Social Media – The You in Disruptive Information Technology

Synthetic Genetic Shakespeares

fakeThe recent controversy over fake news and where the responsibility to control it rests have revealed the reach and power of social media.  Facebook and Google have quietly become some of the most powerful information purveyors on our planet.  Digital incarnations of disruptive technologies, their proprietary programs are bringing change to us all whether or not we like it. 

The full implications of consumer preference-driven news dissemination are unknown and difficult to evaluate because the basic methods have probably been adopted far beyond social media.  National Public Radio (NPR) revealed a bit about how its programming mechanisms help listeners avoid information bubbles (1).  However, although decisions may be reached in new ways today, editorial control of topics and content have always been an integral part of news reporting.  In the final analysis a more diverse bubble is still a bubble.  Whether the NPR programming strategy will entertain and retain audiences…

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