173 Episodes… 3 Epilogues… 1 Brand New Feature-Length Introduction… Hours Upon Hours Upon HOURS of Supplemental and Bonus Audio/Visual Material… Can Only Mean One Thing: The Most Influential Paranormal Podcast In History Is Now The Most Comprehensive Podcasting Archive Available.

Paratopia Green Logo

This is it, folks, the moment you’ve been waiting for. The full Paratopia experience is here. You get it all:

Paratopia Podcast
Paratopia Live
Paratopia Oculus
Paratopia Specials
Long Lost Paratopia Live Episode 3 from the pre-Blog Talk Radio days
Paratopia Magazine
Never-before-heard Paratopia Outtakes
The Very Best of Culture of Contact (with new intros and outros)
And Many Other Archive Exlusives & Surprises!              


44 thoughts on “Paratopia

  1. Are all the USB stick episodes going to include afterchats? Last full subscriber episode I got to listen to was 104. The afterchat is where the real magic happens.

      • Good to hear. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve been waiting to hear the rest of the shows after 104 in full. Listened to every one up to that point. I emailed Jeff a while back about more episodes, he was going to get back to me, but I know he’s been busy. I would much prefer the entire archive on USB anyway. I’m extremely grateful to the both of you for helping to broaden my thinking in relation to my own experiences.

  2. I also can’t wait for the full archive! You guys Rock! Thank you for all that you have done, not only hilarious to listen to, but informative, thought-provoking, and reinforcing!

  3. Is the USB ready? Would a donation help the progress? If so let me know how much it would take, I am quite keen

    • I appreciate it. I’m sorry I’ve been dragging my feet. I moved, then had to rewrite a book again (which I wasn’t expecting) – and just haven’t wanted to sit here converting all of those episodes to MP3. (I saved them as m4a’s.) But I WILL get on this in the next week because the book will be done this weekend.

      • Can’t wait Jeremy. I’m still struggling to find anything that can hold my attention like you guys. I almost spit my drink all over the monitor during the exploding urethra portion of the Citizen’s Hearing.

      • I’ll be popping out a new ep. in the next couple weeks with Bernardo Kastrup. He wanted me back on his show but I actually have some questions of my own, so we’ll be doing that soon for Paratopia.

  4. jayvay

    I left you a message on Bernardo’s site…and am now rushing out the door. But I have questions about Kirby Surprise. 😉 Great interview btw!


    • Jer if you are reading this… I’ll pay anything if you can link me to the archive.. i don’t care what it’s currently encoded as. it could be ogg vorbis or real audio and i still wouldn’t care!

      • I don’t have them online. But I promise I will fed-ex the archive to Jeff next week and then he can be responsible for never releasing it. Or release it. One of the two. (There are a few episodes I don’t have backups for that he recorded, is why. And then whatever deal he has to make USB sticks with our logo, I don’t handle that.)

    • The stick drive has been done for a few months now. I think Jeff’s looking for an inexpensive deal where we can buy sticks in bulk with the logo on them.

  5. Can I get on a mailing list or a notification list for when the stick comes out? Any idea approximate price? Of course, approximate is the operative word! 🙂

  6. Okay, here’s what the holdup has been: Jeff had found a place that would make el cheapo USB drives for us. Apparently too el cheapo because they’ve gone out of business. So, if anyone knows of a place, let us know. Otherwise we may do the sticks or we may try something else.

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