Dear Ufology: I’m Out

Dear Ufology:

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while but just never got around to it. Then I got an email from someone claiming to be a legitimate UFO documents researcher telling me what a great writer I am and requesting that I write more blog posts poking fun at one of my favorite sham people in this, because he and his colleagues think it’s hysterical. From the totality of his email I gathered that he was one who believed in the stale extraterrestrial hypothesis and hadn’t read anything else on my blog. To him, I am just a a satirist–a noble profession, but for me it comes from a deeper place than parody for parody’s sake, or taking it to con men as a comedic power trip.

At least it should. But does it anymore?

Ufology, it’s not you, it’s me. I’ve changed. I don’t care about pedophile puppet makers and pretend-poor podcasters. Doctors who aren’t doctors and lobbyists who don’t lobby. I’ve done my part in helping expose hypnosis as the wrong tool for memory retrieval and the pseudo therapists taking advantage of people. Done my part in illuminating alternative theories to the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Done my part in helping to foster a legitimate scientific survey of experiencers. Done my part in holding conferences. Done my part in exposing my life of high strangeness for your scrutiny. Done my part in trying to lighten up a dreary field full of self-serious noisemakers, opportunists, and whatever wannabe-famous people from five steps below wishing to be a youtube sensation are.

Whatever positive impact all of that has had on anyone’s life was worth it. But I’m not really angry anymore about the stuff I despise. It’s all vastly, wildly uninteresting. And so maybe I am becoming a parody for parody’s sake kinda guy. The next inevitable step is becoming an unaware parody of myself. Meh. Who wants to be that guy?

I have one more ufological book in me, as promised. A sequel of sorts to, I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land!. And I’ll keep doing The Experience for as long as experiencers are willing to talk. The occasional Paratopia Oculus? Sure. But really, that’s it, for I have already moved on.

Of all the books I’ve written, perhaps the most useful for readers has been Urgency. And over the years many readers have told me they wished I’d take that part of my life more seriously. I never didn’t take it seriously, personally, but publicly, I tend to be serious in spurts. Mainly, I’ve been a clown show of contradiction. (Is it any wonder that I find Trickster Theory so appealing?)

Well, no more. I’m hunkering down. I’m doing the work. I’m moving on into the serious phase. Not Marky Mark into Mark Wahlberg serious. I mean, I am bringing my sense of humor with me as I go, but it’s not coming from a place of anger, because where I’m going, only those truly, deeply concerned with life the universe and everything will follow. It is the place at the heart of all this Mystery that we claim to care about. It is a place not of debate, self-agrandizement, and fruitless commotion. It is a place of undoing. Our undoing. And I hope to see whomever is ready for the grad school version of Urgency. there.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Ufology: I’m Out

  1. Well, I get it, but I am an avid listener to The Experience and I hope that it continues for a long time. But yes, I get it… and it’s really great you are delving more into the the “Urgency” related subjects. If I could afford it, I would join Our Undoing- it looks amazing.

    Erin Parker

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    • Thanks, Erin. I may start doing 6-month installments of $55.55 until the $333 is paid, or one may drop out beforehand. I mean, you wouldn’t be locked in to 6 months. I dunno if that’s still too expensive for you, but I think it’s still expensive enough to keep trolls out.

  2. I get this. It seems to me the UFO groups are stuck in the past. There will be another Hill movie and the niece will make more money, which ignoring the facts to be found in the Hill collection at UNH. I was “Betty was nuts. Nice person, but gullible and enjoyed her status as the UFO person. So much so that the UFO community itself turned on her. She was hurting them!” That she is dead is a bonus to those that pick and choose from her life. It’s like, we get all the OLD STUFF, and it’s being recycled because the quality of the new stuff is just so bad, and also, with google and such you can check up on things quickly. The pre internet times are the “best proof” because, well pre internet. Now we have armed guards at UFO conferences and the same speakers over and over. There are some real issues to deal with, alien abduction experiencers are still afraid and still exploited by the community that is just in it for the money. One UFO “professional speaker” was angrily working to get more TV shows about UFOs saying that Bigfoot and Ghosts were causing attendance to drop at the UFO conventions. I sort of threw up my hands thinking, it doesn’t matter what I’ve found out or read, or others, those “professionals” ignore everything because the same old talk is just easier to do than to address the new information. No one is saying there are no UFOs, it’s just include the new information….otherwise it’s no use finding the new information. The truth is out there, but…what we really need is another Xfiles.

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