Our Undoing – Let’s Go!

Used to be that spiritual truth seekers knew they were seeking. Nowadays, everyone I meet with an interest claims to know everything or have mastered it (whatever it is.). Both are surface appearances. They’re lies.

But the second one is either a conscious lie, which makes such a person more prone to being defensive, or an unconscious one that simply replaces the word confusion with the word clarity. On one goes through life, pretending to be clear. That person is much harder to speak with because they are actively blocking out Truth with the revelation that they’ve got it or are it (whatever it is). They have more layers of self to get honest with than the one who is merely seeking.

OurUndoing.com is like taking a wrecking ball to the deluded self in a beautiful way. Hard to imagine? Then don’t imagine it. Do it. Rather… undo it.

We’ve got our work cut out for us. Let’s undo!