Like A Box Of Chocolates for Your Eyes and Ears

This Valentine’s Day, nothing says I Love You like a story about all existence as told from the point of view of a toe. Even if you don’t believe in Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t believe in creation myths. Even if you don’t have a foot fetish. All you need is $12.95 and a reasonable amount of love in your heart for your cherished significant other. Or maybe you just wanna get laid, I dunno. I don’t judge. But you can.

That’s right, if you have read the book already, or its parent what gave birth to it, I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction, won’t you please consider showing me some love and review one or both of them on Amazon or Goodreads?

Oh, also, this Wednesday night, Our Undoing Radio Season 6: Violence will premiere in iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Whatever, Whatever. Wherever you get podcasts, it’ll be there in the morning on Thursday. (Because Wednesday night my time is likely Thursday your time, I’m thinking.)

If you’re already a member of then you’re binging the entire season right now. Or you will be in a couple of days. Actually, what you’re binging is the first 5 episodes. I’m still waiting on a potential mindblower of a show that may or may not happen tomorrow. If not, I’ll record a solo episode that hopefully will be better than just an average blower, but probably not a mindblower. Then I’ll drop the final 5.