Alien Is Not Sacred.

From the depths of 2014….

The irony of materialists is that they most believe in what’s in their own heads to the extent that there is nothing sacred in nature. If it’s man-made, swell, that’s sacred. This is why they wouldn’t put an observatory on Mount Rushmore but they’d have no problem turning Mauna Kea into an astronomy theme park.

So what do Hawaiians do? They turn to Japanese funders and appeal to their sense of the sacred by comparing Mauna Kea to Mount Fuji. Even wealthy Japanese capitalists understand that connection. Not enough to turn away from their truly sacred object, money, but enough to maybe feel guilt for five seconds before going all-in on the desecration of sacred Mauna Kea.

And so it was going to be, the beginning of an essay on the nature of the sacred, nature as the sacred, and the racism of materialists who believe that all cultures, like everything else human, are products of neurons firing away in the brain. Since they’re smart enough to have figured that out, theirs is the only one that matters.

Buuuut, as with so many other half-assed essays on this blog, I never got around to it. So that’s all I’ve got–the kernel of a thing. Which is fine because I went on to do an entire season of Our Undoing Radio episodes about the sacred, including a Hawaiian perspective and Mauna Kea. Not so lazy after all, I guess.

It’s weird how some things I wanna write out and some talk out. Get them out in either case, sure, but why the why, if you catch my drift?

Do any of you get that way? Do you know why?

For me, I know it’s not the scope of the issue. If it’s too complex I actually tend to want to write it out to make sure it’s precise. Hence, I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction is a book and not a podcast miniseries. Of course now that I’m done writing it, speeches about it are writing themselves in my head with nowhere to go. So, if you’re a podcaster/radio show host reading this, please consider me for a guest. If you are not one but have a favorite show you’d like to hear me on, recommend me to them or them to me so that I may contact them. I haven’t paid any attention to paranormal podcasting in years and have no idea what’s out there anymore. I know there are a ton of shows, but I don’t know if they suck or not.

Between and this book, perhaps I should be extending into “spiritual” or “mysticism” podcasts. There again, I know nothing of them, and when I look I see a bunch of bible-thumping Christian podcasts. When did “spiritual” become equated with “Christianity” in podcasting/radio?

On a positive note, I no longer feel like an author without an audience. Sales have been great, frankly, especially given my complete lack of presence anywhere outside of one Dreamland interview and my other podcast, The Experience. And especially especially because when I look at the charts of popular UFO-related lit on Amazon, it is by and large filthy hot garbage. So, either my book is filthy hot garbage, too, or there is a real hunger for better.

I’m willing to take my chances and believe this book is better. At least deeper. I mean deeper as a whole, not just my takes on the individual talking points. I say this because I’m seeing reviews and receiving personal feedback from readers who say that the book sticks with them, they have read it multiple times already, and/or it has changed them. It’s a book that washes over you, I think, as opposed to something you read and go, “That’s nice,” and tuck away forever, except to tell people, “Oh, I read that, too. I liked it.”

This isn’t a book you like. You don’t have a small shrug of a feeling about it. If you get it, it takes you. It does for you what your interest in paranormal/alien/occult/mystical topics used to do in the first place: It shows you there is more to reality than you know and that this more is also deeply you. You, who have read all these books to the point of being dulled by them. It makes you feel that inspiration again.

Yes, it powers down the robot in you who forgot what it was like to imagine BIG for the first time. It takes you out of the box you thought you were out of when you assumed others didn’t think outside the box like you. It calls foul on all materialists everywhere and shows you where else the sacred lives. The sacred calling to you right now.

Also? It’s fuckin’ funny. Buy it. Read it. And get me on the damned radio already, for Christ’s sake.

2018 Paratopia Update (1 of 2)

Aloha, People of Paratopia! Paratopians! Is that still a thing? You bet it is!

Jeff Ritzmann and I are thrilled to announce that the Paratopia Archive has just grown stronger, with the addition of all 13 Paratopia Oculus shows! That’s the 12 you’ve heard, plus a bonus episode that never saw the light of day, until now. So, if you haven’t already, go ahead and purchase the archive. There’s never been a better time. If you have purchased it, head on over and enjoy Paratopia Oculus!

Gee, it’s kinda like we’re cleaning house. Spring cleaning? Hmmm…. Wonder what that could be about. Perhaps we will find out in the next update.

October Surprise: Whitley Strieber Resurrects Me From The Podcasting Dead


Premieres Oct. 22nd Exclusively

UPDATE: The Experience is now available:

Two years ago I left paranormal podcasting behind. I felt like I had nothing left to give and that Jeff and I had done some fairly revolutionary things with Paratopia that we could be proud of. Likewise, we had guests that revolutionized the way we thought about high strangeness phenomena. Now it was over. I’d served my time. I learned what I was going to learn, taught what I had to teach, and that was that. Neither Jeff nor I wanted to do a show for the sake of doing a show, so we called it.

Still, the episodes that stuck with me as a way to pursue this in the future were the listener episodes. Hearing real life encounters from real people with no agenda and exploring them together–that held my interest. I tried branching off into new video territory with the short-lived Paratopia Presents: Talk Story. I thought doing interviews and roundtables via Google Hangouts would be the wave of the future. Perhaps it is, but the technology simply isn’t where I need it to be yet. It was impossible to synch up people from different countries or using different speed modems. And then there’s the problem of it randomly hanging up on me–not good when hosting a show.

That it didn’t work out was fine by me. More time to write and snorkel and play my part in small town Hawaiian living. Plus, there was still a matter of seeing Project Core to its finish. (Almost there. For real this time.)

I’d been asked a number of times over the years when I would be coming back to podcasting or when Jeff and I would resurrect Paratopia. Jeff has moved on to his own show, Paranormal Waypoint. Paratopia lives on in its archive. The idea of doing some specials for that archive with Jeff was appealing,  but beyond that I didn’t see a future for me in this. In fact, last month I was a guest on Project Archivist wherein host/friend Roejen was doing his usual haranguing, telling me I was going to get back into podcasting eventually as if it were a forgone conclusion. But he was wrong. It wasn’t. Until about a week later when friend and Paratopia listener episode alum Joe Gooch messaged me asking if I’d seen this.

This was Whitley Strieber looking for a new half-hour show to fill the open slot left by William Henry. Henry hosted Revelations on quite successfully and was moving on. If anyone could drag me out of podcasting retirement, it would be Whitley Strieber. So, I pitched him an idea. An idea based on the Paratopia listener episodes. An idea that he loved and here it is….


Premiering exclusively at, The Experience is a weekly half-hour program wherein I interview experiencers of all high strangeness phenomena. Anything and everything is on the table. Let’s explore it all: what it means to be an experiencer; what the experience itself may mean beneath its obvious surface. And what is an “experience of high strangeness?” Does it hold at its core a singular intelligence using numerous facades like tools to interact with us, or are we embedded in a much larger ecosystem filled with multiple intelligences and energies that live on the periphery of our senses? Or is something else entirely going on?

Each episode will have a particular theme in mind. Because it’s only a half-hour show, there’s a real learning curve here for me in trying to key in on the important questions to ask. I may have to actually write questions down beforehand!–The horror!

In the inaugural episode I talk to Joe Gooch who not only lit this fuse but also kindly donated the theme song. We get an overview of some of his experiences through the years leading to the question, Are experiencers special?

We often get that question, “Why you?” And we think to ourselves, “Why me?” Who better to ask than a man who was once told by a psychic medium that he himself would one day be a psychic medium so powerful that she’d be coming to him for readings? (And to date, it hasn’t happened!)

The Experience can be heard every Wednesday exclusively at It is a show by experiencers, about experiencers, for everybody. For it to succeed I’m going to need your help. If you’ve had a high strangeness, paranormal, ufological, spiritual, by whatever category experience and would like to be a guest, write to me at:

theexperience808 @

All interviews are anonymous unless you’re already a public figure in this, so the pressure is off.

And if you’re not an experiencer but would like to talk about anything you’ve heard on the show, write to me at the same address. Every ten episodes I will be doing a review of details that jumped out at me over the course of the previous nine. This can be a solo show or with anyone from the audience who would like to discuss it.

Really, this is all of our show. That’s something we worked for on Paratopia. It was one of those revolutionary ideas: Hey, what if we gave the show over to the listeners? It may have been an idea ahead of its time a few years ago but it feels right on time now.

On October 22nd some undisclosed date in the very near future, possibly tomorrowit’s time… to hear from you.