The Soundtrack of Living Mystery

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Aloha, Everyone. Just want to take a moment to thank Joe Gooch for producing two songs for the Living Mystery Symposium. Joe was instrumental (literally and figuratively) in adding to the ever-evolving Paratopia soundtrack over the years and created the theme song to The Experience. He is an endless creative force and a friend. Although he cannot make the symposium this year, he’ll be here in spirit and in song. Check them out!

awakening – by Joe Gooch

Living In The Mystery – by Joe Gooch

Mahalo, Joe!

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2 thoughts on “The Soundtrack of Living Mystery

  1. I read what Gene Steinberg writes in order to beg for funds and it turns my stomach. First question Gene… what have you been doing for the last thirty years that you don’t have two nickels to rub together? Someone mentioned that anyone as well versed in Apple products as Gene should be able to march into an Apple store and get hired on the spot.

    I submit that Steinberg just doesn’t want to work for a living. He would say that running the Paracast website is work. The Paracast isn’t paying the bills Gene, it’s long past time to give up the ruse. What I find amusing is that co-host Chris O’Brien is working two jobs to make ends meet. It has never occured to Gene that he might do as his co-host and get even one job.
    The thing that gets me is that Steinberg is shameless in his begging. I would sooner give a homeless person standing by the road a handout than Gene.

    The sad part is that any sane person knows the endless pleading will never end. Old man Gene is past the age of holding down a steady job. One last thing. Have you ever noticed that in all these years of financial crises that stupid website has never gone down due to lack of funds? Hell, Gene has never had to sleep in his car as he went from one apartment to the next. Crisis, my ass!

  2. I have been reading these letters of his for years, even tho I haven’t caught up to the several years of podcasts of the Paracast that I simply haven’t had time for. I remember it being a pretty darned good show, in my opinion, and I well remember Gene and his great radio voice and his former co-host, Mr. Biedny.

    These letters made me sad for a long time. Then they made me puzzled. Then they made me feel stupid for feeling sorry for someone who could not be bothered to get a job even tho (if all his stories are true) his wife needs him! Can he really just do this to her year in and year out?
    This doesn’t even begin to touch on my feelings and questions over the years, but this Soap Opera is not one I can turn away from. I, rather shame-facedly admit, that I read his emails as soon as I see one has arrived. I am addicted to the latest chapter of the Gene Steinberg Saga.
    Yes, what about his son? What ever happened to that financial windfall that was supposed to come several years ago?

    What about his wife now? Will the next chapter of begging be about her constant need to colo-rectal surgery? And did Gene ever get his teeth fixed?

    He complains about being old. But he wasn’t old when this begging started! He wasn’t a senior citizen then!

    I don’t know what to think at this point. I do just hope that whoever gives him money never finds out that they are being duped by either a conman or “helping” someone who is perfectly capable of helping himself but decides he would rather stay poor and beg rather than work.

    Recently I have been reading his letters to my aunt and mother and we all somewhat eagerly await each chapter as it comes. I admit I still feel a pang of guilt that I am sort of entertained by all this, but maybe I feel that sort of “entertainment” factor because deep down I don’t think he would really put his wife thru such hell. Or at least I hope she isn’t truly being put thru such misery. I gather from a pic of her and if her health issues are true, that she is unable to support herself and him as well.

    But thank you, Jeremy, this last part of the saga had me wondering if my skepticism was warranted all along or if I was being heartless in hoping that nobody sends him their hard-earned money.

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