Zoom? Youtube? Please Help Me With This

Aloha, Gang:

I’m likely going to read The Story of Toe as a Youtube video for the whole family soon. This got me to wondering if it’s also worth doing readings of I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction for not-the-whole-family-unless-the-whole-family-is-adults as well?

Does that interest you? And if so, would you like to partake in either a Zoom call or a Youtube chat box? It would be free and fun to have a dialogue about heavy topics with you.

Which format appeals to you? Please let me know in the comments here.

7 thoughts on “Zoom? Youtube? Please Help Me With This

  1. Hi Jeremy, both suggestions sound interesting to me, it would be good to have youtube recordings of both writings, of course you need to consider that this may negatively impact the sales… but it could ofcourse also prove to be a stimulus. A zoom type of meeting is also a great idea, it would be wonderful to have an opportunity to exchange opinions with you real time…again backside of the medal: it proves to be quite difficult to do this with many participants, in terms of meeting management, wenn microphones need to be muted, how to switch from one speaker to the other, so you would need sufficient technical support to make it happen smoothly…
    I would certainly like to participate in such a call… best regards – Anton (region Amsterdam Netherlands)

    • Excellent. Thanks!

      (I wouldn’t do it unless I’ve overly familiarized myself with the ins and outs of Zoom. Otherwise, you’re right, it would be a mess.))

  2. Zoom might be more interactive but as an educator I am more familiar with it…

    Nice interview with Whitley btw, and glad you are back in the saddle re the Experience.

    Shine on!

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