“The most unusual book I’ve read in years…. This is one of those books that completely blows everything you think is true out of the water…. I urge you to get this book because it’s got a lot of power. It is a deeply interesting and deeply funny book in exactly the way you need the book to be funny in order for it to work for you.”
–Whitley Strieber NY Times best-selling author of Solving The Communion Enigma & The Key

The next phase of deep understanding has arrived….

Is there an objective meaning to life? Can we prove God without invoking religion or science? What happened at the beginning of time? How about at the beginning of our species? What is it that differentiates us from animals? If you’ve every asked any of these supposedly unanswerable questions in the hopes of gleaning a bit of truth, Urgency. is your payoff. 

“[Urgency is] thrilling and intellectually hard-won… an ardently intelligent and graceful work.”
–Mitch Horowitz, editor-in-chief of Tarcher/Penguin & author of Occult America

Written using witty, accessible language, Urgency. is the result of deep insights that flooded the author’s brain in an early phase of enlightenment known as kundalini awakening. However, this book is more than a series of epiphanies on the human condition: It is an experiment that will set you free. The act of reading it can arouse dormant kundalini. For those already awakened, it sets them straight on exactly what kundalini is and is not, thus moving them to the next and final phase of enlightenment: abandoning brain-self awareness for God-self awareness. And, as the title implies, we will learn why it is urgent to do so right now.

“Brilliant… An important new book, one of those that comes along from time to time that are
pivotal for the period…. The ending was powerful and smack on.”
–Colin Andrews, internationally acclaimed author/human consciousness researcher

Listen To The Author Talk Urgency.

Culture of Contact Audio Podcast Miniseries 1-5

Episode 1 – Introduction To No-Thing

Episode 2 – Introduction To Humankind

Episode 3 – Mindstuff

Episode 4 – Religion

Episode 5 – Into The End

Watch The Author Talk Urgency.

Jeremy Vaeni on Richard Miller’s Never Not Here show.


One thought on “Urgency.

  1. Hi Jeremy,
    I just gave Urgency to a friend – wanted her opinion in particular because she’s been into that ‘stuff’ for years and is is very widely read and experienced. Guess What?
    She loved it.

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