Into The End

A mystery older than time. An epic larger than imagination. A love that binds it all.

Into The End (dragon)

“Vaeni is an inspired guy. Although he is unique, I can compare him to a digital era Rod Serling. He will take you to the edge of what we know, what you think you know, and what he knows. He will pull you back before you go over, but it’s a hell of a thrill taking the ride.”

 – Philippe Mora, Director of Communion, Howling III, and The Beast Within



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From The Back Cover

Hockomock Swamp. Home to small town secrets–paranormal creatures, ghastly alien experiments, the things of the bump in the night.

Five teenage boys camp there. Five go in, one comes out: Corey Avon. Initially, he can’t recall what happened. But, when he regains his memory, he finds his friends and ends the world, for Corey has a secret of his own. One so shocking he keeps it from himself. One so wild no elite force can tame it. One so deep only his true love can bear it.

Into The End is a sweeping journey into who and what we all are, how we got here, and where we’re going. Truth may set us free, but it is not for the faint of heart. In fact… it is terrifying.

Excerpt From Into The End

Into The End (front cover)The tree house lay secluded behind an abandoned mansion on a gated estate that had its own haunted lore. No one went near it except these boys. Not to break in. Not to throw rocks at the windows. Not on a dare. Not for anything.

It earned the nickname Spooky Mansion by the sheer creepiness of its existence. Townsfolk referred to it this way if they referred to it at all. In truth, barely anyone in Taunton thought about it let alone talked about it. Even the boys only mentioned it by way of territorial marker. Let’s meet up at Spooky Mansion, they’d say. It was interchangeable with tree house.

The boys thought there was something cool in the idea of keeping a treetop shack camouflaged by a sprawling mansion as their getaway. They called it the Reverse Batman because Batman had that unassuming cave exterior camouflaging his palace of high-tech gadgets. James liked to joke, “If only people knew that behind the façade of this filthy rich mansion was our dirt poor bird house, they’d be completely jealous!” That line in all its permutations was always good for a cheap yuck from the boys.

But the people inside the condemned mansion were not laughing. No, they were not laughing at all.

About The Novel

Into The End is my third book, but my first novel. Inspired by stranger real life events documented in I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land!, I wrote the first draft when I was 16 years old. I’m now 40. Much has changed in the book. Actually, most of it has changed. But I’ve kept the integrity of how 16-year-old me felt about parents, authority, friends, and home town. All of that angsty stuff is real. Much of the dialogue in the initial chapters is untouched. But the plot is vastly different. It is rich. It grows more and more complex, more and more mysterious by the chapter. And yet, in the end, the big revelation is startlingly simple and, to my eye, quite satisfying in the most gut-socking of ways.

Although this is a novel, those readers familiar with allegedly real material related to UFOs, “alien abductions,” and “paranormal hot spots” will find themselves reveling in the one thing I could never give in a work of nonfiction: answers.

Those unfamiliar with such topics, just looking for an epic read? You’re in luck. You don’t need to know about any of that stuff to enjoy Into The End. You just need to open the book and be captured until the very end. The very end of everything.

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