No One’s Watching: An Alien Abductee’s Story

An alien abductee embraces his surreal side while searching for Truth and UFOs.

“[T]here s something about him that lends itself well to this documentary. He s just a fascinating guy to watch.” – Alex Riviello,


Jeremy Vaeni is an alien abductee whose contact with nonhumans has thrust him into a spiritual enlightenment process. That’s what he says. But what does his family say? What do his friends think? Vaeni asks them point blank what they truly make of his life story before journeying to a UFO hotspot in the mountains of Northern California in search of aliens. What he discovers may shock you.

“Something strange is going on and this film is not afraid to examine the tough questions. I will be thinking about this movie for a long, long time.” – William J. Birnes, best-selling author and star of UFO Hunters

DVD Extras Include:

Commentary Track #1 – a serious commentary by the writer/director.
Commentary Track #2 – a comedy roast of the movie by a group of comedians who used to live with Vaeni.
Deleted Scene – an extended historical biblical discussion with Reverend Edwin Vaeni.
The Violets Seen It On TV music video produced/directed by Vaeni.

And more!

“A brave piece of work that is very honest, open and thoughtfully made… required viewing.” – Nick Redfern, author of The Real Men In Back and Memoirs of a Monster Hunter

“A rare and truthful journey into the world of a real human being who might be abducted by aliens.” – Nancy Birnes, author and Editor-In-Chief, UFO Magazine

Director’s Statement from Indie Flix:

As much as this film plays pranks on the viewer I consider it a historical document, as this is the first time in history anyone has captured the maneuverings of another dimension in the human body. This looks and acts like a possessive force similar to that described in Eastern literature on kundalini energy. If you believe nothing else in the movie, know that this is real and because it’s real, it demands study.

Ah, but therein lies the Trickster’s rub: Will anyone believe me enough to take the challenge?

“The film is nothing like [you’ve] ever seen. Its deprecating honesty is brutally, if non-violently, sincere. Its production values are excellent … and damned if you don’t find yourself, like extended friends and family, really liking this strange man named Jeremy Vaeni…even as he leads you to the very edge of credulity….” – Alfred Lehmberg, Alien View Group

Production Note:

Perhaps the greatest mystery in the film is its cost. The total production cost was approximately $500! This film was shot using a Panasonic AG-DVX100A. Everyone, including the editor, volunteered their time, equipment, TV/radio segments, and music. Air travel and hotel expenses were covered by The Learning Exchange, an organization that flew the director cross country to give a lecture on alien abductions. The largest expenditure came from ordering NASA footage.

“Extraordinary!” – Harold Egeln, President, New York Space Society

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