Paratopia 062: Threatened By Hybrids – The Aftermath

David Jacobs finally released a defense regarding Emma Woods and his use of telephone hypnosis. We examine his damage control campaign, including his recent appearance with Budd Hopkins on the show that shall not be named here. Then, we read a surprising email by Budd’s coauthor on Sight Unseen and ex-wife, Carol Rainey, regarding our Emma Woods interview–specifically Budd’s letter to Emma.

Next, we answer listener mail and end with some strange new experiences involving both hosts and Jeff’s wife, Lisa.

This one is jam-packed with variety, so get ready!


3 thoughts on “Paratopia 062: Threatened By Hybrids – The Aftermath

    • Hah yes! I thought I scared you off with my voodoo doom style, I wish I could see it like that other guy who also got to see Hawaii I really do need to hike a volcano in my lifetime

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