O.U.R. Season 5 & 2 New Books

Aloha, People Who Still Read JayVay Despite My Rarely Posting Here!

Hope you’re all coping well with whichever virus-ridden society you find yourselves in. Also, good luck with the COVID.

I write to you today to say thank you. Thank you for listening to Our Undoing Radio. Pretty much the only posting I’ve done here these past couple of years is in service to OurUndoing.com and the podcast. Why should this post be any different?

Because I’ve got some books to sell, too. You’re welcome.

But first, the podcast…. It has taken 4 seasons, but it’s finally taking off, growing in number of listeners with little public discussion of it, reviews, or anything, really. It’s kinda getting the Paratopia treatment in that respect, where the following is strong, yet somehow it’s a secret. That told, O.U.R. does not have anywhere near the following Paratopia had, but like I said, it’s growing. And it’s a much, much tougher sell because it’s a more uncomfortable conversation with densely-packed episodes on what human nature really is and how we’re avoiding it. Who wants to listen to that? Apparently more and more of you, so thank you again!

Season 4 wrapped up last week. Normally, I take weeks off between seasons, but not this time. Season 5 begins tomorrow. So please, seek it out on whichever platform you enjoy podcasts and, if you want to keep it going, spread the news. Review it, tweet it, post it, tell your neighbors from a social distance–whatever it is you do to tell people they gotta listen to this amazing, new best kept secret.

Thanks a third time in advance. Onto books…

Books? Plural?


As you may know about me by now, I am finished talking publicly about aliens/UFOs/paranormal/whatever in any normal, average way. Those discussions will continue without me for ever and ever, apparently, so why do I need to be part of them? I’m not interested in aliens, disclosure, or multidimensional anything. I’m sort of interested in archetypes, Trickster and the such, but less from the ways you’ve heard me and others talk about them and more from the way I’m going to explore in new book #1, which is coming in… oh… let’s say August. End of August. I won’t give any more info just yet except to say it is what happens when the sequel to, I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land! gets transcended and included within a much deeper, better book. And I’ll also say that the ending of the book is its own book and that book will be released as a standalone in… oh… let’s say November.

Style-wise you have never read a book like this. Content-wise, I think I’m presenting a novel answer to “alien abductions” and a bunch of related topics. Does that make them  true answers? I don’t think we can know that until we blossom into our full human nature. This brings us back to Our Undoing. See how it all ties together?

You will. Get ready. Get excited.

Get started tomorrow with Season 5 of Our Undoing Radio!

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