii which does not have the same not for profit requirements if incorporated elsewhere. I’m sure a simple audit will show some new deposits in said “foundation”. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see either or both of these guys working with the same creator in a future project.

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