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In a bid to make enough money to fly back home for my cousin’s wedding this August, I have lowered all of my ebook prices to the incredible impulse-buy rate of $2.99 each! Kindle… Nook… whatever your ereader of choice is, you can own all of my work for next to nothing. So, please do! (Sort of. I just realized that I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land! isn’t available on the Nook yet.)

Consider it a donation to a fundraiser for a plane ticket with the added benefit that you get to own a really great, critically-acclaimed collection of words that came from my head and spilled out of my fingertips for your entertainment and, perhaps, education.

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More about these special books….


I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land!

The book that started it all. This is an autobiography written in the style of Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger series. You will learn why these visitors we call “aliens” don’t just land and say hello, but not before being taken on a whirlwind ride through the life and times and mind of the man-child making these wild claims.


If I give your brain every answer to every big question it’s been plagued with since the dawn of time, will that stop thought? If so, what happens in that moment? And if that doesn’t happen, are you at least left with a feast of spirit food to chew over? Yes, definitely that. This is the book of mind and spirit for those who have had it with religion and New Age. This is the real. And it’s written in plain language so that you will understand it.

Into The End

A coming-of-age sci fi/horror epic that starts off like a small and simple tale, but ends with your jaw hitting the floor. No less than that. Take everything we’ve learned from my previous two books, plus the best of Paratopia, put it in a word blender set on “Stand By Me Dialogue,” and feast. By the end you may wonder if you just read a work of fiction… or a twisted truth.


What better way to spend your tax refund? Ssssshhhhh-sh-sh-sssshhhh… I said, what better way.  Now please get to shopping. It’s for the children.

A Moment In Timeless

Into The End (dragon)As I was leaving the coffee shop, a boy sitting outside asked me if I wrote a Star Trek book. I said no I never wrote a Star Trek book. I let it hang there like that, like it was a possibility that someday in the very near future I could write a Star Trek book–because, you know, I’ve got that kind of clout. It’s a deceptive tactic I learned by watching Steven Greer lectures.

The boy asked, “But you did write a book, right?”

I said, “Yes. I’ve written three. I think the one you’re talking about is a sci-fi horror novel called Into The End–but I don’t think you’d like it.”  I told him that last part reflexively to warn him off of adult material. It really isn’t for kids.

He said he must have gotten Star Trek: Into Darkness mixed up with my book title. He asked me how long it took to write it and I told him that’s a tough question because I actually wrote the first draft back in high school. Then I thought how ironic that I’m warning a kid about 2 years younger than I was when I wrote the thing originally that he shouldn’t read it because of the adult language and themes. I caught myself feeling old.

“Do you like Star Trek?” he asked me.

“Yup,” I said.

“What about Star Wars?”

“Oh, yeah. In fact I like Star Wars better than Star Trek,” I said.

His eyes went wide with a look of nerdom I remember well. “Me, too!” he said excitedly.”It’s got a way better story than Star Trek and way better characters.” He launched into a mini lecture on the greatness  of the Star Wars saga. I caught myself feeling timeless.

I cut him short. I had to catch a bus. “You’re catching a bus?” he asked kind of incredulously. Maybe he didn’t picture a rich writer taking the bus. Or maybe he thought I was blowing him off. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was a poor writer. How do you tell a young boy with his whole life ahead of him, “Chin up, kid. You can be anything you want in life. But, you’ll probably still work a soul-crushing 9-5 job. They don’t teach you that part in school, do they?”

I also didn’t have the heart to tell him I was blowing him off.

Sorry, kid. My generation invented the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate.  It’s people like you–little people–for whom George Lucas invented Jar Jar Binks, the character that single-handedly changed the debate of Star Wars vs. Star Trek to Star Wars vs. Star Wars for my generation.

Then I felt my eyes go wide with a look of nerdom.

I Have A Quick Favor To Ask

Into The End (front cover)

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Hello, All:

I’ve entered my novel here into a contest for free publicity at Underground Book Reviews. I wrote a short pitch, which they posted on their Facebook page with all the others. If you are on Facebook and would be so kind, please just go there and scroll to my pitch (or search VAENI) and click the LIKE button. That’s it. Done and done.

Much appreciated!