Why I Am Unapologetically Supporting Bernie Sanders Again

It finally happened. The most boldly progressive, intelligent, and realistic politician in the country actually became the most popular politician in the country. And he’s running for president on a platform the likes of which brought him his unheard of popularity in the first place. Now is the moment for the Democratic party to finally wake up and vote him in. Who am I talking about? I’m talking about Bernie Sanders, of course. But you already knew that, because you read the title of this piece and clicked on it. Also, and more importantly, because he’s the most popular politician in the entire country right now.

If you’re at all progressive or just plain care about anything unselfish, this should be a time to rejoice. But just try telling unselfish progressives that. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the United States today. Have I said that twice already? He is. And yet some liberals are questioning why they should vote for this old white man, as if they’ve never heard of him before. As if he’s your run-of-the-mill old white male politician who has to prove himself beyond that shadow. As if he is not already the most popular politician in the United States and the change we’ve been looking for.

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in the presidential running who has, right up front, given us a realizable, beefy platform for which he stands. (See video below.) Within 4 hours of announcing his candidacy for president, he raised over 1 million dollars in small campaign donations. Given these facts, why is it that even my progressive friends are turning on him based on the very racial, gender, and age discriminations that they claim to abhor? You know… the ones they hate Trump for? Are they high?

Well, yeah. Some of ’em. But they’re also scared that he will somehow magically throw the election to Trump, despite polling that shows otherwise, and are sick of the symbol of elderly white male power. Sadly, it’s that kind of fear-based thinking that brought us the uber-flawed candidate Hillary Clinton and swung the 2016 election to Trump in the first place. That and Russian meddling. That, that, and treason, most likely.

So, if you find yourself having to defend Bernie to people who are afraid to actually stand up for the things they believe in and/or are rightfully sick of the white male power structure, please remind them to vote for him for the following becauses….

–Because he has an actual platform that is actually good for the country.

–Because he’s not interested in pandering to his audience; he is who he says he is and we all already know that.

–Because he is the only reason anyone feels it’s necessary to appear progressive this go-round.

–Because he’s right when he says that his “crazy” ideas of 2016 have been adopted, because the nation heard them and loved them.

–Because you can have dark skin and/or a vagina and/or youth and still promote the same broken patriarchal system. And that, not progressivism, is a turnoff nowadays. (For more on that, please see Clinton, Hillary.)

–Because,  oh yeah, because he is still the most popular politician in America. How is anyone overlooking this striking fact? Don’t we want the most popular politician in the country who is also the most progressive and on our side to run? Why are we afraid the most popular politician will lose? Are we afraid of winning?

Yes, Bernie is old. And white. And male. But this is the question: Do we want real change or superficial change? He represents real change in a way I have yet to see any other candidate represent, except, maybe, Elizabeth Warren. But whereas Bernie will not cave to Trump’s bullying tactics, she already has by getting that DNA test. Whereas Bernie will not pander to you to pretend he isn’t an eccentric kinda person, she tried to go full Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with failed “Look at me, I’m just like you” slice-of-life live-streaming events. So, I’m not sold on her being capable of surviving The Donald’s schoolyard tactics.

All of that said, Bernie is running as a Democrat, right? So he’s not splitting the vote in any way. If he wins the nomination, great! If he doesn’t, we all get behind whomever does, because AT THAT POINT, even the most obvious panderer (Lookin’ at you Corey Booker), admitted middle-of-the-road Democrat (Amy Klobuchar, if she can stop throwing things at coworkers for five seconds), and  pre-anointed one who has it all superficially–skin color, gender, age–but who smugly and kinda psychotically laughs about her own policy as a prosecutor to jail parents for their children’s truancy (say hi to the people, Kamala Harris) will look like a progressive revolutionary when compared to Trump or any shoe-bottom sticky stink the Republican Party backs, should Trump… you know… join the rest of his administration in being fired or going to jail before then.

Look, I’m a white guy so I cannot tell you that were I anyone else I wouldn’t completely overlook Bernie because of the symbol of his age/race/gender. Maybe… maybe. But I’d like to think that after decades of false promises from all the other great white hopes I’d be able to spot the real thing in the room and also spot the phonies from my own race and/or gender. I’d like to think that real change would still mean more to me than symbolic change. And if not, I’d like to think he’s a symbolic change, too, in that he is a progressive Jewish atheist. And also the one old white male worth voting for. And also, despite all of the symbolic reasons people may have to hate him, he is the most popular politician in this country.

Unless I’m thinking of Joe Biden. Thank god he’s not an old white guy, right?

Why Bernie Sanders Is Amazing On Foreign Policy


Vote Sanders Or Get Off The Pot.

I’m going to keep this short and to the point. Everyone upon everyone says foreign policy is Bernie Sanders’s weakness because he doesn’t seem to want to talk about it.

What is “foreign policy?” Pretty broad brush stroke there, right? It means “The policy regarding not-America. You know… the rest of the world.”

And what do politicians from all American political parties talk about when they talk about foreign policy? Two things: whether or not to build a wall to keep foreigners out and who to kill next. That’s it. That’s the entirety of what we mean by “foreign policy” in this country. Therefore, to not engage this debate on foreign policy is to send a message to the world that you’re not in the business of scapegoating them and/or murdering them. Bernie isn’t going to invade anyone for oil. He isn’t going to keep fighting a non-entity called “terrorism” to line the pockets of war profiteers. He will not abuse the word “defense” as in, In defense of our country…. the way they all do. He just wants to fix things and stop being the world police. Stop pretending that offense is defense. That’s it. The right thing. That’s what he wants to do.

I think that’s a stellar foreign policy the likes of which we have not seen in my adult lifetime. So next time you hear someone give the tired line that he’s weak on foreign policy, ask them what that means. Point them to this post.