How Will History Judge Us?

They can’t hear you scream… in the future.


3 thoughts on “How Will History Judge Us?

  1. What would happen if we stopped doing it? The patriots leading the EPA and Department of the Interior are trying to do exactly that right now. For the future, it seems important to to stay in the moment, keep an eye on them and see if the damaging actions can be opposed or mitigated.

    • Not stopped watchdogging them, stopped our own internal activity. As long as we continue to live the way we do, it is necessary to watchdog the criminals.

      You know when you say, “I need a moment” or “Just give me a moment” – What does that really mean? It means you want a time out. You want a bubble out of time where you’re in the moment “gathering yourself” or silently allowing that epiphany to come that clears up whatever confusion is going on.

      Take that tiny example and blow it up to include all of you all the time. What if the reason we’re constantly running around doing damage and damage control is because we’re out of balance? What if real balance looks like this:

      Body in time running around.

      Mind timeless, giving instruction to the body.

      Right now, body is in time and psychological mind is a projection of the body, so it is also in time. But in those little moments that pockmark our lives, we see the truth. Unfortunately, body-projected mind wants to exist as it is and so it takes those moments and makes them just that: moments. It incorporates them within itself, within time. And on we go.

  2. Hopefully the Democrats get more power in November, Trump is ousted, and laws are put in place to stop it ever happening again. Democracy around the world needs America to be a democracy. American voters in November are going to have a huge effect on everyone’s future down the line.

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