Why Haven’t Alien Abductions Looked Futuristic In Decades

Hey, here’s something cool. Toward the end of 2019 I left myself a bunch of notes for essays I could write to explore some alternative possibilities involved with alien abductions that I wanted to use here in the lead-up to the release of my book, I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction. Clearly, I forgot all about them as I published the book last week with very little lead-up. So, now I’ve got some tidbits to write over the coming weeks. I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments. Let’s start here….

Were he alive today, I wonder if Carl Jung would conclude that alien abductions are archetypal encounters, or folkloric world-building, for our forward-thinking age. If so, would he view continuity errors like antiquated technology and filthy “operating rooms” as evidence that the interface between the human collective unconscious and collective conscious has not yet evolved into a proper post-modern interaction? Would he view us as existing in an intermediate phase where the doings of the alien can only look high-tech and futuristic by the standards of yesteryear because we haven’t quite got the knack of forward-thinking them beyond what we’ve already imagined?

Perhaps as physicists struggle to figure out the meanings underlying basic discoveries like particle/wave duality, the observer effect, and quantum entanglement–and as they struggle to prove one theory of the subatomic world over another–our collective understanding of not just the foundation of reality grows hazier, but our certainty as to the direction technology will take in even the not-too-distant future. It was so much easier when we just had gods and deities. It was also easier in modern times when we thought we knew what the future would look like. Now, it’s all up in the air and that gets reflected in alien abduction accounts, where we have to ignore our own testimony to believe in them as we say they are.

For my money, these types of continuity errors in abduction accounts smack of the reality of high strangeness phenomena in a way in which well-thought-out science fiction stories fall short. If there is someone beyond the archetypal, beyond the need of a pop culture to form and agree upon a proper myth to actualize a sustainable culture, I would say that our desire to create an alien is getting in the way of communion. An invisible hand taps us on the shoulder and we respond by projecting our fears and desires onto the unknown to create the most photo-realistic entity we can imagine in these times–an alien–and try to interact with that, often by treating it as an enemy. Of course we would.

The thing is, if the invisible intelligence were relatable, it wouldn’t be alien. Clearly, it is (or they are) interacting with us, so it must know something we don’t–namely that we and they are relatable. Only one of us is alien and it ain’t the alien.

The inescapable conclusion? 

We are alien to ourselves is the whole of the problem.

6 thoughts on “Why Haven’t Alien Abductions Looked Futuristic In Decades

  1. Hi Jeremy — Hey, has anyone reported any problems with downloading your new book on Kindle. I tried and it said my device wouldn’t accept that file. But I was able to download other files. Not sure if it’s on my end, or yours.

    • No. First I’m hearing of it. Sorry about that. I have to format it using a Kindle app, then submit it. Once submitted, it immediately goes through an automated approval process that rejects it if there are any glaring problems. Then, once I’m ready to publish, there is a manual process on their end that takes up to 72 hours for approval. So, odds are it’s not on my end.

      That said, the two things that stand out about this book are that it is a print replica and it’s a larger than normal file (because of pictures). So, maybe one of those two things is causing an issue? I’ll look into it and if I find anything I’ll post it here. Thanks for at least trying to buy my book! Please let me know if you figure it out before I do.

    • I don’t know which device or app you’re using, but apparently there are devices a print replica will not work on. Here is the full list of devices it does work on:

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