Amazing Opportunity for High Strangeness Podcaster!

Hiya, Folks!

If you are a podcaster of the high strangeness, ufological, paranormal, and/or occult persuasion, and you are looking to grow your audience exponentially… or you’re a listener who can pass this along to their favorite podcaster fitting the above description… Whitley Strieber and I are now seeking a weekly show for Whitley’s

What We’re Looking For:

–An original show dealing with “high strangeness” phenomena that runs weekly and is at least a half hour long.

–A host with a track record of putting out weekly episodes and a willingness for longterm commitment.

–Decent audio quality.

–Someone who doesn’t claim to have all the answers and is enthusiastic about exploring new possibilities.

–Someone who can start ASAP.

What We’re Not Looking For:

–A repeat of either Dreamland or The Experience.

–The continuation of your existing show. It must be completely new.

–Anything not in tune with our sensibilities, i.e., no swearing, no overly comedic bits, no paranoid delusional nonsense and stale thinking.

What You Get Out Of It:

–You inherit a large audience.

–You get free advertising for your projects on the Unknown Country website and through Dreamland and The Experience shows.

–Any further possible means of compensation can be discussed later.

Where To Pitch Your idea:

Write to me. I’ll be vetting and sending what clicks to Whitley. So, do not bug Whitley, please, but feel free to bug me by writing to:

Thanks for considering. Hope to hear some amazing ideas soon!

Jeremy Vaeni on The Chris Gethard Show

On the plus side, my girth. Wait, let me start over. On the plus side, they left in the dig at Richard Hoagland, which is always fun. On the minus, they edited out the “Blah-blah-blah, perhaps these are beings that need us to perceive them to be here, blah” I like to steal fondly from Whitley Strieber. Maybe next time.

This Week In Jeremedia (See What I Did There?)

jer-earth-thumb.jpgAloha, my hordes of followers. Or friends. Or whatever. This week is a great one if you’re as big a fan of me as I am. For listeners of The Experience, we’ll be wrapping up our 4-part odyssey with the enigma known as “Ian.” For the much-neglected/never-forgotten Paratopia Oculus listeners, episode ten is on its way. Aaaaand for lovers of basic cable, I’ll be on The Chris Gethard Show Wednesday at 10pm (EST) on the Fusion Network.

No, he doesn’t pronounce it as it’s spelled. Yes, I’m probably on the cutting room floor. I kinda… you know… trashed the first guest. And didn’t really want to talk about my experiences, which is what they were looking for. And I think my Skype feed ate it a couple of times. I’m just warning you in case you tune in and I’m not there. It wasn’t the Men In Black. It was my self-righteousness coupled with Aloha Broadband. That admitted, there have been no indications that I won’t be on–okay, really? I’m mentally preparing myself so that I don’t have to cry myself to sleep Wednesday. Again. Barring that, I will have a youtube feed of the segment to share with you all later this week.


–The Jer

PS: Expect a huge announcement really, really soon right here. All I’ll say now is, save your pennies. You’re going to want to be on a certain live volcano on a certain big island in certain early November.