Our Undoing Website – FREE

Let’s start over. From the beginning. For free. That’s my thinking about Our Undoing. It’s been a pay-only site since its inception almost three years ago. Now, I’ve scrapped the old pay model, with monthly membership gone, so that there are only lifetime members who continue to get new material and exclusive content for a one-time fee, and a free version of the site that starts off at square one and updates weekly with material previously unreleased to the public from the last two and a half-ish years.

So, if you’re trapped at home waiting for the virus apocalypse to hit, maybe you’ll consider engaging with a multimedia experience that is geared toward waking you out of psychological time and into wholeness. But not as dry or New Agey as that may sound. Because… yuck.


As Spinal Tap once sang with Cher: ” Just begin again.”

4 thoughts on “Our Undoing Website – FREE

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  2. Dear Jay,

    thanks for all the material you published sofar, I also read your book urgency with much much interest, it is a book that you should keep on pushing (in my humble opinion). for the current crisis of awareness I wrote a short story that I attach, maybe you think it is good enough to be further distributed by you, with or without my name/email, as you think best. You are also free to change details, if you think it makes things clearer/stronger. Hope you find a few minutes to read it…best regards, I see forwards to the new website.

    Anton van der Burgt

    • Thank you, Anton. Much appreciated. I just updated the free version of the website with more material.

      I don’t see the essay here and am unsure if there’s an ability to post an attachment. I’d love to read it. If I ever did distribute it I’d of course attribute it to you. Please feel free to email it to me: jeremy AT ourundoing.com.

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