Geostorm Tomorrow – A Request

Helloha, Everyone:

According to the stuff I’m reading there is a solar flare geostorm thingy hitting Earth tomorrow (Thursday, in case you’re reading this later.)

It is a G2, which may (or may not) screw with the internet, electronics, satellites, and animals’ sense of navigation. It’s not considered a big deal, happens often, I’m not writing this to scare you. I am writing to ask that if you notice a change in your behavior, tell me. If you notice a change in your pets, let me know. If birds fly into your windows more than normal, please tell me. Hit me up in the comments section. I’m just curious if Sun’s information coming to Earth affects or steers the behavior of organisms and/or causes mood swings in people.



5 thoughts on “Geostorm Tomorrow – A Request

  1. what it do, sir. yea … I don’t think I noticed anything with the M2.

    anyways, I’m just emailing because I saw this article.

    This isn’t important or anything but just figured I’d let you know that —after I discovered you last year (when Whitley had you on to talk about “I am to tell you this…” ) Jeremy, I actually went ahead and sent a copy of your book Urgency, Peter Kingsley’s book Reality, and Matthew Roberts book Initiated to David Krakauer. I thought it would be good to bring Kingsley to his attention. Just figured you might as well be aware of it. I doubt he has read them yet.

    The Santa Fe Institute is where all of fractal geeks end up eventually.

    • By the way, I just read the article, and this “new” proposal for life is very old and ignored in our culture. I know you know that already but just think of the arrogance that is intrinsic to our sense of “discovery” and “newness.” Scientists are often like children playing peekaboo, not understand how the world still exists whether they are looking or not and that there are adults who already know this.

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