Paratopia 043: Ghost Hunting Roadshow

Nobody does a road trip like we do, and tonight’s will haunt you. The Jeff & The Jer are joined by Lisa and Cody Ritzmann, Lisa Andrews (aka Violet Rage), and Jason Moorhouse for an all-night adventure in America’s most haunted land, Gettysburg, PA. First, the crew take to the Civil War battle fields for a history lesson and some EVP work. Then they set up ghost-busting shop in Mark Nesbitt’s estate and settle in for a night of… terror? Laughs? Nothing? You will find out!

Finally, right before The Jer gets on a bus and heads home, the unthinkable happens. (Apparently, some other paranormal fellas felt left out.)

Here it is, kids! Our first ever Paratopia ghost hunt!

Jeff and Jeremy want to pay special thanks to Mark and Carol Nesbitt for their gracious hospitality and trust in allowing us to investigate their Gettysburg house.

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