Zooming and Sale-ing

Aloha, Gang!

I’ve received more feedback on the last post than I expected. Looks like many of you do want to participate in a book reading and most of ya recommend Zoom. So, Zoom it is! It’ll likely be an intimate gathering, which we need nowadays. Let’s do it in early January on a Saturday at 7pm (EST). I’ll pick a date as January rolls closer. If it’s a good time had by all, maybe we’ll make it a regular event?

In other news, the Kindle Version of I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction goes on sale again for half off this Monday 14th to the following Monday 21st! (I have no control over when or if the paperback goes on sale. Sorry.)

If you want to hear Whitley Strieber interview me about the book, check out our Dreamland episode. He’s often very funny in this one–sometimes on purpose!

What else? oh! Don’t forget The Story of Toe! Even if you read it in I Am To Tell You This…, the actual children’s book is a whole new experience. I didn’t think it would be, but wow. John Randall has done some solid, unique artwork here. Expose your shallow kids to deep concepts with this or enjoy it yourself. Either way, Toe needs to be read.

And reviewed!

Please consider leaving Amazon reviews for any of my books that you’ve read. If no one knows my work exists, it dies on the vine. There is only so much I can do. (Sad clown face.)

What else-else? I guess, stay safe out there. Don’t live in fear. That’s how you fall for dumb propaganda used to kill you in your sleep while assuring you you’re the one who is awake. Do the unselfish research and WEAR YOUR DAMNED MASK!



Zoom? Youtube? Please Help Me With This

Aloha, Gang:

I’m likely going to read The Story of Toe as a Youtube video for the whole family soon. This got me to wondering if it’s also worth doing readings of I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction for not-the-whole-family-unless-the-whole-family-is-adults as well?

Does that interest you? And if so, would you like to partake in either a Zoom call or a Youtube chat box? It would be free and fun to have a dialogue about heavy topics with you.

Which format appeals to you? Please let me know in the comments here.

Surprise! John Randall and I Just Launched A Children’s Picture Book Like No Other!

Readers of I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction (which goes on sale for a limited time this weekend–don’t miss it!) will be no strangers to The Story of Toe. Now, artist and guy-with-coolest-childhood-encounter-with-an-elf-since-Elf, John Randall, and I present it in its full-color, large format glory!

Behold the Amazon description:

This is the story of Toe. You may imagine that Toe is a time and a place and a people. Or, you may imagine that Toe is an individual. Both are true. Toe is Toe. And this is how Toe experiences the world right now…

So it begins as we prepare to follow Toe on a journey of awakening to the whole of the body and beyond!

As deep as it is simple to read, The Story of Toe: A Love Story for Everyone is a uniquely-illustrated picture book about the nature of reality. It is for ages 6 to adult because it is quite possible even an adult will understand this!

That’s a joke, of course. But what’s not a joke, yet fun nonetheless, is that this book will last you a lifetime, giving you insights and threads of wisdom to tug on for years to come. It presents a new way of seeing the world and understanding beyond the self–all through the eyes of a humble, curious toe named, “Toe.”

A delight to read at bedtime or anytime, The Story of Toe is a true gift of mystery and mysticism for your child, or the child in you. Read it tonight and embrace the wonder of it all!